Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Moon of June

The celestial bodies have been busy this summer preparing us for shifts on nearly every front... personal, political, financial... in just about every corner of the globe we can see upheaval at hand. In this year if the snake, we should be ready for miracles and embrace the changes that help us polish our rough edges.

May brought us a Super Moon completing a 3 eclipse phase that may have left us a bit exhausted and a lot exhilarated. (Super moons are moons that appear larger as they are closer to the earth.)  Change is never a comfortable process... But inevitable and welcome once we can see it clearly from the other side. May brought up to the surface many deep issues personally, while politically this spirit was inspiring the revolutions in Turkey and protests in Brazil and the NSA surveillance "policies" unearthed here in the states.  Some may even suggest Edward Snowden was inspired and supported by these galactic energies. 

The June solstice welcoming summer (on the 21st) is followed by a full moon (a Super Moon) on Sunday June 23rd.  The moon moves into the sign of Cancer (birth sign of yours truly :-) and can feel intensively emotional!

We can expect more shifts in consciousness and personal awareness. We are being asked to re-examine beliefs, the underlying motivations of why we do what we do. When we find the answers to these fundamental questions, we can align ourselves in ways that are in support of our soul evolution.

Awareness is truly our greatest strength and understanding within ourselves why we do what we do. When motivation can line up with beliefs and integrity is found, perfect flow is inevitable. We are fulfilling what we came here as souls to do and we will be supported in all ways.

When we are mindless and go through the motions, we can easily find ourselves feeling frustrated, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled.

The super moon is not a rallying cry to tear down institutions, but it may feel like it. Instead appreciate her magnificent glow, dance in the moonlight and allow your highest truth to rise to the surface... and embrace it, darnnit!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Boundaries, the ultimate act of Self Love

At the end of a reading, a client gently asked if there was anything else she needed to know... a seemingly simple question... and this came through.  I happily share with her permission!

"Boundaries are an act of self love.  An act of valuing oneself over the perceived inconvenience you may cause another.  when you choose not to set boundaries, you tell the universe that you (your time, your feelings, etc) don't matter.  the other person is therefore more "important" than you.  

In the universe of co-creation, each time we slight ourselves we deny our participation in an unfolding universe.  We are not important, we are not co creators and the universe cannot honor what we ask of it for we are not honoring it within ourselves.  

You know and have the tools but don't exercise them preferring to make yourself uncomfortable instead.  

We seem to think boundaries may hurt or offend the other.  when in fact it is us who are inconvenienced.  some may choose to disregard the boundaries you set, and these energies then become clear thorns that need to be pruned from the garden of your life.  

Boundaries are not rude, they are acts of protection and honor of self.  They are self love and can be exercised in a way that shows the universe and the other person, that we value and love ourselves.  Each time we do this, we can teach the others too as well." 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Finding our way to divine timing

Divine timing :  all things come in exactly the right time and unfold on a natural schedule in alignment with God's plan.  This comes for some as a test of faith and for others a cosmic joke. I've never lacked the faith, but until recently, haven't been able to see how this "divine timing" thing worked out in my own life.

The triple eclipses of May and June stirred up big behemoth energy for us all. Our ugliest of uglies rose to the surface for healing. This was not a comfortable transition, but invigorating, once we arrived on the other side.

I have been eating clean, using only chemical free products in my home and on my person and began juicing daily. I never imagined myself to be able to achieve these milestones which once seemed so unattainable. No dairy, no wheat, and only lean proteins.... This from a chocolate (and all things ham!) lover. I never thought this to be something I strived for much less accomplished.

I recall reading years ago a Doreen Virtue book where she mentioned a similar shift in her daily habits. At the time I found it farcical... A cool possibility yet far removed from my reality.

To be living it is rather miraculous feeling as it required nothing more from me but seeing the shift and following it. I am proud of myself, yes. But I am shocked by how little effort and self restraint it's required. The energy shifted, my path was clear and viola! I haven't craved coffee or sweets in nearly 2 weeks.  I have felt supported, lifted and energized in my choices without any concern for lack or loss.  Wild and wonderful indeed!

This isn't a hip hip hooray for me, it's a cheer of support for us all. Our angels and spirit guides are now coming in the most profound of ways... Supporting us in making drastic changes in those area of our lives which seem mundane and ingrained at the same time. My challenge was food, yours may be something entirely different.

To step into the flow of divine timing requires awareness and flexibility.  If you're challenged, look for those places that you keep getting stuck and ask for help. Your gifted Spirit Helpers are on the ready! When the time is right, something will just click into place and a clarity will arise.

So if everything isn't lined up and ready for you when you want it to be... go easy on yourself and be proud for simply being on the planet. Life is tricky now and to even stay committed to being alive deserves to be heralded.

If you find yourself getting stuck or looping in the same places and are beginning to tire of it, watch for the patterns.... They are the breadcrumbs that show you what is keeping you blocked.

There is nothing divine in time after all (for in the cosmos time doesn't even exist) so stay in the flow of this miraculous dance and enjoy every lil miracle along the way.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Getting the Most from a Psychic Fair

Psychic fairs can be fun and exciting!  In fact I've met some inspiring people and received life enhancing messages this way.  But, it can also be a energetic overload...  I'm grateful to have been on both sides of the table and always try to empower people with the information that allows the experience to be as magical as it can be.  

Just as all salesmen aren't in integrity, not all psychics are either.  We are gifted with extra sensory awareness and while that should come with a code of ethics, it does not.    Each psychic finds his or her own way and develops the toolset and techniques that serve them best in this world.  You likely screen and filter healthcare providers and so too must you use discretion in choosing a psychic.  The fairs don't always allow you the time to use this process.

We all get nervous and excited with so much energy flying around.  When I get readings in this environment I still get the jitters...  What I've learned is to not take it all in as my truth. If I do believe the insight they share, especially those messages which might cause me to feel badly about myself, I must evaluate whether the information was true for me.  When it is, rock the heck on and our lives can be enhanced by such loving and accurate wisdom.  When we later discover said nuggets to be untrue,  I have to work doubly hard to remove release and purge this information from mind and body.  We are open and vulnerable lil beings, and like water must be clean.   Yech!  

I'm open and want to believe that everyone works in my same vein of ethics.  It's sadly not true, so I've instead  learned to receive with gratitude and later review the messages.  Those that feel right and beneficial (if even unpleasant or hard to swallow) I allow myself to incorporate and work with. 

In these busy hectic places, psychics are salesmen trying to recoup their investment and build their business.  Being aware and savvy is always a good start.  Here's a few more tips....

-breathe and ground yourself before going to the fair.  Don't be too open but do be curious and in a space of love

- walk the room first. Look for the reader who jumps out and make you feel excited. 

- be in your power, exude grace and excitement!   Desperation energy is easily felt and the less reputable healers may take advantage of your vulnerability and convince you that you need them.  (I've fallen into this trap and felt like such a sap after... we all want to be seen and feel special, sometimes in these environments this desire isn't working in our favor).  

- be in your heart during the reading but put all the messages into a bubble or treasure chest outside of you.  

-not all messages are accurate (psychics are people too and after 2 days of 8 hours of readings, they may not be at the top of their game)

- after the event, review the messages and inspiration,  keep what feels right to you and discard the rest

- go through the cards you gathered and see who still jumps out for you.... These would be the people you may want to work with in the future