Friday, February 26, 2010

Serendipity Abounds

I have been feeling really in the Divine Flow lately. Everyday feels sprinkled with fairy dust and each moment a gift from the bosom of the Great Mother. I know this is being aided by phenomenal acutonics treatments, the mojo of 2010, and these darned CieAura stickers.

I'm listening again to the Secret during my drive time and am feeling lifted. The information is not new, nor beautifully presented, but simply listening to content and words that make me feel good is in fact helping me feel great! It is so easy to step into the flow with positive thoughts, words, and actions.

The universe is an all loving place that supports our success and encourages our best. It is amazing to see what comes into being when you can shift into seeing the world as a force conspiring FOR us rather than against us.

One way Spirit is able to connect with us is through coincidences, or serendipitous events. There is in fact no random chance to these wonderful little gifts. Instead synchronicity was built into the system to confirm we are on the right path, kind of like a cosmic cheerleader, throwing a confirmation in our path just when we need it.

A few ways serendipity found me this week:

* On Wednesday, I posted a blog called Breakfast With the Gods. Today I receive an email from the World Puja (an online radio station dedicated to all matters spiritual) entitled... you guessed it... "Breakfast with God."

* I was speaking with a new friend about Sonia Choquette and I both hailing from Chicago. As we were talking, a client was posting a note about PeeKS Group, our support group for psychic kids and teens, on Sonia's FaceBook page.

* I have been seeking a hypnotherapist who can assist me in past life recall. This week, I met 3 talented professionals who are trained in this arena.

* As I was finishing an email to my Mother in Law, a woman by the same name walked into my office

* At breakfast, my hubby's name (Gavin) was called for his table reservation. It wasn't us, but another family by the same name. Immediately after they were seated, Andrea -- my birth name-- was called. Again, this wasn't our table but another waiting couple. As we were finally seated after those two Gavin and Andreas, another "Andrea" was called.

None of these are monumental, life changing coincidences, but rather small things, in uncanny frequency, reminding me I am just where I need to be.

Thank you Angels and I'm listening! I hope you too can find your own flow and count the blessings thrown your way each day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Breakfast with the Gods

The other day, our 2 year old daughter took Ganesh from his "throne" by our front door and brought him to the table. She took off her bib, placed it on him and began to place food at his feet, sharing her breakfast of eggs and bagel with Him.

Her simple yet loving action moved me completely. At 2, she knows what the rest of us may spend a lifetime to remember:

The Divine is not separate from us, nor is it something that requires worship. Connection with the Divine is inherent in all we do and always easily accessible.

Ganesh is a powerful Indian Deity who is revered as the Remover of Obstacles. His elephant head makes Him easily identifiable and speaks to his nature as a powerful energy, for who can stop a moving elephant? Call upon Ganesh when starting new projects or when you could use help facing something challenging in your life. He will clear the path ensuring success and prosperity.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Always Areas for Growth

Journey Books (where I am the in-house psychic 1 day a week) had a psychic fair today. Stopping by to visit and receive some guidance myself, I had 2 people ask for readings with me. This is exciting as I have been doing sessions privately (from my home for the past 6 years!) it's nice to be embraced so readily when I do step outside my comfort zone.

I had an amazing astrological consult with a gifted man named Roy Neal- and boy did he have a ton to share! With great career opportunities, financial flow and some areas I still need to address for my own growth, it's always so powerful to have a map drawn out to help support me on my journey. I left feeling inspired and enthused about the unfolding of the coming year.

On my drive, I called a friend and colleague to get her feedback from trying CieAura on her family and clients. She had tried them herself with stunning results and was eager to share them with her sweetie. She had done her due diligence (Google!) and her exuberance had diminished significantly. Her research had discovered the founder to be involved in other "scam type" companies in the past. My heart sank as I realized this will be a reality I must face when sharing this product.

When I started my own explorations, I asked for guidance around this. What if it is just a sticker!?! Am I a lemming to so readily believe this holographic chip can bring such positive results?

Fortunately, I was told by my trusted Angelic Helpers it really doesn't matter-- people can and are being helped. People are feeling better and that's the bottom-line! People are changing their lives. So, is this really just a placebo effect? I believe NOT; however, even if it was ... who cares! The truth is: Many people are feeling better, and CieAura is assisting us in restoring our own natural abilities to heal ourselves.

So, rather than getting wrapped up in the online hype (both good and bad are out there for those looking!), I choose instead to ask: "Do you feel better when wearing it?" Your reality is shaped by direct experience and in the end, as we create new ways in the New Earth, this will be all that matters anyway.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Breathing Love into 2012

My thoughts on 2012 have shifted drastically over the last few months. Where once I thought the foretold devastation unavoidable, I now only feel hope that we can affect positive change. If enough people are breathing and believing fear into an event, it will likely play out just as we create it. If however, enough of us believe in the good, I know we can affect the Divine Plan for the better. Is this going against the Divine Blueprint then? Of course not for we always have free will and can send love into anything. If an event is inevitable, it still may be so but with a lesser intensity than it may have been without our love, light and prayers.

It may seem I have my head in the clouds or have been watching too much Care Bears with my beloved toddler, but Angelic sources assure me, we as humans, as co-creators of the Earth, have a great impact on how events unfold.

I stopped buying into anything that filled me with fear or even anything that makes me anything less than joyful. We disconnected our cable and are now free to watch and fill our free time with shows and stories that uplift our family. This has brought me much more peace and optimism than I could have ever imagined.

