Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why so Rock 'n Roll?

I realize the term Rock 'n Roll Shaman may be misinterpreted. Do I think I'm a rock star? Am I so egotastic that I think the term Rock 'n Roll encompasses my greatness? Anyone who knows me well will be guffawing by now.

I chose this title for not only my deep love of music but also for the ability of music to be the great transcend-er, the essence of spirit and presence. A single note can bring us into the Now and suspend us there forever. I am a Rock 'n Roll Shaman not because I rock but because of how it makes me roll.... roll into oneness and transport me into the spiritual realms we as shamans walk.

Music has a way of capturing a moment like amber! Anytime you hear the song it brings you back to a singular memory. Hitler knew its power (as did Wagner) to move beyond words to incite a feeling as real and raw as any we can experience on our own. When in the wrong hands (as with any powerful tool) it can be used to orchestrate disaster, but when used as intended-- to touch the Divine-- anything is truly possible.

I began scribbling out some thoughts on my Rock 'n Roll brand of shamanism and an amazing healing occurred for my handsome hubby. With Pandora (the Faith No More station, specifically) on on the background, I began receiving guidance on his road map to health and wealth. He too is an intense music lover so for us to be able to step into this divine flow together was a sacred treat.

For years he has been asking for very clear and obvious signs of his next steps. We began chatting, him being honestly aware of the reality he has created, when the songs began to answer us back. TEN songs in a row from Metallica to Stone Temple Pilots to Tool each played a piece, giving me the questions to ask (through the lyrics) and allowing him a chance to see things in ways he hadn't before.

After our 90 minute rockin' healing, we looked back over this adventure. We laughed and cried heartily. It was beyond uncanny, beyond weird, beyond wild-- it was his perfect manifestation of clear answers. It was his answer from the Divine he had asked for so many years. They gave him a Road Map showing him concretely the next steps to live his life in alignment with his highest aspirations and dreams. (Pandora backward - A ROaD MAP, mere coincidence? ...btw it never is... coincidences are a direct sign from the Heavens, a hands on method to communicate with us silly humans.)

This morning we awoke still giddy at our experience and without words to capture the awe and gratitude of this gift.

I said before I think Pandora is a great gadget. But er, um, I must now revise that... With the right guide, a Rock N Roll shaman perchance, Pandora can be a tool of divine insight.

Spirit is easily able to put songs on our radio and iPods at just the right moment. I'm sure if you think back you can remember a time when this happened to you. Not just during times of heartbreak listening to Journey non-stop (:-) but anytime we need clear guidance from our Angels and Spirit Helpers. Music (and the right song at the right time) is a "tool" I have worked with for years and trusted as a direct connection to the other side. Coupled with Pandora and our own budding abilities of manifestation, nothing less than the miraculous is possible through healing and music.

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