Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Unstuck is Uncomfortable

Getting unstuck is uncomfortable.  It's the comfort that got you stuck in the first place.  When finding a coach, healer, or therapist to work with, your aim is to find the person best suited to get you unstuck... that singular soul who can assist you in finding the triggers, the resistance and the discomfort -- and challenge you to heal it.  This challenge can come in many forms but, be prepared that it will not be the most enjoyable part of the journey.

Stuck-ness causes grief, stress, sleeplessness, depression, weight gain and general dis-ease with oneself.

Getting unstuck requires not only action, but also courage, truth and faith.  We have to have the faith that something else better comes after.  And at times, in the muck and mire of our own irritation and stench, faith feels like a farce.    

When we are unstuck, when we are in the perfect space of neutrality, of flow, of commune with the Divine, of peace, there, we discover abundant energy.  There is grace and serendipity; magic even.  This peace and flow is what lies on the other side of stuck.  Move through what makes you uncomfortable to embrace that which is yours. This truth is filled with elation, joy and glee and sometimes working toward it is the only motivation that matters. 
Unstuck is uncomfortable but it is the only way to move through, to reclaim who we were and who we are meant to be.  So when someone triggers you, don't look for an apology.  Instead give thanks that they are showing you exactly the space in you that needs to be healed right now.  Triggers are nasty lil buggers that move us out of peace and into agitation-- and in that momentary flip, they show us perfectly and clearly where it is that still needs some healin'.

Getting unstuck takes work!  It's not easy.  Easy is what gets us stuck and Comfy is staying there.  When we work on ourselves, unearthing the very best of who we are at our core, while temporarily uncomfortable, yields the most miraculous of truths!

Self work is also the most rewarding, for it frees up energy, unlocks the spaces in ourselves we did not know existed.  This allows more of us to be viable, dynamic, and alive in this world. 

What lies on the other side of stuck? 

We become who we've dreamed of being.  We inspire those we love and the Divine Dance that is life, flows in every way imaginable. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Real Life Avengers :: A Nation Standing Up

In every social psych class we are told the harrowing story of Kitty Genovese...  a woman who in a bustling neighborhood in 1964 cried for help while being brutally attacked.  Of the many residents in the apartment building, no one came to her aid instead allowing death to find her.

This was the culture of the era.  Don't speak up, don't get involved and keep to your own business.  This callous behavior was the norm and was an "expected and predictable" human reaction.

Now, the tides have changed and offer yet more proof of a miraculous world in transition.  We don't keep quiet, we speak when we see wrong and we step in to assist when we can affect change. 

Last night, a SLC family man charges the attacker of a woman outside of his house with a samurai sword.  Collecting the suspect's fallen chapstick, the avenger shouts "I got your DNA and your license plate.  You're so done."

Particularly hard hitting for me was a recent stabbing spree in a Texas college (just 4 miles from my childhood home).  Rather than run away in panic, 2 young men ran toward the deranged student and tackled him to the ground, detaining him until police arrived.  They took to social media to share their victory.  

Dr. Steven Greer, a well spoken bad ass, has been questioning the government cover up of life outside of our planet for nearly 40 years.  In numerous federal and well publicized attempts, he has brought forward government officials and scientists to share their stories of new energy research and cover ups at the highest level of government.  He has witnessed countless mysterious deaths of colleagues and so called whistle blowers, even facing his own battle with cancer in which 2 friends also oddly contracted and later died of.  This is conspiracy at its highest level and despite his public ridicule and attempts at being silenced, he persevered.  This week he launched the documentary Sirius which, without sensationalism or mass funding, shows his ongoing struggle to share and expose truth.

What I found most interesting wasn't just the cover up of life outside of our own, but the reasons behind it.... financial greed and the need to keep in place destructive and outdated energy resources.  Nikola Telsa among myriad other pioneering physicists have generated power and created energy in ways that will shut down the need for oil and nuclear power.  Yet we are kept from these realities and scientists killed so these are never made public.

If you want to venture a lil gentler into this rabbit hole, Thrive offers a larger view of how this country systematically sets the people up to not question and to make a selected few wealthier by the day.  Foster Gamble ties together GMOs, the current financial duress, our education system and yes, even ET life, and shows how they are all intentionally allowing us to stay ill informed consumers. 

We are fortunate to live in a day and age in which awareness is our greatest strength.  We are afforded a most unique opportunity to seek out and challenge those things which have been denied us.  If ET life and renewable energy isn't your thing, find something else you can uncover truth in.  We are sheep no more and how very riveting it can be when a people find their sovereignty!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dying with Grace

Death has a funny way of freaking us the eff out.  It was never intended to be met with such fear.

I once facilitated a conversation for a family whose matriarch had just passed away.    The daughter sitting before me asked her mother what death had felt like.  Mama (on the other side) responded that it felt like an orgasm.  If you can give into the joy and let yourself relax, the return to God/Source is triumphant!  Probably not the message her family expected, but it brought me such clarity and delight I try to always share her perspective.

Jesus also taught us much about how to die with grace.  Though His legacy may sound frightening, He walked his path with courage, grace and certainty.  Fear was not a part of His journey, nor should it be a part of ours.  Death is a portal, afterall!  A gateway to our return to God.  And this return should be celebrated, even heralded, not fraught with fear and unease. 

