Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Moon of June

The celestial bodies have been busy this summer preparing us for shifts on nearly every front... personal, political, financial... in just about every corner of the globe we can see upheaval at hand. In this year if the snake, we should be ready for miracles and embrace the changes that help us polish our rough edges.

May brought us a Super Moon completing a 3 eclipse phase that may have left us a bit exhausted and a lot exhilarated. (Super moons are moons that appear larger as they are closer to the earth.)  Change is never a comfortable process... But inevitable and welcome once we can see it clearly from the other side. May brought up to the surface many deep issues personally, while politically this spirit was inspiring the revolutions in Turkey and protests in Brazil and the NSA surveillance "policies" unearthed here in the states.  Some may even suggest Edward Snowden was inspired and supported by these galactic energies. 

The June solstice welcoming summer (on the 21st) is followed by a full moon (a Super Moon) on Sunday June 23rd.  The moon moves into the sign of Cancer (birth sign of yours truly :-) and can feel intensively emotional!

We can expect more shifts in consciousness and personal awareness. We are being asked to re-examine beliefs, the underlying motivations of why we do what we do. When we find the answers to these fundamental questions, we can align ourselves in ways that are in support of our soul evolution.

Awareness is truly our greatest strength and understanding within ourselves why we do what we do. When motivation can line up with beliefs and integrity is found, perfect flow is inevitable. We are fulfilling what we came here as souls to do and we will be supported in all ways.

When we are mindless and go through the motions, we can easily find ourselves feeling frustrated, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled.

The super moon is not a rallying cry to tear down institutions, but it may feel like it. Instead appreciate her magnificent glow, dance in the moonlight and allow your highest truth to rise to the surface... and embrace it, darnnit!

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