Scheduling & Rates

Your sacred time with Andye is a well-woven blend of Spiritual allies and information orchestrated by your Guides & Angels to transform your heart, mind, body, and energy. If you have a specific type of session you would like to focus on, please identify this when scheduling.

Most sessions will follow the general protocol:

Using the Akashic Records as our foundation, your truest and highest Essence will be called forth (your Highest Self aligned with your Divinity).   Within this sacred context, we can then address your questions and receive divine answers serving in your highest good. Guides and passed loves ones are invited to step forward at any time to assist in your healing and provide relevant information.

Healing is a distinct aspect of my sessions ... using shamanic practices and Ancient Egyptian energetics, sound & crystal healing, Light Language & Activations. Please feel free to read about each of these specific modalities at


60 minute session               - $144
90 minute session               - $188

Soul Mastery                       - $777
            5 session mentoring 

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