When death can be embraced, it's magical.  A perfect bow on the finely wrapped gift of life.  When fear and regret seep in, death is ugly, prolonged trying and tedious.  The infamous death scene in Dark Crystal is an ideal example of how death can be greeted! the Skeksis holding onto greed and power wither in anguish and crumble into a pile of dust while the Mystics, a spiritual and peaceful race, dies with a smile and his body turns to light.

The wisest of us knows when to step back and rest in the arms of the Divine. 

To help those we love die with grace, we can:

- talk with them and create a safe space for sharing whatever they may need, allow a place to air regrets and make amends
- hold them in unconditional love and joy
- allow forgiveness (of self and others)
- talk about death and what they can expect
- give them permission to let go
- remind them of the friends and family they can soon reconnect with

Spirit has asked me to talk as much as I can about dying with grace.  How to greet it, how to embrace it and how to celebrate it.  I've done several presentations around Denver on the topic and love sharing my shamanic perspective on death and dying.  If I can share this with a group you love, please give me a holla!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the Egyptian Mystery

Why is there such a fascination with Egyptian spirituality? I often try and distance myself from my fondness, for fear of not wanting to be seen as obsessed.  This friction inspired a need to understand (and maybe even justify for myself) why so many people are intrigued by the enduring legacy of Egypt.

Egyptians are among the oldest (documented) cultures on the planet.  They also captured more wisdom through their writings and funerary practices than any other civilization.  We are intrigued not because of its proliferation, not just because of its longevity, but because we feel compelled, called to even the teachings that lie within.

The practices of magic and metaphysics are well chronicled.  Many of us can write it off as incantations and malarkey that hold little to no real power.  But don't be so fast to dismiss... there is a reason you know of Tut's Curse... because the Magic was so potent and powerful that it lasts thousands of years later.

For the Egyptians spirituality was metaphysical... period.  Every hieroglyph, every ornamentation, every site was imbued with spells, blessings and devotion to God, acknowledging a pervasive awareness of something bigger than just the here and now.  For the highly initiated, immortality-- mastery of the physical world and incantations-- were powerful tools given only to those focused individuals who dedicated their lives to understanding. 

In this lifetime I have completed an Egyptian Mystery School granting access to ancient knowledge passed verbally from teacher to student throughout the ages.  At the time I began, I was baffled!  I was not interested in the teachings nor was I seeking a spiritual path.  This lineage found me... and out of nowhere I found the time and money to attend.   I truly couldn't have missed out, for it's legacy was so persistent within my being. My soul knew these memories and yearned for a reminder. When in perfect alignment, things have a way of working our perfectly.  So it was when the path found me again. 

The Mystery Schools were secret only to protect the knowledge, the powerful teachings, from getting in the wrong hands.  Lengthy initiation practices ensured the students could hold within their mind and psyche the potent teachings within.  The establishment of Mystery Schools ensured sincerity in the teachings and beneficent use of the tools and techniques.  To allow these things in the hands of the greedy, inauthentic or power hungry would have been folly indeed.  

I often see the Mentoring Program as a living Mystery School.  We actively remember and practice these healing techniques that are so beneficial.  There's a reason we feel giddy afterward.... we are tapping into ancient and powerful memories!

I can recall several lifetimes only few of which occur in Egypt, yet it is from their traditions-- well documented and with proven longevity-- that much knowledge of healing comes.

So even while I myself want to not be so fascinated, I am!  I can remember (in my hands, in my bones, in my heart) how effective their methods are and for this reason, I can't get enough.  So be a hater if you'd like, but know when you step your sweetness onto my table, the full force of the Mysteries will be of the greatest assistance in your healing!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Digging on Dave Grohl

Ok, I'm a turd... never really a fan of Nirvana, I was a Pearl Jam snob and believed their grunge was the only one to follow.  (For the record, I still am a committed fan of PJ but can respect that Nirvana paved the way for a mainstream appreciation of the alternative rock scene that sound tracked my teen years.) On this the anniversary of Kurt's death, I turned my attention to Dave Grohl for his brand of wisdom. 

Dave is my type... deep and real without pretension, a committed artist through and through with respect for his craft and a creative genius that gets me revved up in all the right places.  Plus, I dig drummers.  And in case you need more reasons to crush on him, watch his SXSW Keynote!

Me and the hubby watched Sound City on our date night, a documentary by Dave about the Sound City recording studio.  It was not only a history of the legendary place, but more importantly a love story to the people who ran it and the technology that made it rock so hard.  The Neve sound board console made the best albums of real rock and roll we all have come to love-- Neil Young, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Tool, Johnny Cash and yes, even Pat Benatar!

I was moved not just by the story, by the art that was made here, but by how it was made; the raw act of creation and how one gigantic machine full of plugs cords and techy things that makes my brain hurt, made the best music for generations.

For the love of a gadget, I wept.  For his respect of the board and the people that ran it, I was moved.  For the tale of how a piece of technology could allow artists to share the best of themselves, I am awed.  

Do give yourself the gift of enjoying this film. Watch Sound City now!

And just in case you wanna dig on this groove some more... Here's a video on the Healing Power of Rock n Roll.