Saturday, February 20, 2010

Always Areas for Growth

Journey Books (where I am the in-house psychic 1 day a week) had a psychic fair today. Stopping by to visit and receive some guidance myself, I had 2 people ask for readings with me. This is exciting as I have been doing sessions privately (from my home for the past 6 years!) it's nice to be embraced so readily when I do step outside my comfort zone.

I had an amazing astrological consult with a gifted man named Roy Neal- and boy did he have a ton to share! With great career opportunities, financial flow and some areas I still need to address for my own growth, it's always so powerful to have a map drawn out to help support me on my journey. I left feeling inspired and enthused about the unfolding of the coming year.

On my drive, I called a friend and colleague to get her feedback from trying CieAura on her family and clients. She had tried them herself with stunning results and was eager to share them with her sweetie. She had done her due diligence (Google!) and her exuberance had diminished significantly. Her research had discovered the founder to be involved in other "scam type" companies in the past. My heart sank as I realized this will be a reality I must face when sharing this product.

When I started my own explorations, I asked for guidance around this. What if it is just a sticker!?! Am I a lemming to so readily believe this holographic chip can bring such positive results?

Fortunately, I was told by my trusted Angelic Helpers it really doesn't matter-- people can and are being helped. People are feeling better and that's the bottom-line! People are changing their lives. So, is this really just a placebo effect? I believe NOT; however, even if it was ... who cares! The truth is: Many people are feeling better, and CieAura is assisting us in restoring our own natural abilities to heal ourselves.

So, rather than getting wrapped up in the online hype (both good and bad are out there for those looking!), I choose instead to ask: "Do you feel better when wearing it?" Your reality is shaped by direct experience and in the end, as we create new ways in the New Earth, this will be all that matters anyway.

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