Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Unstuck is Uncomfortable

Getting unstuck is uncomfortable.  It's the comfort that got you stuck in the first place.  When finding a coach, healer, or therapist to work with, your aim is to find the person best suited to get you unstuck... that singular soul who can assist you in finding the triggers, the resistance and the discomfort -- and challenge you to heal it.  This challenge can come in many forms but, be prepared that it will not be the most enjoyable part of the journey.

Stuck-ness causes grief, stress, sleeplessness, depression, weight gain and general dis-ease with oneself.

Getting unstuck requires not only action, but also courage, truth and faith.  We have to have the faith that something else better comes after.  And at times, in the muck and mire of our own irritation and stench, faith feels like a farce.    

When we are unstuck, when we are in the perfect space of neutrality, of flow, of commune with the Divine, of peace, there, we discover abundant energy.  There is grace and serendipity; magic even.  This peace and flow is what lies on the other side of stuck.  Move through what makes you uncomfortable to embrace that which is yours. This truth is filled with elation, joy and glee and sometimes working toward it is the only motivation that matters. 
Unstuck is uncomfortable but it is the only way to move through, to reclaim who we were and who we are meant to be.  So when someone triggers you, don't look for an apology.  Instead give thanks that they are showing you exactly the space in you that needs to be healed right now.  Triggers are nasty lil buggers that move us out of peace and into agitation-- and in that momentary flip, they show us perfectly and clearly where it is that still needs some healin'.

Getting unstuck takes work!  It's not easy.  Easy is what gets us stuck and Comfy is staying there.  When we work on ourselves, unearthing the very best of who we are at our core, while temporarily uncomfortable, yields the most miraculous of truths!

Self work is also the most rewarding, for it frees up energy, unlocks the spaces in ourselves we did not know existed.  This allows more of us to be viable, dynamic, and alive in this world. 

What lies on the other side of stuck? 

We become who we've dreamed of being.  We inspire those we love and the Divine Dance that is life, flows in every way imaginable. 

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  1. Great entry! Stuck is easy, unstuck is hard but rewarding! With challenges, we grow.