Friday, September 30, 2011

Haunted Houses, Ghosts and My oh My.... there's something in the air this time of year!

Let’s break this down into a few parts…. Are there ghosts?  Yes.  Are some houses haunted?  Yes.  Are evil spirits out to scare people?  Not so much!

Here’s my take on what the heck is happening in the invisible realms…

The death process is tricky, requiring the right keys and access. 

For most of us, Angels & Loved Ones will ensure we make our way through to the other side.    For others, those whose life was filled with ick or those who pass too quickly or while under the influence, the A to B of life to death is muddier.   These few can happen into becoming a ghost. 

Other “ghosts” are stuck on their own accord.  A brutal or cruel life may warrant fear that the being is unwilling to face.  I don’t give up hope on any being and instead choose to help them make their way through.  

In the days of Old, we had intricate ceremonies, and prayers for the Dead.  The Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead chronicle 100 days of prayers and rituals to ensure the crossing party made it to the other side.  In our modern rituals, we are dead, buried and grieved within a week!  

Ghosts do happen and require assistance.  To me, it simply looks like a soul who is stuck and needs a light shone in the right direction to get moving again.   Whether in death or in life, my job is to compassionately assist souls in their journey.  A house clearing (or blessing) can be incredibly effective and beneficial in assisting the "stuck" soul and helping the family feel better, clearer and more safe. 

Haunted houses rarely have ghosts.  Hauntings are the result of intense energy that has created an imprint in the fabric of time… Yes, I may watch and love my Dr. Who but this is truly the best my mind has been able to make sense of it.   Imagine writing something in pencil then erasing it.  The bold color words may be gone, but the image – your creation, intention, and energy – will still be there. 

A haunting is often simply a bad event, that keeps playing itself over and over as if in a loop.  In most cases, the household simply needs to figure out that this is what’s happening and reconcile how they can live with it.  A true haunting poses no threat as the energy is simply repeating an image and has no life force (being/person/thing) attached to it. 
 If there is an energy attached (a ghost) who is causing the family discomfort, an intervention is required to assist the being in movin on.  I believe in compassionate clearing, helping the ghost understand what occurred and empowering them with the option of completing their own natural life/death cycle. 

So what about the oogie boogies who are harming or threatening?  Evil, they are not for the word is simply divisive.  Polarity (good vs bad) is the true root of most “bad things” and when we can understand with greater awareness, the fear factor may be eradicated.  There are energies who operate “different” than us.   Most of us operate from a place of love, kindness, and harmonious relationships.  Others seek power and greed.  This doesn’t make them wrong, just different… you still with me??

The oogie boogies are older earth bound energies who simply want power.  They feel power by creating fear.  Look at them like monsters (or even demons) and you only provoke your own fear.  Look at them like beings with an agenda different than yours and you are empowered to change the situation! 

For those truly dark beings with a rooted agenda in fear, we have skilled LightWorkers who can assist.  I do not encourage bustin out your sage and trying to clear things on your own.  Sometimes you’ll only entice that which you are trying to rid. 

But, having the knowledge of what’s what in the invisible realms is power too.  If you have specifics, put in a call to someone you trust and ask for assistance!  My basic rule is that we are Masters of this plane and we’re in charge.  When we can come into our power on this, we have infinite potential to create and be the change we seek.   

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wishful Thinking or Actual Messages from the Other Side

We’ve all heard the stories of mourning family members receiving messages from the other side.   But how do we know when it’s actual “proof” of the great beyond versus wishful thinking?

In my world, I try to accept everything as true!  The very nature of my work means I must believe.  Truth be told, you are psychic too and the more you believe, listen to, trust and follow the information you receive, the more you will be given.   

token of an angel left for me by my Gram 9 days after her death...

If you have a questionable encounter… ask yourself if believing that it’s true makes you feel better or worse.  Invariably, better right?  So go with that, lovey and let your heart feel soothed in your time of need.  From songs on the radio at just the right time, to lights flicking on and off,  to uncanny coincidences, these are easy ways Spirit can get through to us. 

I’ve had a slew of departed loved ones recently teaching me from the other side.  One gentleman in particular was giving me a lecture on how radios (and music boxes) are easier to manipulate – get through—than an ipod.  Fascinating!  The level of the energy he said is more conducive for him in the radio signal rather than a programmed, mini-computer formatted, ipod.  The frequencies, he said, were more harmonious and carried more of a life energy.  Even Pandora has quite the right energy… you can read all about that story here.    Perhaps radio and Pandora allows for coincidence to enter because we are not in control of what’s on.  

