Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Feel Lighter ... and what the f*#! did you do to me?!?

I get that not many know exactly what it is that I do.   Energy work, psychic, and shaman what?  It is hard to quantify but I try to explain that I work in the invisible realms.  Plenty of other specialists are in place to help you in the visible-- you call a mechanic to fix your car, a plumber when you have a leak.  But when you have the stuff that lingers, and no doctor or therapist can fix it, who do you call?

In traditional cultures, the shaman was consulted on such matters.  From planting crops, to starting war (the Oracles of Delphi were famed for advising these), to marriage and birth and everything in between... it was the place of the shaman to oversee, bless, and fix the day to day matters of the community.

In our modern culture, no one quite gets this paramount role so I have to serve my psychic work with a side of energy healing.  If I encounter a block, or resistance that I can't help a client release, I'll pull from my energetic toolbox.  In a few moments, tremendous benefits can be experienced.  

Energy work is one piece of a very robust arsenal I use.  For the client, it can sound like drumming, rattling, songs and sounds.  They will lie on a massage table and rest with eyes closed and comfy.  Their job is done and now the fun can really begin.  I get to work employing shamanic work, oils, drumming and feathers, and always breathe!   Spirit directs, I follow.  Somedays I'm guided to do things I have no clue how to achieve.  But after a decade of "do and trust" I know absolutely everything can be addressed through energy work. 
The most common response is "I feel lighter!"  Sometimes laughter follows, sometimes a light head that requires some grounding.  In every case, people report feeling better than they did at the start.  I remind them this is the new normal, and nothing less should be accepted.  This is my most heartfelt desire and aim in every session-- remarkable and lasting change in every moment!

My favorite response was from a 50 something who had been feeling stuck for a while... in relationships, work, family, across the board STUCK.  We needed a boost that simple intuitive work pointed us to.  5 minutes later and the energy work complete, she had a powerful healing.  Three days later, I got a message... "what the *f* did you do to me?!?  I haven't felt this good in 20 years? what the f*@% happened?"  After my shock subsided, I was able to celebrate the profound shift she had created.  

My job is to bring you back into perfect harmony and balance.  Healing sessions are one way we can achieve this and the results are yours to choose what to do with.  Some people may choose to continue to peel the layers and go deeper with the healing where others may want to integrate, process and truly experience the results of the single session.  In any case, I honor your power to transform your life, my role is simply to assist you in unleashing it.  Damn, how did I get so blessed? 

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