Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm ok being wrong ... and long ago embraced being weird

All of us are psychic, yes even you beloved have innate gifts of insight and recognition that would astound even your mama!  To walk this path, to put oneself out there as "psychic" invites all levels of ridicule, judgement, and trash talkin'.   It makes us weird when embraced, makes us an outcast when shared... and yet... and yet... I still choose everyday to put my own weirdness on the line to be a conduit in exactly the way Spirit asks.

This, at times, takes courage and always requires implicit faith.  

I was working with a client recently and she acknowledged in her work she is greatly respected, but not very appreciated.  I laughed loudly "I am greatly appreciated but rarely respected!"  

I'm at peace with this reality.  Knowing in my heart that I am a clear conduit for what God, the Angels, Spirit asks of me everyday.  

I learned early that I could never attach myself to being RIGHT all the time.  To do so would make me crazy and set me up for all sorts of decimation at personal and professional levels.

After doing this work for over a decade here's what I hold to be true and offer for each session:

I deliver the messages your Guides and Angels ask me to share.  With no attachment to right or wrong, I am given exactly what you need in that moment to propel your growth.

Anyone who does what a psychic tells them to do is foolish.  Come in for insight and inspiration, but as soon as you give someone authority to make decisions for you, you are giving away your power and are screwed!  

As a healer, I must remove myself from attachment to any outcome.  I can really hope your relationship will last, but telling you it will simply because I like you is unethical.  Period. 

Your journey is yours.  This is an intricate web of reality you have created at deeply esoteric levels with your Angels and highest self to evolve into the radiant being you truly are.  The path, lessons and hardships are bizarre and often inexplicable to our minds.  Yet, when we take accountability and learn the lessons, life can shift and the magic we crave of life is available to us.  

If I am wrong, amen!  Only God is right all the time. 

Wanna know more about your rights as a client?  I've spent a lot of energy ensuring I am in highest service to you and assisting you in feeling empowered and assured walking in these wondrous psychic waters.  We each walk our own path and how we are assisted will vary greatly from one moment to the next.  Take what works and let go of the rest.  The only thing that really matters is that you are true to yourself, beloved.  So go out there and rock this thing!