Saturday, February 6, 2010

2010 Pregnant with Possibilities

My dear friend gave birth to a handsome lil fella this week. I felt all week how powerful the energies were. Only now in taking my full week into perspective, I realize the blessing that Mother Brigit (Goddess of Fire and the exalted one for Imbolc) brought to us all. As the bringer of transformation, the holder of truth, and the keeper of abundance it makes perfect sense She would bring such magic!

2010 does feel this way to me... every step I take and with each breath I breathe, I feel supported, courageous, and grateful. Never have I experienced such bliss by simply being. I know this is not my gift alone but is the blessing of 2010-- the year for manifestations, for magic, and for limitless possibilities. We are indeed the stewards of the New Earth and its up to us what we want to create in our new reality.

I've been reading a great book by Stuart Wilson and Joann Prentiss. I have LOVED their work with the Essences and was led to their latest called Beyond Limitations: The Power of Conscious Co-Creation. It offers step by step instructions on manifestation and sets up the "rules" of the universe from the Angels themselves. They too are ready for our New Earth and are offering to help us whenever we ask.

Set an intention for yourself today and watch it magically come to you. It is a powerful tool that leaves me in constant awe.

If you need help tapping into the mystery, my intuitive consultations can help you reconnect with you own innate gifts too. You have all the power but sometimes we all can use some help remembering! 2010 is ready for us to remember our greatness and to bring into our world abundant love and joy.

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