Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Medium

A medium is a communicator between worlds --they mediate between the physical world and the spiritual world. Most often, mediums can talk to those who have crossed over (yes, we can smell, hear, and "see dead people"). In many instances, we can often share messages from your Angels, Spirit Guides, and other higher dimensional beings. We act in a capacity delivering messages and assisting in communications-- we are the middle women & men to deliver the messages only ...not to interpret them.

Mediums exist in nearly every culture. Some allow the energies to use their bodies to share messages --called channeling-- while others (myself included) agree just to receive said messages and delivery them, we while maintain control of our bodies.  The Spiritualist movement brought mediumship to the forefront of American consciousness in the late Victorian era.  Even the well known Harry Houdini and Mary Todd Lincoln participated in their day. 

Séances are formal gatherings where mediums share these messages and bring closure and connections from loved ones who have crossed over.   My own séances (I call them "Peeking Through the Veil") do not reflect traditional practices of sitting around in a circle holding hands looking into a crystal ball, but they do give a forum for group participation in sharing messages from the Other Side of the Veil. 

Mediumship, in all forms, brings many miracles. Watch the Afterlife Investigations: The Scole Experiments to learn more about how modern day mediums practice their gifts.  But know...  even some of that intense contact with the Other Side, while incredibly cool, still keeps me awestruck.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Healing :: ON the table or AT the table

I consider myself primarily an energetic healer, a shaman, and secondly a psychic. I believe every session, be it a reading or a healing, will leave you feeling better. So why book a healing when I'm already sharing this with you during readings?

I always will do what I can to remove blocks, limiting beliefs, old fears and anything else that might be hindering you from being the rock star you contracted to be. While At the Table receiving a reading, I will brush away and clear from your energetic field these things. The psychic readings tend to go a bit more psychological as we seek to understand, shift and heal the way you see yourself and your understanding of the world. Spirit Guides and Angels will share with me messages to ensure you receive the guidance and love you most need to heal thyself.

The shamanic healing work....ahhhhh! This is where I get to share with you the very best of the best.  On the Table is where the true miracles occur! Your Angels actually assist me in permanently resolving issues that may have irritated, blocked or stumped you your whole life. It is in the healing where we suss out and fix the root cause of the fears, beliefs, and pains. I use a number of techniques and tools to assist in your healing but most importantly, it is the directives of your own Guides and Angels that show me how to best serve you.

A healing session is both intuitive and energetic. We chat for a bit, maybe read some cards, then create your healing plan. You lie fully clothed on the table, snug and comfy, while I use prayers, oils, sounds and crystals to make magic. Many may fall asleep while others are curious and want a verbal play by play. This is your session and never have I witnessed the same miracles twice! At least once a day I hear "I feel lighter" and take this as a great validation that the work performed was effective.

I take my role with great sincerity and feel myself in service to your soul, your very being, always. If you are curious, it may just be your Angels giving you a nudge in the right direction.

And just for a lil perspective if the energy healing feels too New Agey... Jesus was an energy healer!  The miracles He performed were highly regarded esoteric teachings commonplace in the Mystery Traditions of the time.  This image is from the Florence Cathedral in Italy. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Cellular Healing

Ok, I don't know if this is a real word of the moment, but it will let me chat about our 12 strands of DNA, junk DNA, and cellular upgrades in any case!

Originally on this planet (think days of Atlantis and prior), we had 12 strands of DNA... We now have only two. This explains why even modern science says we only use a portion of our brain's actual capacity and ability. With just one-sixth of our original DNA, we are literally incapable of using our full potential until these strands are re-activated.

The so-called junk DNA is actually ancient potent cells that when put back together the right way (reactivated) can help us reclaim our fullest capacity of humanness.

Regardless of how far down this rabbit hole you choose to go, cellular healing helps us feel infinitely better. We are then able to be both fully functioning & fully conscious Beings: Wholey physical and spiritual, wholey thoughtful and compassionate, wholey kind and loving, and ever the best of human attributes we can be... It also helps us reclaim our psychic potential... But all that when YOU are ready!

Some resources may talk about this strand aberration as a defiling of the planet and Her people. So if you google, just know what you may be getting into....

