Tuesday, January 13, 2015

House & Land Clearings

Energetic InterventionsTM are intended to help families who are dealing with unsettling energies -- by helping families reclaim their home and their peace of mind, we move the energy from the home, when possible, and restore to the family calm and wholeness.   If you suspect activity in your home and want empowered next steps, Energetic InterventionsTM are offered to heal both Sides of the Veil. 

You may know them as ghosts, spirits, energy, dis-incarnates, or even entities, but the truth is:  Ghosts are people too ... just without their physical body!  Like us, they have a purpose to fulfill and a cycle to complete.  Being bound to the earth, they are unable to move forward to their Spirit home.  In the process, and their confusion, they can cause us to feel frightened, anxious, and confused ourselves.  Just as we people all need help from time to time, they too are in need of compassionate and loving assistance. 

Having a ghost in your home can be disruptive, aggravating, and even at times scary.  In all honesty, they'd probably rather be somewhere else getting on with their "life," and are usually acting up to get noticed!  They may be attached to your home, to your land, or even to a family member.  While TYPICALLY there is little to fear, we know how unnerving living with this situation can be to your family and your sanity.

I see this role largely as compassionate clearing.  We help the energy move to where they belong and clear from the families and home any residue from the encounter.  Ghosts are not bad, rather need to be reunited with the light as all beings of God do.    

As a child, Andye was frequently visited by ghosts.  Rarely frightened yet always surprised, Andye learned early on ways to help these souls get to the Other Side.  Psychopomp (literally translated as "soul conductor") is the ancient name for the individuals who undertake this important and sacred work.  This is not only a calling for Andye but a true passion.  Healing both the families and the trapped souls (the ghosts) is a special role indeed... and one Andye fulfills with great love and compassion. 

No home visit is required to help clear your home.  All services can be done long distance! 

Using my gifts as a medium and my training as a shaman, I can connect and clear the energies from my own office in Colorado. 

Not all homes need a clearing!  In some cases, the energy you feel are actually your own loving, trusted Spirit Guides dropping in to say "hello."  An Assessment can determine the nature of the energies with whom you may be sharing your home.

We understand this is a sensitive and unsettling time, and we will always exercise the utmost discretion and respect your confidentiality. 


Energetic Interventions are incredibly helpful for realtors who are motivated to sell a home.  From clearing the energy of the previous owners to calling in just the right set of buyers for your property, an Energetic Intervention may be the missing magic in your toolbox.  

Though no longer offered directly by Andye, we refer you to our family friend (and realtor) Micki Carwin for all house clearing services.  

Clients report feeling calmer, more serene and even more spacious.  In today's competitive marketplace, calling upon specialists who can see and work in the invisible realms is a boon to your savvy practices.  

For families moving into a new home, Micki offers house blessings for a smooth and easy transition.

These offerings are done with love and Light, under the blessing of our universal God(dess).  

Further information as well as rates can be found at our PeeksGroup website.  There you can also find information on identifying and raising Indigo & Crystal children.