I did see a movie sometime back and saw a preview for the film 2012, I could feel the theater become tense at the frightening scenes and music that filled the screen. From my seat, I sent out prayers of light assuring those around me that this was simply a Hollywood version of 2012 and there is nothing to fear. The mood lightened and I trust I was able to affect some relief to those around me.

As we near 2012 and other events that fill us with dread, I hope we can all choose to breathe life into the goodness and blessings rather than the fear. We are the Stewards of the New Earth and it will be up to us how we arrive there!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why so Rock 'n Roll?

I realize the term Rock 'n Roll Shaman may be misinterpreted. Do I think I'm a rock star? Am I so egotastic that I think the term Rock 'n Roll encompasses my greatness? Anyone who knows me well will be guffawing by now.

I chose this title for not only my deep love of music but also for the ability of music to be the great transcend-er, the essence of spirit and presence. A single note can bring us into the Now and suspend us there forever. I am a Rock 'n Roll Shaman not because I rock but because of how it makes me roll.... roll into oneness and transport me into the spiritual realms we as shamans walk.

Music has a way of capturing a moment like amber! Anytime you hear the song it brings you back to a singular memory. Hitler knew its power (as did Wagner) to move beyond words to incite a feeling as real and raw as any we can experience on our own. When in the wrong hands (as with any powerful tool) it can be used to orchestrate disaster, but when used as intended-- to touch the Divine-- anything is truly possible.

I began scribbling out some thoughts on my Rock 'n Roll brand of shamanism and an amazing healing occurred for my handsome hubby. With Pandora (the Faith No More station, specifically) on on the background, I began receiving guidance on his road map to health and wealth. He too is an intense music lover so for us to be able to step into this divine flow together was a sacred treat.

For years he has been asking for very clear and obvious signs of his next steps. We began chatting, him being honestly aware of the reality he has created, when the songs began to answer us back. TEN songs in a row from Metallica to Stone Temple Pilots to Tool each played a piece, giving me the questions to ask (through the lyrics) and allowing him a chance to see things in ways he hadn't before.

After our 90 minute rockin' healing, we looked back over this adventure. We laughed and cried heartily. It was beyond uncanny, beyond weird, beyond wild-- it was his perfect manifestation of clear answers. It was his answer from the Divine he had asked for so many years. They gave him a Road Map showing him concretely the next steps to live his life in alignment with his highest aspirations and dreams. (Pandora backward - A ROaD MAP, mere coincidence? ...btw it never is... coincidences are a direct sign from the Heavens, a hands on method to communicate with us silly humans.)

This morning we awoke still giddy at our experience and without words to capture the awe and gratitude of this gift.

I said before I think Pandora is a great gadget. But er, um, I must now revise that... With the right guide, a Rock N Roll shaman perchance, Pandora can be a tool of divine insight.

Spirit is easily able to put songs on our radio and iPods at just the right moment. I'm sure if you think back you can remember a time when this happened to you. Not just during times of heartbreak listening to Journey non-stop (:-) but anytime we need clear guidance from our Angels and Spirit Helpers. Music (and the right song at the right time) is a "tool" I have worked with for years and trusted as a direct connection to the other side. Coupled with Pandora and our own budding abilities of manifestation, nothing less than the miraculous is possible through healing and music.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

2010 Pregnant with Possibilities

My dear friend gave birth to a handsome lil fella this week. I felt all week how powerful the energies were. Only now in taking my full week into perspective, I realize the blessing that Mother Brigit (Goddess of Fire and the exalted one for Imbolc) brought to us all. As the bringer of transformation, the holder of truth, and the keeper of abundance it makes perfect sense She would bring such magic!

2010 does feel this way to me... every step I take and with each breath I breathe, I feel supported, courageous, and grateful. Never have I experienced such bliss by simply being. I know this is not my gift alone but is the blessing of 2010-- the year for manifestations, for magic, and for limitless possibilities. We are indeed the stewards of the New Earth and its up to us what we want to create in our new reality.

I've been reading a great book by Stuart Wilson and Joann Prentiss. I have LOVED their work with the Essences and was led to their latest called Beyond Limitations: The Power of Conscious Co-Creation. It offers step by step instructions on manifestation and sets up the "rules" of the universe from the Angels themselves. They too are ready for our New Earth and are offering to help us whenever we ask.

Set an intention for yourself today and watch it magically come to you. It is a powerful tool that leaves me in constant awe.

If you need help tapping into the mystery, my intuitive consultations can help you reconnect with you own innate gifts too. You have all the power but sometimes we all can use some help remembering! 2010 is ready for us to remember our greatness and to bring into our world abundant love and joy.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ahhh Frusciante

We've been enjoying the ease of technology in so many ways. Today Pandora stole my heart with its sundry interpretations of John Frusicante. Do they think him a mere singer songwriter? Yes I can see the Beatles, Radiohead, and even Beck connection but John Hiatt??? Surely that must be some computer glitch. I guess it just goes to show no matter how much technology may improve our lives it will never understand genius... or beauty... or love. So here's to love and John Frusciante and to computers still being computers!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reaching the New Earth

We have been prepping ourselves for some time for a new reality, a new way of being and doing in the world. While it feels that it's finally close some days are more inspired than others.

I have been working with ArchAngel Metatron on a new project I'm excited to share. I've been writing for days straight and just when I think I'm done, he comes with more guidance that must be captured on paper. These are the days we clear our schedule and let the Divine speak. Afterall, isn't that what we're here for-- to feel more connected to Source, to feel love coursing through our veins, and to recognize how little it is really us (ego "us") at all.

So while my daughter waits patiently while Mama tries to finish just this sentence, Metatron whispers more and more about how truly blessed we all are every moment of every day. The more we can step into the gratitude, the more we are one with the Gods.