Friday, December 7, 2012

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Cellular Healing

Ok, I don't know if this is a real word of the moment, but it will let me chat about our 12 strands of DNA, junk DNA, and cellular upgrades in any case!

Originally on this planet (think days of Atlantis and prior), we had 12 strands of DNA... We now have only two. This explains why even modern science says we only use a portion of our brain's actual capacity and ability. With just one-sixth of our original DNA, we are literally incapable of using our full potential until these strands are re-activated.

The so-called junk DNA is actually ancient potent cells that when put back together the right way (reactivated) can help us reclaim our fullest capacity of humanness.

Regardless of how far down this rabbit hole you choose to go, cellular healing helps us feel infinitely better. We are then able to be both fully functioning & fully conscious Beings: Wholey physical and spiritual, wholey thoughtful and compassionate, wholey kind and loving, and ever the best of human attributes we can be... It also helps us reclaim our psychic potential... But all that when YOU are ready!

Some resources may talk about this strand aberration as a defiling of the planet and Her people. So if you google, just know what you may be getting into....

The healing work performed by high-level healers are re-activating these strands and repairing you at the cellular level. When we do healing work, it is so the benefits are permanent and aid you in forever freeing yourself of old patterns and illnesses. You feel better because we are bringing back to you things you didn't even know to ask for!

And you wonder why I love my work....

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