Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reaching the New Earth

We have been prepping ourselves for some time for a new reality, a new way of being and doing in the world. While it feels that it's finally close some days are more inspired than others.

I have been working with ArchAngel Metatron on a new project I'm excited to share. I've been writing for days straight and just when I think I'm done, he comes with more guidance that must be captured on paper. These are the days we clear our schedule and let the Divine speak. Afterall, isn't that what we're here for-- to feel more connected to Source, to feel love coursing through our veins, and to recognize how little it is really us (ego "us") at all.

So while my daughter waits patiently while Mama tries to finish just this sentence, Metatron whispers more and more about how truly blessed we all are every moment of every day. The more we can step into the gratitude, the more we are one with the Gods.

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