Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the Commanding Energy of the Natural World

"We as healers are collectors of power."  The first time I heard this, I was both offended and dismissive.  I am an ethical and compassionate healer, kind to others, and humble in my role.  As our instructor continued, she explained the wise native medicine men and women knew above all else, they were gathering powers.  To claim anything less is naïve and dangerous.  The world of spirit sees us as powerful beings and if we don’t respect the gifts we’ve learned, earned and collected, we are vulnerable to these skills being taken and mis-used by spirits seeing us as weak and easily manipulated. 

This simple message truly rocked my world …and it took some time to accept and get used to.  I am so grateful for contemporary teachers who bestow upon us the ancient wisdom we sorely miss and have forgotten in our modern society; Without the benefit of literally sitting in a rainforest amongst my tribe with a weathered master shaman, I may have missed this invaluable lesson!

I recognize in my work I must be powerful --powerful enough my people trust in my abilities and powerful enough the Spirits obey my commands.  Spirits are by nature ...tricky!  Without the benefit of a body, they are able to bend, travel and behave in ways we cannot.  They can be many places at once; They can move through other dimensions, time and space; They can see and work in the invisible realms most of us have forgotten.  Very cool indeed but also in need of a director, or a master, they trust.
Relationships with Spirit are both a matter of trust and an earned respect.  I cannot call upon an Angel or Spirit Guide unless I have cultivated a relationship with the Being and proven myself pure of heart.  Many times, unknown Beings will offer their services and it's then my due diligence to examine the character and intention of the Being offering said services.  I don’t ask strangers for favors, in neither this physical realm nor the spiritual realm.  To me, this is just basic protocol, and to do otherwise, would be fool-hearty.

What's required of me in order to earn respect of the Spirits is not only focus but a willingness to be powerful.  The power I use is commanding.  We must be able to "command" Spirits in order to accomplish what is required.  Commanding is cooperative and creative, working WITH nature to effect change. 

Many of us may confuse command and demand.  Living in a demanding society, we are accustomed to the demands of others.  This is a crucial point I wish to bring Light.  "Demand" is forceful and implies a threat if the demand is not followed.  A command on the other hand requires an act of faith, trusting the command will be carried out.  A command has respect built in, whereas demands may take force or fear to execute.  The fundamental difference is the co-creative nature of a command. 

A command is not attached to an outcome nor does it involve ego.  I command because I believe in the wholeness, the perfection, the DIVINITY of my clients.  Energy simply needs to be moved.  A command also carries intention: “I command the issue blocking my client from being happy leave!”  This is in cooperation with a universe that is genuinely loving.  A command simply tells the energy I mean business.  And when asking Angels and Guides whom I have created relationships, my command is assuredly carried out.

As a natural healer, an energy worker --a shaman-- I must command energies in order to effect change on the physical level.  I've done my work and created the necessary relationships with the Spirit World knowing energy will be moved in this physical world.  If I don’t believe in what I am doing, neither will Spirit, nor will the energies of the body which make up the dis-ease.  Commanding earns respect and assures we are returned to our natural state of harmony and balance: It is YOUR BODY who chooses to heal ...I only create the optimal environment for it to do so.   A pretty dang cool trick when you think of it, but must be executed with pure intention and utmost respect.

Try your hand with commands and see if you can feel the difference.   But start slow, tiger, and make sure ego is removed so you can truly flow in the co-creative process of commanding energy gorgeously and gracefully ...they way we were intended!


  1. Beautiful and wonderful. Definitely an aspect of accountability within the healing realm. It is neither frivolous nor innocuous. The power lives deep within and I love connecting to it with you.

  2. I enjoyed reading this! Makes sense to me and you wrote clearly and beautifully per usual.