Saturday, June 15, 2013

Getting the Most from a Psychic Fair

Psychic fairs can be fun and exciting!  In fact I've met some inspiring people and received life enhancing messages this way.  But, it can also be a energetic overload...  I'm grateful to have been on both sides of the table and always try to empower people with the information that allows the experience to be as magical as it can be.  

Just as all salesmen aren't in integrity, not all psychics are either.  We are gifted with extra sensory awareness and while that should come with a code of ethics, it does not.    Each psychic finds his or her own way and develops the toolset and techniques that serve them best in this world.  You likely screen and filter healthcare providers and so too must you use discretion in choosing a psychic.  The fairs don't always allow you the time to use this process.

We all get nervous and excited with so much energy flying around.  When I get readings in this environment I still get the jitters...  What I've learned is to not take it all in as my truth. If I do believe the insight they share, especially those messages which might cause me to feel badly about myself, I must evaluate whether the information was true for me.  When it is, rock the heck on and our lives can be enhanced by such loving and accurate wisdom.  When we later discover said nuggets to be untrue,  I have to work doubly hard to remove release and purge this information from mind and body.  We are open and vulnerable lil beings, and like water must be clean.   Yech!  

I'm open and want to believe that everyone works in my same vein of ethics.  It's sadly not true, so I've instead  learned to receive with gratitude and later review the messages.  Those that feel right and beneficial (if even unpleasant or hard to swallow) I allow myself to incorporate and work with. 

In these busy hectic places, psychics are salesmen trying to recoup their investment and build their business.  Being aware and savvy is always a good start.  Here's a few more tips....

-breathe and ground yourself before going to the fair.  Don't be too open but do be curious and in a space of love

- walk the room first. Look for the reader who jumps out and make you feel excited. 

- be in your power, exude grace and excitement!   Desperation energy is easily felt and the less reputable healers may take advantage of your vulnerability and convince you that you need them.  (I've fallen into this trap and felt like such a sap after... we all want to be seen and feel special, sometimes in these environments this desire isn't working in our favor).  

- be in your heart during the reading but put all the messages into a bubble or treasure chest outside of you.  

-not all messages are accurate (psychics are people too and after 2 days of 8 hours of readings, they may not be at the top of their game)

- after the event, review the messages and inspiration,  keep what feels right to you and discard the rest

- go through the cards you gathered and see who still jumps out for you.... These would be the people you may want to work with in the future

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