Saturday, February 13, 2010

Breathing Love into 2012

My thoughts on 2012 have shifted drastically over the last few months. Where once I thought the foretold devastation unavoidable, I now only feel hope that we can affect positive change. If enough people are breathing and believing fear into an event, it will likely play out just as we create it. If however, enough of us believe in the good, I know we can affect the Divine Plan for the better. Is this going against the Divine Blueprint then? Of course not for we always have free will and can send love into anything. If an event is inevitable, it still may be so but with a lesser intensity than it may have been without our love, light and prayers.

It may seem I have my head in the clouds or have been watching too much Care Bears with my beloved toddler, but Angelic sources assure me, we as humans, as co-creators of the Earth, have a great impact on how events unfold.

I stopped buying into anything that filled me with fear or even anything that makes me anything less than joyful. We disconnected our cable and are now free to watch and fill our free time with shows and stories that uplift our family. This has brought me much more peace and optimism than I could have ever imagined.

I did see a movie sometime back and saw a preview for the film 2012, I could feel the theater become tense at the frightening scenes and music that filled the screen. From my seat, I sent out prayers of light assuring those around me that this was simply a Hollywood version of 2012 and there is nothing to fear. The mood lightened and I trust I was able to affect some relief to those around me.

As we near 2012 and other events that fill us with dread, I hope we can all choose to breathe life into the goodness and blessings rather than the fear. We are the Stewards of the New Earth and it will be up to us how we arrive there!

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