Sunday, December 9, 2012

Healing :: ON the table or AT the table

I consider myself primarily an energetic healer, a shaman, and secondly a psychic. I believe every session, be it a reading or a healing, will leave you feeling better. So why book a healing when I'm already sharing this with you during readings?

I always will do what I can to remove blocks, limiting beliefs, old fears and anything else that might be hindering you from being the rock star you contracted to be. While At the Table receiving a reading, I will brush away and clear from your energetic field these things. The psychic readings tend to go a bit more psychological as we seek to understand, shift and heal the way you see yourself and your understanding of the world. Spirit Guides and Angels will share with me messages to ensure you receive the guidance and love you most need to heal thyself.

The shamanic healing work....ahhhhh! This is where I get to share with you the very best of the best.  On the Table is where the true miracles occur! Your Angels actually assist me in permanently resolving issues that may have irritated, blocked or stumped you your whole life. It is in the healing where we suss out and fix the root cause of the fears, beliefs, and pains. I use a number of techniques and tools to assist in your healing but most importantly, it is the directives of your own Guides and Angels that show me how to best serve you.

A healing session is both intuitive and energetic. We chat for a bit, maybe read some cards, then create your healing plan. You lie fully clothed on the table, snug and comfy, while I use prayers, oils, sounds and crystals to make magic. Many may fall asleep while others are curious and want a verbal play by play. This is your session and never have I witnessed the same miracles twice! At least once a day I hear "I feel lighter" and take this as a great validation that the work performed was effective.

I take my role with great sincerity and feel myself in service to your soul, your very being, always. If you are curious, it may just be your Angels giving you a nudge in the right direction.

And just for a lil perspective if the energy healing feels too New Agey... Jesus was an energy healer!  The miracles He performed were highly regarded esoteric teachings commonplace in the Mystery Traditions of the time.  This image is from the Florence Cathedral in Italy. 

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