Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Medium

A medium is a communicator between worlds --they mediate between the physical world and the spiritual world. Most often, mediums can talk to those who have crossed over (yes, we can smell, hear, and "see dead people"). In many instances, we can often share messages from your Angels, Spirit Guides, and other higher dimensional beings. We act in a capacity delivering messages and assisting in communications-- we are the middle women & men to deliver the messages only ...not to interpret them.

Mediums exist in nearly every culture. Some allow the energies to use their bodies to share messages --called channeling-- while others (myself included) agree just to receive said messages and delivery them, we while maintain control of our bodies.  The Spiritualist movement brought mediumship to the forefront of American consciousness in the late Victorian era.  Even the well known Harry Houdini and Mary Todd Lincoln participated in their day. 

Séances are formal gatherings where mediums share these messages and bring closure and connections from loved ones who have crossed over.   My own séances (I call them "Peeking Through the Veil") do not reflect traditional practices of sitting around in a circle holding hands looking into a crystal ball, but they do give a forum for group participation in sharing messages from the Other Side of the Veil. 

Mediumship, in all forms, brings many miracles. Watch the Afterlife Investigations: The Scole Experiments to learn more about how modern day mediums practice their gifts.  But know...  even some of that intense contact with the Other Side, while incredibly cool, still keeps me awestruck.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Healing :: ON the table or AT the table

I consider myself primarily an energetic healer, a shaman, and secondly a psychic. I believe every session, be it a reading or a healing, will leave you feeling better. So why book a healing when I'm already sharing this with you during readings?

I always will do what I can to remove blocks, limiting beliefs, old fears and anything else that might be hindering you from being the rock star you contracted to be. While At the Table receiving a reading, I will brush away and clear from your energetic field these things. The psychic readings tend to go a bit more psychological as we seek to understand, shift and heal the way you see yourself and your understanding of the world. Spirit Guides and Angels will share with me messages to ensure you receive the guidance and love you most need to heal thyself.

The shamanic healing work....ahhhhh! This is where I get to share with you the very best of the best.  On the Table is where the true miracles occur! Your Angels actually assist me in permanently resolving issues that may have irritated, blocked or stumped you your whole life. It is in the healing where we suss out and fix the root cause of the fears, beliefs, and pains. I use a number of techniques and tools to assist in your healing but most importantly, it is the directives of your own Guides and Angels that show me how to best serve you.

A healing session is both intuitive and energetic. We chat for a bit, maybe read some cards, then create your healing plan. You lie fully clothed on the table, snug and comfy, while I use prayers, oils, sounds and crystals to make magic. Many may fall asleep while others are curious and want a verbal play by play. This is your session and never have I witnessed the same miracles twice! At least once a day I hear "I feel lighter" and take this as a great validation that the work performed was effective.

I take my role with great sincerity and feel myself in service to your soul, your very being, always. If you are curious, it may just be your Angels giving you a nudge in the right direction.

And just for a lil perspective if the energy healing feels too New Agey... Jesus was an energy healer!  The miracles He performed were highly regarded esoteric teachings commonplace in the Mystery Traditions of the time.  This image is from the Florence Cathedral in Italy. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Cellular Healing

Ok, I don't know if this is a real word of the moment, but it will let me chat about our 12 strands of DNA, junk DNA, and cellular upgrades in any case!

Originally on this planet (think days of Atlantis and prior), we had 12 strands of DNA... We now have only two. This explains why even modern science says we only use a portion of our brain's actual capacity and ability. With just one-sixth of our original DNA, we are literally incapable of using our full potential until these strands are re-activated.

The so-called junk DNA is actually ancient potent cells that when put back together the right way (reactivated) can help us reclaim our fullest capacity of humanness.

Regardless of how far down this rabbit hole you choose to go, cellular healing helps us feel infinitely better. We are then able to be both fully functioning & fully conscious Beings: Wholey physical and spiritual, wholey thoughtful and compassionate, wholey kind and loving, and ever the best of human attributes we can be... It also helps us reclaim our psychic potential... But all that when YOU are ready!

Some resources may talk about this strand aberration as a defiling of the planet and Her people. So if you google, just know what you may be getting into....

The healing work performed by high-level healers are re-activating these strands and repairing you at the cellular level. When we do healing work, it is so the benefits are permanent and aid you in forever freeing yourself of old patterns and illnesses. You feel better because we are bringing back to you things you didn't even know to ask for!

And you wonder why I love my work....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Ascension

I'm always hopeful I can find ways to bridge my world with that of the "everyone"... So here's the first of a new series attempting to explain what these kooky New Age words mean in easy to digest language.

Ascension is essentially the graduation of humanity. We have been glorified apes living, consuming and destroying the planet.... I say this with no political agenda or irksome fist throwin' simply stating bare bones... Our Ascension grants us a spiritual aspect that is now equal to that of our physical nature.

Some may say the Ascension allows us to leave Earth and explore galaxies beyond our own. My own belief is that Ascension puts us back on equal footing with the Ascended Masters (like Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary) and our Angels. We become better than human by embracing our inherent spiritual nature and thereby evolving or graduating from our ape-ness.