Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Energy Vampire

Sure vampires may look cool with that immortality thing and all, but blood, my love, blood, is what keeps this glamour alive.  Energy Vampires (or Psychic Vampires) are no different, except instead of blood consumption, they suck energy.  Just as exhausting and damaging, these peeps, suck the life force out of us, leaving us haggard and wiped.

They are harder to spot physically (no easy sparkle skin or preternatural white gleen... or duh ,the one inch incisors) but you can most certainly feel when you've been zapped by one.  These are the people who leave you feeling insecure, powerless, and even tired when you leave an interaction.  You feel unhappy when you walk away even though "friend time" is intended to be meaningful and life giving!  Just think on this and I'm sure you can identify an encounter.

... I once had a boss who was an active addict.  Every time I would enter the office, I would feel nervous and on edge.  After our meetings, even when I had felt I stood my ground, I felt wiped and defeated.  He meant no harm, this was simply the way he had learned to get by in the world...

In most cases, the energy vampire does not know they are doing this.  They may have learned from parents or adapted as a means of survival.  The intentions are rarely menacing yet their behaviors are undeniable.

We all owe it to ourselves and those around us to take responsibility for our energy... where it goes, and how it's acquired. If you discover yourself creating encounters that make others feel defensive and uneasy, you may be an unconscious energetic vampire. 

When you find yourself on the other side of these psychic vampires:

- allow yourself to ground and find your center.  The earth can support and refill you whenever you need Her to.

 - surround yourself in a bubble of golden pink light.  You will find yourself at ease and can then begin to reclaim your space.  You will feel better almost instantly and have the ability to re-set your boundaries.

- love yourself enough to leave the darn situation!  Stepping back and refusing to engage is the most loving act you can do for yourself.

Repeated exposure and codependent tendencies can actually attract more of these vampires to you.  Boundaries that respect your personal space and energy are needed.  You are an immense being of light and if you don't share it, feel it, be it, there are plenty of others who want to lay claim on your brilliance. 

Shamanic healing and  energy work is always a benefit when you are recovering from these encounters and can also assist you in learning to expand your energy to feel more like the version of you God intended.   

Share your ooey gooey love on this planet and aim to make every person you meet smile when you walk away.  This is the New Earth -we are creating and it's up to us to choose what we put into it. 

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