Thursday, December 6, 2012

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Ascension

I'm always hopeful I can find ways to bridge my world with that of the "everyone"... So here's the first of a new series attempting to explain what these kooky New Age words mean in easy to digest language.

Ascension is essentially the graduation of humanity. We have been glorified apes living, consuming and destroying the planet.... I say this with no political agenda or irksome fist throwin' simply stating bare bones... Our Ascension grants us a spiritual aspect that is now equal to that of our physical nature.

Some may say the Ascension allows us to leave Earth and explore galaxies beyond our own. My own belief is that Ascension puts us back on equal footing with the Ascended Masters (like Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary) and our Angels. We become better than human by embracing our inherent spiritual nature and thereby evolving or graduating from our ape-ness.

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  1. Woo woo! I love it! Thanks for helping to bridge the gap for the rest of us.