The healing work performed by high-level healers are re-activating these strands and repairing you at the cellular level. When we do healing work, it is so the benefits are permanent and aid you in forever freeing yourself of old patterns and illnesses. You feel better because we are bringing back to you things you didn't even know to ask for!

And you wonder why I love my work....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Ascension

I'm always hopeful I can find ways to bridge my world with that of the "everyone"... So here's the first of a new series attempting to explain what these kooky New Age words mean in easy to digest language.

Ascension is essentially the graduation of humanity. We have been glorified apes living, consuming and destroying the planet.... I say this with no political agenda or irksome fist throwin' simply stating bare bones... Our Ascension grants us a spiritual aspect that is now equal to that of our physical nature.

Some may say the Ascension allows us to leave Earth and explore galaxies beyond our own. My own belief is that Ascension puts us back on equal footing with the Ascended Masters (like Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary) and our Angels. We become better than human by embracing our inherent spiritual nature and thereby evolving or graduating from our ape-ness.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Embracing Inspiration

As we watch the world around us, change is in the air... emotionally, physically, culturally and planetarily, everything is stirred up right now.  What a gift this can be once we can see, heal and release the triggers and resulting memories it is revealing to us. 

And schiet, this is never easy work.  Grueling, sobbing, and messy is how it feels to me.  This season of Metal, expressed in the Autumn is always a challenge for me. 

Let's get neutral for a sec and postpone my verbosity...  If we look back to ancient practices, the Chinese saw connections in everything.  The classic healing manuscript the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine reminds us Metal is all about:

- breathe
- inspiration
- grief
- letting go
- value & importance
- love of the father

My brain translates this as:

- stern & cold
- judgemental
- practical
- shallow
- not good enough

My interpretation of metal is whack yes, but its my truth so it's mine to own and clear.  By living this belief of Metal, I have been denying myself all its gifts and it's teachings. As much as I love the fall, because of my blind spots, I've made it an incredibly uncomfortable time for myself.  Silly brain!

So, I set out as any person ready for healing does... kicking and screaming!   I scheduled for myself a cosmic ass whoop so big, I couldn't help but fall apart-- acupuncture, past life regression and 2 energetic healing sessions all in a week.  Crazy to be certain, but I knew I needed help to shake off whatever giant brambles are holding me back. 

I was a mess by the weekend, feeling like I had lost myself... questioning everything in my world... and feeling utterly unconnected to this thing called Metal-- this core expression of nature that I was completely unable to touch.  I was vulnerable and eager but still unsure what came next.  Then it happened... a true to life death that culled it all and brought the gift of resolution.

My favorite college professor died.  Brutal fucking pancreatic cancer, the beast that also took out my grandfather (who coincidentally died 25 years ago today!) and my celestial brother, Bill Hicks.    Remember this is all connected -- The pancreas in Chinese 5 Element is the store-house of ideas... perhaps they were all just too damned full of inspiration!

Hal taught me to see the magic in life again.  He inspired and lifted me in ways I didn't yet know at 19 years old.  He saw me for who I was and championed me to feel and be fearless.  Inspiration was guaranteed whether he was teaching German (sorry Professor, my tongue never did quite get in the swing) or Goethe, Schopenhauer's philosophy or the societal importance of fairy tales... Hal brought passion and mysticism into every day.  I took every class and an extra year of college just to have more time being in the presence of this great man.  I can see now how many of my passions, my core values, were birthed in his presence and by his light. 

As my boyfriend of that time so aptly said: "He made us believe".  Grieving his passing, he's been quite present helping me heal.  Weird noises in my house have appeared that I've never heard in my 4 years here.  Ticks and scratches totally foreign to my home.  Even my family has been aware there's something visiting us. Grief has been very present for me.  Coupled with my intense week of healing, I'm in a perfect moment of acute vulnerability to heal. 

I began wanting to write about Metal and the Fall and all the power and healing that can occur.  But I'm too puddly right now.  A blubbering raw monkey tyring to inspire others.  Psah....
What Dr. Becker has helped me see so clearly is ....   Hal was the perfect Metal-- inspired and fatherly, he challenged us all to be our best and more importantly to be mensch.    I think all I really wanted was for him to be proud of me... proud of the woman I became and not the irresponsible young adult he knew.  In his presence I felt special, important and in the heartbeat of God.  
From the other side, He offered me a healing-- the profound gift of forgiveness.

