Monday, February 4, 2013

Heart vs Brain... the ensuing battleground

As a shaman, I often am confronted with the heart vs mind debate and find it's in the head where most people get stuck.  To say "shake it off" is really a challenge for some but, it is the key to moving forward and embracing greater change.  The crucial piece in getting out of stuck and bringing joy back into your world is living from the heart.

To get out of the head and into the heart can be for some the longest journey.  But if we can reassign our gorgeous brain a better purpose, we can free ourselves from the confines it ultimately creates.  

The ground rules:

Our brains are powerful machines intended to guide and automate functions of the physical body.  The brain keeps our hearts beating, keeps our eyes blinking and tells our body how to break down food and turn it into energy.

Our hearts are the true master of our being.  The heart shows us what is in our highest truth, what is in our best interests and how we should behave in the world in service to ourselves and God.

The new energies on the planet are forcing our hearts to be the guiding force.  In heart there is truth, passion, joy and emotion.  In our head fear, thoughts, sickness and limitation exist.  Outside of the dictates of our brains, no fear exists.  Period.  

Recently while working with a client, the Ascended Master Thoth came in teaching us that the brain is really nothing more than the sail of the ship.  It can catch air and direct, but it alone will only lead the ship astray.  It is the captain, the heart, that can safely get the ship and its crew to the right destination.

Our hearts, emotions, and feelings must now direct us.  Chills up your spine and  zaps of energy are atuning us with heart energy.  These physical sensations is our heart communicating with us!   Our heart can send messages of change and healing to our brain and it is time we let it!


Rather than trust what your brain says... those lil nagging voices that let you feel small... instead step into your heart and ask if this is your truth?  Are you really not good enough?  Are you crazy? Are they all gonna laugh at you?  Chances are not. But the brain, in it's quest to keep you safe, physically viable and alive, doesn't like trying new things, embracing new concepts or letting go of what keeps it feeling safe and comfy.  When we ponder new endeavors  any triggers we have may flood to the surface, in an effort to keep us safe.  These triggers are often felt as fear... and darlin brilliant one, fear is often just a thought.

Conquer those demon thoughts and allow your heart to step in to allow greater happiness, joy and experiences.  In your heart is your truth and it shall set you free!