Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Soul Mates ... not always a match made in heaven

Soul mates come in all shapes and sizes-- some are brief encounters while others become life long partnerships.  A relationship with a soul mate can be the most challenging of your life.  By their very nature, soul mates know us from the time before time.  They know what we're capable of, know what we came here to do, and know when we're getting off track.  Having a person who truly knows you better than you know yourself can be a gift... but can also push every button, trigger every dang trigger you've ever had!  Soul mates give us hints of our soul mission and can be a great blessing when we're feeling a little unclear of ourselves. 

True love soul mates can last a life... but with all the triggering... it may also burn itself out.  Chances are, the friendship and connection will remain long after the marriage/relationship cannot.  They will drive you to be your best and point put every flaw.  It can be challenging and grueling but those show last, ultimately rewarding and worth every moment.

Accountability soul mates are those brief encounters who keep reappearing throughout our lives.  It feels like a deep connection, a fondness and sometimes even a longing.  These are easily confused as being romantic -- simply because it feels so powerful.  Romance usually is fairly disastrous in these situations because it disrupts the true nature of the appearance.  Accountability soul mates show up when you're feeling stuck, confused or simply have lost your path all together.  They weave in and out of our lives at exactly the right time to remind us, at our very core, who we are.  If we can see the gift, pick ourselves up and get back on track-- we have learned the lesson and can easily give gratitude and carry on.  If we continue pining after something more however, we may be exhausted after the journey.

We all have lived many lives and shared many meaningful encounters along the way.  If you feel this soul connection-- ask how this person can best serve you at this moment?   This answer can bring much clarity and peace of mind. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dreamtime for Dummies...

I love sleep!  Curl me up, cover me up and mama can sleep for 8 hours quite happily and easily!  The dreams that follow are both profound and mundane-- extraordinary and just plain weird.  There is much confusion over the power of dreams and where they come from.  My understanding (so far) is that dreams are both our time to heal and a time to commune.  Loved ones, Angels, Spirit Guides, and higher aspects of ourselves are able to easily reach us while in slumber.

While not every dream is as important... all dreams carry their own message, teaching, or healing.

Rather than stress over why you can't remember dreams, focus instead on one little thing: how do you feel when you wake?  Invariably this is the gift of the dream and can help set the tone for your day.  If you really are a Virgo -- and can't simply let go over the details! and desire for control even in sleep -- get over it already!  Dreams are not ours to control, that's what waking hours are for.  Dreams are instead the time we can receive, my darlin!  Let yourself relax into it so you too can feel, share and benefit from the messages that are left for you when you wake.

For those of you still unsatisfied with the loosey goosey aspect of dreamtime, buy a pointed clear quartz.  They are excellent memory sticks and when placed under a pillow can assist in dream recall.

Monday, November 7, 2011

the 11/11 portal

There's so much metaphysical stuff flying at us these days it becomes increasingly more challenging to keep up with what's happenin'... and at times just damn frustrating trying to pay attention to it all.  That my love, is my job so allow me to share my take on this quantum leap.

Since the end of the Mayan calendar on Oct 28th, we've been in this cosmic bliss bubble.  Many of us are feeling elation, excitement, light headed, dizzy spells, and sheer joy for no apparent reason.  To this I say: "Well, this doesn't suck!"  I'd gladly take this uplifting merriment over the intensity of the summer. 

We can ride high through 11/11 when the the apex of light will hit us.  By then, I'm told by my Guides, we can expect to find ourselves comfortably at a new frequency with no concerns over again dropping below this optimum wave. 

The higher vibrations hitting our planet can be directly attributed to the "happy waves" that have been finding us.  As we move through the portal, we'll hit the peak and can then get comfy in a new space of being.

Does this mean I expect to wake on Saturday to a new world? ... um, no!  But it does mean I can rest assured this lighter heart I've been donning can get to stay for a while.  And man, does it feel good.  Each day is ours to co-create.  What shall you share with the universe today?