Shame blocked my ability to feel and embrace my Metal.  And Hal has helped me heal it.  13 years later, I can finally let it go.  And this is the true value of the season. 

Hal has reminded me our memories always judge us more harshly than God/Goddess/Spirit does.  So embrace your shame, your flaws, your colossal f' ups and bring it on.  We have no space for it, no time for these heavy and wasteful emotions that keep us from being who God asked us to be.  Find what inspires you, what hurts you and what ails you and blocks you.  This is not comfortable work, but it is essential.   Use this season to let go of what no longer serves your heart, let go of what eats at your soul and breathe your true self back into the world. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Walking the Razor's Edge

I've never fancied myself creative.  In high school I was a theater kid-- go figure, with my drama, it's shocking, I know!-- surrounded by friends who had creative impulses dripping from every pore.  I was a dreamer unable to put into 3d my grandiose ideas, visions and musings.  Alas, I felt muse-less and while far from uninspired, certainly a artistic stump.

When I was invited to participate in RAW Denver, I was given an opportunity to not only share my work with many, but also to see myself in a new way... as an artist!

Artists must walk the razors edge... unaffected by observations and criticism to deliver to the world something fearless and bold, something that moves people to feel something bigger than themselves.  The true artist moves into a place of unnamed creation to share a unique self expression birthed from the inner worlds allowing the observer to find within themselves something before unnoticed.  A healing can be given in the most pure of moments that wasn't even being sought.

Well heck, sign me up baby because this is precisely what I do each and every day.  Walking the razors edge, unable to be planned or edited, I move into a space of pure communication with Spirit to bring into this world the healing you most need.  Holy cow, I guess I am an artist.  I'll work on healing my inner 12 year old now and share with you something we can both be very proud of!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

the Present in Presence

The summer has whomped only the most glorious of ways!  My business is full, my family is thriving and I've launched a new mentoring program that is so freakin' exhilarating!  But with all the bustle, I need to find more ways to be present in this moment.  

Grounding, meditating and even just plain breathing are all ways we can do this.  And while it may sound simple enough, my daughter taught me that this too must be learned, practiced and mastered in order for it to be a helpful tool. 

While grounding may sound like more new age hoo ha, get over it and remember why we have these tools in the first place:  Awareness is the only way out of chaos!  If we have awareness of self, we don't get stuck, don't get sick, and know how to be the master in our life.  If we have these keys, we not only thrive but also model for those around us how they can too!  

A couple of things to do everyday:

~ breathe deep, open, pit-of-your-belly breaths!
~ feel your feet, bring yourself fully into your body and learn to make friends with it
~ cultivate peace ... find something that brings you quiet and you'll start to 
               feel how nurturing it is
~ stay out of your head ... your brain was designed to keep your physical body alive, 
               not to run the show!
~ feel, don't think 
~ if you find yourself stuck, do something that brings you joy

To be fully present takes some practice.  When you are fully available to others and the universe, you'll discover the most wonderful blessings find you!  People notice you, clients are drawn to you, relationships are easier and you miraculously find yourself happy.  And when you get low, as we all do, you know how to move through it with grace. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

My love of a man named Jesus

How can one talk about Jesus without: 
A.) sounding like a fanatic or 
B.) pushing a religious agenda?

This is what I have been grappling with as my love, yes LOVE, for Jesus comes in stronger and stronger.  

So let me clear the air-- I was raised largely without religion, without a concept of dogma and church.  We were raised in a loving home with a family who allowed us to pursue "religion" on our own terms.  This seeming lack was a beautiful gift allowing my relationship to God and my innate curiosity to lead to me to MY path, not one that was prescribed nor one I was chastised for not keeping.  

I explored Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism with equal zeal.  Picking and choosing the aspects that made the most sense to me.  I was as comfortable in a church as I was playing on the 2 acres of Louisiana swamp we called home-- feeling God in both locations equally!  What I found was in nature, I could connect, feel and ponder without anyone I telling me I was wrong.

After a couple of years in a Baptist school in Baton Rouge and being punished (detention, scolding and calls home to parents) for not believing what I was told to believe, I found "religion" to be a degradation of what I felt in my own heart.  I turned from organized religion and flitted my way into my own brand of spirituality.

