Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Intuitive Tarot Readings

For millenia, the Tarot has been a trusted asset of healers and psychics.  Its rich imagery and archetypal characters are easily understood from culture to culture. The many stories told through these cards (and their accompanying life lesson) allows you to easily identify a similar story unfolding within your own life yielding clarity and concrete options.  Due to their vivid colors and accurate depictions, you can readily recall the pictures and effortlessly remember the messages you received during your session.  

Tarot is an amazingly powerful tool to assist you in ANY life transition.  It gives us a peek into the possible future so we can better see what may lie ahead, and being aware of potential obstacles enables us to navigate them more smoothly!

~ Current Life Situations

~ Relationships & Love

~ Career & School

~ Family & Personal issues affecting you right now!

Tarot Readings capture what is energetically swirling in the ethers RIGHT NOW regarding a specific issue!  Based on the energy of this current situation, you are privy to different ways of responding and can choose a more desired path.  Tarot is an incredibly useful vehicle for self empowerment and taking charge of your own destiny.

Most readings will cover the immediate 30-60 days.  For this reason, you can consult  the Tarot more frequently.  As you effect change, the readings will reflect your personal work and give you clearly defined next steps.

As with all my reading, the session will leave you filled with hope, joy and feeling inspired to handle anything!

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