Friday, February 26, 2010

Serendipity Abounds

I have been feeling really in the Divine Flow lately. Everyday feels sprinkled with fairy dust and each moment a gift from the bosom of the Great Mother. I know this is being aided by phenomenal acutonics treatments, the mojo of 2010, and these darned CieAura stickers.

I'm listening again to the Secret during my drive time and am feeling lifted. The information is not new, nor beautifully presented, but simply listening to content and words that make me feel good is in fact helping me feel great! It is so easy to step into the flow with positive thoughts, words, and actions.

The universe is an all loving place that supports our success and encourages our best. It is amazing to see what comes into being when you can shift into seeing the world as a force conspiring FOR us rather than against us.

One way Spirit is able to connect with us is through coincidences, or serendipitous events. There is in fact no random chance to these wonderful little gifts. Instead synchronicity was built into the system to confirm we are on the right path, kind of like a cosmic cheerleader, throwing a confirmation in our path just when we need it.

A few ways serendipity found me this week:

* On Wednesday, I posted a blog called Breakfast With the Gods. Today I receive an email from the World Puja (an online radio station dedicated to all matters spiritual) entitled... you guessed it... "Breakfast with God."

* I was speaking with a new friend about Sonia Choquette and I both hailing from Chicago. As we were talking, a client was posting a note about PeeKS Group, our support group for psychic kids and teens, on Sonia's FaceBook page.

* I have been seeking a hypnotherapist who can assist me in past life recall. This week, I met 3 talented professionals who are trained in this arena.

* As I was finishing an email to my Mother in Law, a woman by the same name walked into my office

* At breakfast, my hubby's name (Gavin) was called for his table reservation. It wasn't us, but another family by the same name. Immediately after they were seated, Andrea -- my birth name-- was called. Again, this wasn't our table but another waiting couple. As we were finally seated after those two Gavin and Andreas, another "Andrea" was called.

None of these are monumental, life changing coincidences, but rather small things, in uncanny frequency, reminding me I am just where I need to be.

Thank you Angels and I'm listening! I hope you too can find your own flow and count the blessings thrown your way each day.

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