So when Jesus came to me in 2005, asking that we have a conversation, I told him I wasn't one of "His" and he should look elsewhere.  At that point in my burgeoning psychic career, I was receiving guidance from Angels, my own Spirit Guides and Teachers I wasn't savvy yet enough to identify who was who.  Yet when Mary Magdalene showed up, bringing Jesus with her, it was my first experience working with Ascended Masters -- beneficent beings who are master teachers dedicated to enlightening humanity.  

I told them both in fact to go away... sure that a heathen child such as myself couldn't possibly be who they were looking for.   They both persisted, Mary providing information that she still insists will be a book and Jesus with a loving and gentle presence I have come to rely on. 

Last year, my work with Him began to take on more of a mentorship as he began teaching me some of the more estoeric teachings of the Essene tradition.  I can recall past lives I worked with him closely and find his guidance to be of the utmost benefit in my spiritual path.  Going through grief of my own, I relied heavily on him... to the point of near co-dependence!  Ha!  In calling to him to soothe my grief, and protect my heart, I lost my own inner strength... I became dependent and needy.  

I again asked him to step back, which he did with great respect, allowing me to return in my own time.  The year since has been one of warrior like insights and healing work-- powerful, majestic and sword yielding as I overcame the grief of losing my Gram & my child within a month.  

As a gentle wind, he appeared this spring, asking if our work could resume.  He expressed his pride in my reclamation of my inner strength and suggested that he may simply augment rather than replace it.  Wow-- this I was not prepared for!  What Divine Love, patience, and grace he allowed me to find on my own as he gently allowed my journey to return to him.  

It was then that I would hear myself exclaiming to clients: "Yes, but do you really know the real Jesus?!?" How could I temper my overjoyed experience with him without the gush of dogma rushing in?  It is still a question I try and balance but I know him to be kind, generous, ever loving and so very wise.  

Here's a bit of what he's taught me:

- He wishes to appear as hippie brother rather than dying man on a cross ("you know, like guy next to you at a Phish concert")

- He is funny as all heck and amazingly detached from "that thing that happened back there"

- He never takes himself too seriously, so we should all just relax a bit and let ego move aside

- Women are the teachers of faith... our connection to God/Goddess/Source

- There is no creation without the work of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine, "without life form is empty."  It is up to man to create form and forge reality and it is the gift of the women to breathe life into it to allow it a place on this earth.

- Jesus was a shaman!  he was healer and worked with the invisible energies to benefit his community -- yup, I still want to make it a bumper sticker

- Death was meant to be a most joyous act, a celebratory return to God not one filled with fear and anxiety

- Those sincere souls wishing to find him should practice cultivating a personal relationship with him through meditation, prayer and even channeling, rather than seeking it in the Bible or church

I know him as Brother and am grateful for those moments he does gift me with.  He appears often for clients in session and I try my best to represent him well.  I love him like I do no other and feel lifted by him in every waking moment-- this is done by my choosing, and his grace, without the need for any church, book, or intermediary.  

How does your relationship with Jesus unfold?

Here's one song I can always feel him in...

Goddess Guidance

The resurgence in the Feminine Divine is no coincidence  With the turmoil in the world today, we need a benevolent Mother to bring peace to our planet. She is re-emerging to help us transition from a heavy and dense world into a world of renewed hope, creativity, and compassion for all living beings.

It was Her gentle ways that were in place long before the patriarchy came
into power.  A balance between the divine feminine and sacred masculine is sorely needed to restore balance to our world and to ourselves.
  Cultivating traits from each aspect encourages us to become whole, balanced and integrated.

 Reawaken your Goddess connection!  Intuitive sessions with the Goddess allows you to reclaim your own majesty and to live a life of more joy, vitality, and passion.  Within each of us resides a divine god and a divine goddess -- although some of us may have forgotten our own power and divinity.

Guidance from the Goddesses:  

~ reminds you of your radiance;
~ restores your power, vitality, and passion;
~ reconnects you to your heart’s desire -- your true reason for living;
~ polishes the brilliance you have worked so hard to share with the world; 
 ~ is a confidential and unique conversation with the Divine … ask questions and gain
 ~ clarity while amplifying your natural essence

Get to know the various faces of the Great Goddess:
From Kwan Yin and Isis to Ix Chel and Mother Mary --
Meet the Goddess who holds a message specifically for you.

