Sunday, June 16, 2013

Finding our way to divine timing

Divine timing :  all things come in exactly the right time and unfold on a natural schedule in alignment with God's plan.  This comes for some as a test of faith and for others a cosmic joke. I've never lacked the faith, but until recently, haven't been able to see how this "divine timing" thing worked out in my own life.

The triple eclipses of May and June stirred up big behemoth energy for us all. Our ugliest of uglies rose to the surface for healing. This was not a comfortable transition, but invigorating, once we arrived on the other side.

I have been eating clean, using only chemical free products in my home and on my person and began juicing daily. I never imagined myself to be able to achieve these milestones which once seemed so unattainable. No dairy, no wheat, and only lean proteins.... This from a chocolate (and all things ham!) lover. I never thought this to be something I strived for much less accomplished.

I recall reading years ago a Doreen Virtue book where she mentioned a similar shift in her daily habits. At the time I found it farcical... A cool possibility yet far removed from my reality.

To be living it is rather miraculous feeling as it required nothing more from me but seeing the shift and following it. I am proud of myself, yes. But I am shocked by how little effort and self restraint it's required. The energy shifted, my path was clear and viola! I haven't craved coffee or sweets in nearly 2 weeks.  I have felt supported, lifted and energized in my choices without any concern for lack or loss.  Wild and wonderful indeed!

This isn't a hip hip hooray for me, it's a cheer of support for us all. Our angels and spirit guides are now coming in the most profound of ways... Supporting us in making drastic changes in those area of our lives which seem mundane and ingrained at the same time. My challenge was food, yours may be something entirely different.

To step into the flow of divine timing requires awareness and flexibility.  If you're challenged, look for those places that you keep getting stuck and ask for help. Your gifted Spirit Helpers are on the ready! When the time is right, something will just click into place and a clarity will arise.

So if everything isn't lined up and ready for you when you want it to be... go easy on yourself and be proud for simply being on the planet. Life is tricky now and to even stay committed to being alive deserves to be heralded.

If you find yourself getting stuck or looping in the same places and are beginning to tire of it, watch for the patterns.... They are the breadcrumbs that show you what is keeping you blocked.

There is nothing divine in time after all (for in the cosmos time doesn't even exist) so stay in the flow of this miraculous dance and enjoy every lil miracle along the way.

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