Thursday, September 1, 2011

Re-Claiming your Power :: Explore your Curiosity!

By nature I’m a rather curious and playful being.  If something doesn’t inspire me, chances are I won’t do it.  Not out of selfishness but rather from a deep well of self love.  If I’m not in service to me, who the heck will be?

During session with clients, I often find myself over-excited.  Like an anxious puppy dog, I bounce and raise my voice to convey the heightened energy I feel over important points.  I try my best to share this and invite you in to feel the excitement as well.  

Do your thoughts continually come back to a topic—maybe the early history of Greece or even cooking a certain dish?  No matter how nagging or absurd, there is a reason you can’t get your mind off the idea.  

Any area where we have lingering curiosity, or even a hint of interest, usually holds for us something of great value!  Where there is curiosity, there is power!   It’s our job to explore the subject and reclaim our own forgotten knowledge.  We all have had many lives and celebrated great accomplishments!  This current life is one of mastery where we are invited and encouraged to actively remember where our expertise lies.   

Power is our gift from Spirit, and is never meant to be used as power over another.  Power is our greatest source of energy and helps us navigate life with ease.  

Excitement always shows us the area where our own “lost” power is!   Watch the video to find out how to restore your mastery and satisfy your itch of burning curiosity…  You owe it to yourself to reclaim your own wisdom, now~ 

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