I create a a channel of communication and invites in the Goddess who offers to work intimately with you.  During session we create the doorway so you can connect to Her anytime.  Each session is unique and alive with the spirit of the Goddess! The Goddess' influence can be felt in your daily life by bringing you a deep sense of connection and unconditional love.  You will be renewed and empowered to live your best life.

Healing sessions can rekindle your relationship to the Great Mother and
allow a new path of inspiration and guidance in your spiritual practice.  The Goddess' healing energy is so refreshing ... it can feel like a warm bath: Soothing, comforting, and life affirming!

This healing is not just for women.  In fact, men can greatly benefit from
bringing the Great Mother back into their lives.

Step into this dance and remind yourself of the love and passion that awaits
you in your heart.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Intuitive Tarot Readings

For millenia, the Tarot has been a trusted asset of healers and psychics.  Its rich imagery and archetypal characters are easily understood from culture to culture. The many stories told through these cards (and their accompanying life lesson) allows you to easily identify a similar story unfolding within your own life yielding clarity and concrete options.  Due to their vivid colors and accurate depictions, you can readily recall the pictures and effortlessly remember the messages you received during your session.  

Tarot is an amazingly powerful tool to assist you in ANY life transition.  It gives us a peek into the possible future so we can better see what may lie ahead, and being aware of potential obstacles enables us to navigate them more smoothly!

~ Current Life Situations

~ Relationships & Love

~ Career & School

~ Family & Personal issues affecting you right now!

Tarot Readings capture what is energetically swirling in the ethers RIGHT NOW regarding a specific issue!  Based on the energy of this current situation, you are privy to different ways of responding and can choose a more desired path.  Tarot is an incredibly useful vehicle for self empowerment and taking charge of your own destiny.

Most readings will cover the immediate 30-60 days.  For this reason, you can consult  the Tarot more frequently.  As you effect change, the readings will reflect your personal work and give you clearly defined next steps.

As with all my reading, the session will leave you filled with hope, joy and feeling inspired to handle anything!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shamanic Healing

The tools of the Shaman have been around as long as man walked the earth.  From the earliest civilizations to modern day Shamans of the rain forest, the journey world of the Shaman provides healing for his/her community by connecting with helping Spirits not of this physical world.

Differing from intuitive work, Shamanic Healing involves the practitioner working side-by-side with the Healing Spirits to affect change on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of the client.  Instead of gathering information intuitively from outside of the client, journeying involves going deep within the realms of the Spirit World to garnish the information needed.  Meeting with Spirit Guides, I'm told how to heal your presenting issue or problem.  Assignments are commonly suggested for you to do at home to complete and solidify the energetic healing.
Through the use of journey work, I'm able to:
~ Assist deceased persons from this world to the next,
~ Perform soul retrievals,
~ Intercede & remove energies not conducive to your overall well-being, and
~ Meet & connect you with your Spirit Guides and Power Animals who have chosen to help you in this lifetime.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Discovering the Akashic Records Akashic Record is your highest source of truth!  From the Records we can restore your optimum vibration and deliver limitless empowerment.  It is our birthright and greatest resource on this soul's journey.  

The Akashic Records are the Storehouse for the Soul.  Past, present and future deeds, thoughts and feelings are all kept in this library.  By accessing your own records, you can gain insight and clarity on any aspect of your life, for example:

~ Life Purpose -- review your Soul Contract, what are the things you agreed to do while here and tips on how to go about accomplishing commitments.  Find your true passion and explore ways to live it!

~ Past Life issues affecting your current life situation, such as the repeating of patterns blocking your ability to fulfill your life's purpose.

~ Resolution with a Loved One or a pet who has passed.  Finally, say the things you wish you could have before he or she moved on.

~ Meeting Your Angels, Guides and Ancestors who have chosen to teach and protect you throughout this lifetime.

pecific Assignments
for you to complete toward taking your next steps along your Soul's journey.

Unlike a psychic reading, the Akashic Record takes you to a much deeper understanding and a grander view of “who” you really are and what lessons you have to learn in this lifetime.  It is a profound message just for you creating a shift in your consciousness. Think of it as a Spiritual jolt -- a Re-awakening -- from your own Soul and Angels reminding you what you need to be doing while on this physical plane in this current body. 