Gavin and I used to get frequent messages from his bff who crossed when they were teenagers.  Tony, in his youth, worked in a Taco Bell.  There was a particular Taco Bell in Chicago that we used to go to be with him.  Every time we were there the music on the radio would literally answer us, confirming the things we were contemplating.  Nirvana in a Taco Bell—you better believe it!

This universe is giving us myriad ways everyday to support us in our growth and expansion.  If we choose to be skeptical, we will receive confirmations, myth busting and empiricist science that disproves the spiritual.   That is the way the universe works, it provides us with what we ask for.

For those of us who choose to believe (I <3 Mulder!) we will likewise find more ways that support us in our optimism.  Believing brings us more, feels better and allows us to actively participate in the magic of creation.  Try it out both ways and let me know which feels better for you! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Psychic Myth Bustin'

"How can you do psychic work in Denver full time if no one believes in what you do?"  I had a new friend recently ask me this and as I tried to compose myself and answer diplomatically, all I could think was geesh, this is exactly the struggle I face in legitimizing my business.  

"From one holy shit moment to the next," I answered.  It's often those who don't believe in my work at all that gain the most.  I rely on touching people's hearts in the most profound of ways and hope they pass my name along.  I know my ethics, my authenticity and my sincerity, so the real trick is just finding others who value what I do. 

So for the record, let's clear up some of the crazy schiet y'all think of when you think of a psychic:

~ we wear turbans and use a crystal ball
~ we're just making stuff up
~ we sleep with cats
~ we're weird, crazy or both
~ we know the future
~ we're out to curse, beguile or scam you

Now some may be all or part of these things, I however, and most of my close trusted circle of psychic allies, are none of these.... ok, maybe the cat part but that's their story to tell!

I am a sassy and spunky, non turban wearing psychic.  I don't love the word psychic but get that it's a good catch all to explain what the fudge I do!  I feel myself to be a force of positive change, inspiration and empowerment.  I do this using my enhanced intuitive abilities and continually receiving training so I may better be in service.  I am a healer and hope to help my community in times of need.  AND I try to do this with as little ego as possible.

I'm also a Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, tax payer, business woman, voracious reader, sometimes inspired chef, and avid plant lover.  The more I normalize my work and allow people to know me before they know what I do, the more they may safely relax into the world I get to walk.

To be able to deliver messages from the other side that heal decade old wounds, to clear energies that block someone from fulfilling their dreams, and to help empower someone with the truth of an awful relationship so (s)he can move on for good-- that is the gift of the psychic.  I feel so very blessed and am in constant awe of the beauty I get to see through your eyes.

If you're in need of the fortune telling schiester... there are those out there who will gladly fulfill your expectations and empty your pockets while incense and candles flicker in the background.  But leave your conceptions at the door and step on into a world of much more inspired and practical, ethical psychics.  You'll be so glad you did... and if you aren't, tell me so!  Go ahead, I dare ya :-)

Looking for a psychic reading in Denver or long distance via Skype? I just may be your gal!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soul Loss ... and other esoteric soul mastery notions

In the last post on the Boon Guide, I mentioned the Soul Retrieval -- way to leave you hangin, right?   I wanted to share why this is one of my favorite tools for healing!

It's really such a powerful process and I think everyone should receive at least one Soul Retrieval in the course of a lifetime.  (I've had 3 to date and find more pieces each time!)  
The basic idea::  as traumas occur, little pieces of us branch off or run away, called soul loss.  A soul retrieval gathers the "parts" and brings them home.  

And now for the expanded version of why soul retrievals are necessary ::   ... I'll explain the process next time...

First, let's set the landscape.  The Shaman performs Soul Retriveals which are the result of Soul Loss.  The Shaman is master of the spirit and physical worlds.  It is this trained and revered healer who literally walks between worlds to help his/her community.  The tools are well honored traditions, prayers, and methods that have been passed down through the ages.  The Soul Retrieval is one such tool.  

Soul Loss is what we're delving into so we need to know what makes the soul so dang special… outside of the obvious qualities...

The soul is our most basic life force.  As soon as the soul leaves, the body dies.  Anyone who has been with a loved one at the moment of passing can tell you once the soul departs, the person looks different, empty even.  

“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”   - C.S. Lewis

Our soul is multi-faceted and complicated!  Not only does it venture through lifetimes, but it may even leave our body occasionally and visit other places.  Shamanic journeying, astral projection, and remote viewing are examples of the soul taking an escapade yet not fully departing the physical body.  

