Monday, June 27, 2016

On Turning 40

I woke to the smell of the ocean luring me home. Something so deeply within my soul stirred and I was powerless to her wisdom. It was time to be done, close this chapter and leave this tumult of marriage behind.

Hope filled me at what the finality could mean. Long had I dallied with the possibility but as a clear directive from Yemaya, I could not waver.

Love won that day. Celebrated in myriad colors of triumph, I saw the city light up in untold glory. As the jubilee paraded in the distance, I was gifted roses in the thousands.

Songs of the Dead filled my heart, unfamiliar, yet their vibration of love penetrating even the most hardened spaces within.

The King of Swords escorted me home moving like a beam of light parting the crowds and undeniable in his radiance.

Affections rebuked but still laid at the feet of the goddess.

I was reborn, to add my salt to the ocean's tears and sway in the sweet melodies of decadence and freedom.

Rainbows and roses kissed my 30's away as I step into the fierce 40's finally certain that I know how to love this heart best.  

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