The session is an energetic healing session.  In the course of your appointment, energy is cleared away bringing you greater vitality, joy and passion.  With this renewal, you will be able to better act upon the Divine guidance shared during your reading. 

Having an energetic healing session IS NOT a passive decision. A consultation is a healing process beginning as soon as the Records are opened and continuing as long as you follow the wisdom shared within. Many times, people leave the session recognizing their worldview has shifted. This is an amazingly beautiful dialogue with your own Spirit Guides.

Accessing your Soul’s Records is your birthright -- this is not only for those Spiritually-inclined. It is a gift to you intended to be called upon when you need guidance and clarity. This gift has been shared and given to us by the Spirit World to help us in our challenges while living in this physical world.

Each reading is a privilege from the Divine to you
For me to be allowed to do this work, I am both humbled and blessed. Thank you, and I’ll see you in the Records!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Psychic Etiquette -- it's time to expect what you deserve.

Too many times I hear of other psychics filling your gorgeous heads with nonsense.  I work hard to be honest and in great integrity, and think it's only fair you too should expect this from us.... always! 

Psychic boundaries are essential for both parties.  I don't want to see things I shouldn't, nor do you.  So I set into place impeccable ethical standards around each session.  Being psychic is a job -- albiet one that never feels like work :-) -- and just as you don't work when you're with your family, neither do I.   

I'm not "on" all the time.  I have sacred rituals that allow me to be psychic, and once I prepare sacred space is when choose to turn up the volume and listen in to what our Guides have to say.  This protects us both and ensures you get the very best of me when we are in session. Being on, all the time, is physically exhausting and is a violation of your privacy.  I don't play that way, and I hope those you choose to work with don't either. 

Many times either due to a bad experience or out of not knowing what to expect, people fear that having a reading will give the psychic or healer access to everything... good and bad alike.  Not the case, my sweet!  I cannot know everything and choose to focus only on those questions and issues that pertain to what YOU are asking of me.  All else is off limits and protects your most intimate details.  


If you don't know your healer's "rules" and boundaries, please ask them.  In this way, you hold us all to a higher level of integrity.   You should be able to trust us and expect the very best in your session.  If you don't, never feel bad about stopping the session and stepping away respectfully and lovingly.  Not every match is a perfect one, and you deserve to invest your money and time in a place that resonates with you perfectly!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Co-Creation Rocks but what about the flip Side??

You have undoubtedly heard about the mad manifesting powers we possess.  If not, simply read the Abraham channelings or even those of the Hathors to be reminded how very powerful you are.

But my darlin sweet beloved being of light... did you know just as you can co-create, you can also un-create?!?  We must be able to stop the endless cycles and karma of which we often feel helpless.  Just un-create it!  Speak it, breathe it, uncreate it!  Sounds easy because it is.... and its becoming an essential practice as we continue to accept and exercise our innate divine abilities.

Next time you bump into yourself, or a limitation you think you have, practice un-creating it so you can free yourself forever.  Just as we command energy (lovingly and in the spirit of harmony with the natural world) we can also choose those elements that persistently keep us stuck and command them to be released.

This is truly the most loving act you can do for yourself.  I try to practice this whenever it comes up, not just in moments of trauma or panic (ie, the car incident mentioned in the video) but also when I encounter my own old patterns and less flattering traits.  This month I am focusing on un-creating my immaturity and defensiveness.  Whoa!  For a crab (that's Cancer for you non-astrological beings) to move into a non-defensive stance, seems like a miracle.  ...But one I am ready and willing to embrace.  I choose to get out my own damn way and create something better in the spirit of LOVE!

Being defensive keeps me stuck in a lower vibrating place.  And we can't have that!  I do not choose to have defensiveness in my reality!!  What might you choose to un-create??

Friday, January 27, 2012

Why the heck you may want, really want, to have a Psychic Reading

I try my best to bring people to my work slowly.  I let people get to know me, then share what I do.  This works better ... and doesn't scare anyone off.   Not everyone digs psychics as much as I do.  Sometimes clients seek me out while other times I'm simply a novelty... a new thing to try at a party or event.

Regardless, I know if you're showing up there is a reason as directed by your own Angels & Spirit Guides.  And I am so delighted to be the one who gets to "play" in your reality with you.