The soul can explore realms and come back… or in a soul loss, venture off and stay gone until we come lookin’.  Soul loss occurs any number of ways – from physical or sexual abuse, through experiencing a traumatic situation, or even just having a bad fight.  No one knows with certainty why a soul piece decides to fly off, but it is a common occurrence and one rarely addressed in our society.  Soul loss occurs for any number of reasons and cannot be prevented.  It is simply part of the package in this human condition.  

Shamans will look for hints that soul loss has occurred.  When they find clues, a soul retrieval is the next step to restoration of the client.  Here are some hints that may suggest this route:

You may notice a part of you feels dead or lost, this would be an obvious clue.  Were you in an auto accident years ago and haven't been the same since?  Or perhaps there's a relationship, long gone, that you've never been able to let go of. 

Common symptoms of a soul loss include :

 - depression
 - feeling incomplete
 - feeling stuck and not knowing how to move through it
 - feeling not like yourself, disconnected from those you love

Not all traumas cause soul loss and in some instances a piece may just decide it's all too much and hot tail it outta there.  I had one piece do exactly that.  She wasn’t happy with the choices I was making as a young adult—I enjoyed my drinking phase while she found it destructive!    

Though we cannot "prevent" soul loss, we can become energetically sensitive enough to recognize when something is off.  In this way we can do our own psychic maintenance to ensure total well being.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

the Boon of the Invisible Friend

Remember that friend you "made up" as a kid?  The reliable, loyal playmate who only you could see?  Even if you don't, go ahead an imagine him/her now for fun.  Once you have this picture in your mind, bring it into your heart and feel the love they shared with you!

Now for the cool part-- you weren't and aren't making them up!  In fact this is a special Spirit Guide who is assigned to help you as a child.  From the point of conception up until about 9-11 years old, it is the sacred role of this Guide to protect and nurture you.

Just as we choose -- prior to our birth-- our parents, our lessons, and even our body type, we also are given our Boon Guide, who some call the Invisible Friend, who will help ensure our soul, our very divine essence, is securely housed within the physical body.  
Many families dismiss these earliest recounting as being just the imagination.  When in fact the role of this Guide is so crucial to our own spiritual development!  Kids who actively see these Invisible Friends should be encouraged and honored.  

I call them the Boon Guide because of an reference from Brian Froud to the Boon Fairy. The Boon, in fairy lore, was a family fairy assigned to protect the children of the lineage keeping away bad dreams and traveling throughout the generations.  Our imaginary friends act in this same manner, though a bit more robust in their sacred endeavors.  Boon, by definition, is a blessing!  And I can’t imagine a more appropriate title. 

Ok, fascinating, but why might this Guide be helpful to us as adults?

I remember as a child playing in the bath with my invisible friend, Victoria.  She was a gorgeous and exotic woman with long black hair and fine features.  Why was my friend a full grown woman I wondered.  As an adult, I rekindled a relationship with her and discovered her very important role.  If was from her, I was given the information on Boon Guides.  

She has remained a constant teacher and invaluable asset for my own growth.  I have a much more full relationship with her now than I did even then.  

What I love the most about the Boon Guides are their ability to protect and witness childhood traumas.  These are not beings who interfere, or change the course of human action, but they can hold us safely during even the most horrific of young events.  

-       In cases of childhood trauma including physical and sexual abuse, their silent witness can help us reclaim parts of ourselves, and our power, that we lost as children.

-      When Soul fragmentation occurs (where the a part of the soul runs away… very common in fact!), the Boon will make sure the "run-away" lands safely.  If we seek a soul retrieval, the Shaman may ask for the help of the Boon Guide to make sure the soul part is retrieved successfully.

-       For inner child work, we can ask for the assistance of our Boon Guide to remember events and circumstances that may be affecting us as adults.  

-       Psychologists and healers who assist their clients in recovering from childhood wounding can work with the Boon to facilitate more profound healing

Though we may "outgrow" our Invisible Friends, the protection and devotion of the Guide never really leaves us.  The love of our Boon Guides can be a powerful force as it the love that follows us from Source right into the center of our being.  

Wanna reconnect with your Boon Guide?  Listen to the mediation below and you can begin to rekindle this most magnificent alliance!

listen now :::


Friday, September 9, 2011

Why your reading may suck... and how to make sure it doesn't

“Oh, I’ve been to psychics before but no one can ever read me.”  Weekly I hear this from someone as a reason not to have a reading.  As a strong, clear, and ethical psychic in Colorado, I know I’m good at my job and sometimes take the fact that no one before has been able to read you as a challenge.  In the decade I’ve been doing readings, only once have I actually found this to be the case.  What I have found is that the only real reason for a block is fear … and a heart that needs a lil bit of lovin’.  

People who are resistant or doubtful of my abilities can be a wee bit challenging.  These are the people who invariably are looking for a reason I am wrong.  Perhaps I challenge their beliefs, or maybe they just fear their own truth, which inevitably wants to be shared.  Others may have a specific agenda and if I’m unable to pass their “tests” I must be a phony.  A client once asked me to replay the conversation she and her brother had in his last moments.  This does feel like a test and one I don’t choose to participate in.  The cool thing?  Even these readings are ultimately successful in receiving the information that needs to come through.

What I have found is one’s open heart is directly proportionate to how well the reading goes.  The woman who wants to simply confirm that her husband is cheating will only receive this from the reading.  While the man who is just in this “to see what happens,” with an open heart and curious mind, will likely have his reality shifted in the best of ways!

Even for the few who just sit down to a reading for kicks, I am damn good at what I do and can quickly convert you.  The dubious are often my biggest supporters in fact for they never though the psychic stuff was real anyway.  Ain’t surprises grand?

If you come in for a reading looking for a specific message, you may unknowingly block the most beautiful information that really wants to be shared.

Any and everyone can be read.  The power of information is indicative of the open-ness of your heart. 

To ensure your reading is grand…

-                   ~  Throw expectations out the window
-                   ~ Come with an open heart ready to receive what Spirit has to offer
-                   ~ Have questions written down so we can focus our energies best

Yup, that’s really it!  So rock on Spirit seekers and have fun along the way!  This is supposed to be enthralling after all. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Psychic Schmychic .... Client rights during a reading

When I first started doing psychic readings, my mom asked me if I was calling myself Madam Andye and using a crystal ball!  

Psychic conjures up all kinds of images of fakes and phonies for me.  It sounds so flipping airy fairy I want to kick myself everytime I present myself as a psychic.  We have so many forces working against us, some days it’s an uphill battle to introduce myself as a legitimate business woman.  Imagine the scoffs I get at professional networking events when I share what I do!

However, the bottom line is if you want to find a psychic – or someone who offers readings --  this is likely the word you will go looking for.  We (my colleagues and myself) have tried to come up with all kinds of terms to dance around psychic : intuitive, spiritual counselor, energetic healer, clairvoyant.  You name it, I’ve tried it—truly, look through a stack of my old business cards and you’ll find any number of these terms proudly printed. 

Call me what you will, I keep moving forward bringing the gift of my integrity to the masses.  I have to set an ethical standard and teach clients what a psychic should be offering them.  I work hard to legitimize my services and my industry so the healing we offer can one day be received as readily as chiropractic care (and they too had their own challenges with creating a place in healing!) 

Each time I sit down with a new client, I try to explain what they should expect of me or anyone like me. 

I have no doubts of my abilities and must move forward fearlessly.  If I wasn’t confident in my authenticity, I would never be able to fulfill the amazing tasks Spirit asks of me.  Call me what you will, I love my work and know I provide profound healings for people.    
I am not here to convince or prove to you what I do is real.  Rather I must quickly dismiss from you any resistance so I can be the powerful experience you paid for!  If you have found your way to me, I trust some part of you is ready for the information that is ready to be shared.  Once I share the magic piece that opens your heart, the most powerful transformative nature of a reading can then begin.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Re-Claiming your Power :: Explore your Curiosity!

By nature I’m a rather curious and playful being.  If something doesn’t inspire me, chances are I won’t do it.  Not out of selfishness but rather from a deep well of self love.  If I’m not in service to me, who the heck will be?

During session with clients, I often find myself over-excited.  Like an anxious puppy dog, I bounce and raise my voice to convey the heightened energy I feel over important points.  I try my best to share this and invite you in to feel the excitement as well.  

Do your thoughts continually come back to a topic—maybe the early history of Greece or even cooking a certain dish?  No matter how nagging or absurd, there is a reason you can’t get your mind off the idea.  

Any area where we have lingering curiosity, or even a hint of interest, usually holds for us something of great value!  Where there is curiosity, there is power!   It’s our job to explore the subject and reclaim our own forgotten knowledge.  We all have had many lives and celebrated great accomplishments!  This current life is one of mastery where we are invited and encouraged to actively remember where our expertise lies.   

Power is our gift from Spirit, and is never meant to be used as power over another.  Power is our greatest source of energy and helps us navigate life with ease.  

Excitement always shows us the area where our own “lost” power is!   Watch the video to find out how to restore your mastery and satisfy your itch of burning curiosity…  You owe it to yourself to reclaim your own wisdom, now~