If you're on the fence still, allow me to share some of the reasons people may seek me out and just what I can do to help.  I'm busy for a reason, darlin'!  I'm damn good at my work and love to be in service. 

I help you do "you" better... everytime and every way.  This is my commitment and I have a contract with God so you know you can expect the best!  There is rarely anything a psychic will share that is completely new to you.  In almost every case, I'm telling you things you know deep down and just need someone -- outside of you-- to validate.

Some people may steer clear of a psychic because they don't want bad news.    If I tell you anything "bad" I will also tell you why it's the best thing to every happen to you!  Not once has something so awful come up that took a client by surprise.  It isn't the way Spirit works or the way I work. 

With the "contract," I don't get to lie or hold back.  This is straight from God/Source/Goddess to you!  And as such, you get the purest and most unedited information available.  We are here to inspire your best and help you live immaculately!

If your heart has called you here, there's a reason... trust in this and life will flow beautifully.

Friday, January 13, 2012

the elusive Pineal Gland

My first exposure to the pineal gland came as I was reading Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life books.   Dang!   The awareness those books brought me was both profound and confounding.  So many new things to try and digest.   Even as a psychic, he unveiled many concepts it took me months to understand and incorporate in my practice.  One piece that has remained is his explanation of the pineal gland.

In ancient times, the pineal was the epi-center of spiritual pursuits. It is the liquid elixir of alchemists and the goal of rigorous spiritual training. Some even suggest it is this precise spot where God resides within us. Pretty powerful stuff! So what the heck is it and why should you even care?

The pineal gland is a pea sized gland that rests between the 2 brain hemispheres. As if by magic, it floats in the spinal fluid in the brain! This gland affects our ability to sleep and moods by secreting both serotonin and meltonin... for a more robust explanation check out Wiki so I can focus on what I'm good at-- it ain't the scientific "-)

It is actually an eye that reacts to light. An eye within the brain, between the hemispheres?!?  Hot dog! this is where it gets interesting. 

It is the EYE of the 6th eye chakra. In activating, or stimulating, this gland we can increase our psychic senses a thousandfold. One account even reports in the Mystery Schools of Heliopolis, the Pineal was referred to as the Chamber of God... a place within us where God dwells and if you know how to meet him, He can provide great lessons and teachings. Imagine what a direct conversation with God might provoke??

Calm down there tiger, while psychic development may not be your thing, let me tell you why it should be! As our world continues to evolve, change frequencies and stir stuff up, it is increasingly paramount that we be fully aware and awake. To see beyond the 3d will be a basic pre-requisite. The pineal gland is our key, my beloved!

Our modern world has little appreciation for the function of the pineal. Heck, you'd be heard pressed to find a doctor who prescribed flexing this gland for better health. But shit-- they should be! Go ahead, do a google search and see what you can find....

It is a place within us of stillness and bliss-- the most natural drug high can be found when you can reach this gland. Because it produces serotonin, the "feel good" hormone, the pineal gland can be your greatest asset in dealing with any stress that gets thrown in your path.

My experience has been pretty intense since I started listening to the Kenyon pineal attunement. I am a better psychic, calmer mama, and happier gal in general.    I feel I have more inner resources to combat the freak outs that sometimes occur ... getting a boost in my psychic senses never hurts either!

the arch above the star: the heiroglyph for pineal gland

Sheshat is my most beloved mentor. Her crown actually carries the hieroglyph for the pineal gland! As the Mother of Ascension, working with her in the pineal is a "wham bam thank you ma'am" of potent energy! It was she who first kept her physical body intact and moved into the "other worlds." She is the great teacher of this pivotal lesson and a most worthy teacher as you begin activating your own pineal gland.

To evolve, spiritually and as a race, we must restore our full functions physically, mentally and psychically. Tom Kenyon offers a beautiful sound gift that activates this gland.   Follow the link and click the box to promise you will not share his music...

This is just the tip of the iceberg!  As I asked Sheshat for a more robust explanation, I was kept up til 3am writing and weaving.   Keep those eyes open (the 3rd one too!) for the next installment. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Evening Meeting Your Guides and Angels

a quick invitation to join us on Jan. 27th in Arvada.  A powerful evening is in store for us as we all get an opportunity to learn about, meet, and connect with our own Angels & Guides.

January 27th 6pm $20 per person