Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Living by the Moon

I've been paying attention to the moon more.  

Noting carefully the nights of the new and full. Researching, studying and meditating with each so I may begin to feel the cycles within my body. This simple awareness has enlivened in me ancient feelings, stirrings and connections I have long craved but have gone unnamed.

I've become protective of my time in ritual, scheduling social activities around it and guarding fiercely my need to be with the Mother Moon.

On full moons, I prepare a jug of water which I will imbibe throughout the month. I clear my crystals, pray over the water and give thanks for the blessings as I am called.

On the new moon, I cry and bathe myself. Releasing any distress from the cycle and create what it is I desire to manifest in the coming month.

Simple, quiet and deeply personal, I am so in love with our dances together.  Finding this rhythm has put me in communion with the Feminine Divine, feeling her express and breathe through me.  I am home again.  

We have opened our healing circle so that we many be in service to others, as we have been asked by Spirit. Monthly we invite beloveds into our sacred space and bring through the healing we are lead. Each cycle is different and preparation distinct. Crystals, music, singing bowls and the circle are all prepped overnight and blessed by the grace of each full moon.

We never quite know what we are walking into, what has been created, and what will transpire. I find myself in trance most of the session and can scarcely remember what it was that occurred.

I do know lives are blessed and changed. This time in ceremony is so ancient, so honored, it is far beyond my capacity to understand how.

Dance with us again, dear heart, whether in private consecration or amongst the beauty of those who can see you, we all are sharing the moon times together wherever we may be.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Psychopomp

I sling this word around my office with great glee.  For me, upon first hearing the word, something lit up in my soul.  I felt like I was being called and for the first time knew what to label myself.

Psychopomps are the Soul Conductors ensuring souls get from our world to the next.

We come in all shapes and sizes... tending family member, hospice nurse, CT scan tech, ghost hunter, medium, shaman and so very many spaces in between.

I am most often called into service to help the Soul navigate the death realms... this is something I trained in in other lives that is still stored within me.  I don't often know I'm being a guide, but will sometimes feel drains on my energy that remind me I'm being useful to those who need it.  

Other times, I act as medium, delivering messages across the veil.

Truth be told, I have never seen a physical death.  It's not my role and rather I am in absolute awe of those who get to bear witness every day.  What a gift to be honored as the one to hold them in thier last breath...to be trusted in that moment as the last one to see them in this form.  Ahhhhhh.  

If we don't know that we are actively in this role, we can get tired, experience unexplained grumpiness (even depression), irrational irritation and may just "not feel like ourselves."  Knowing how to assist these souls and how to restore our own reserves is the magic key!  I am passionate about sharing these techniques so we can more effectively fulfill our ancient call AND live a fulfilling life of our own choosing!

I host a workshop just for us... helping us embrace the role and assist on whichever side we are needed.  If you wanna join us, check out the Classes to see when the next one will be offered.

For those more deeply called, formal training may be the way to go.  

Not sure if you may be a psychopomp?  Take the quiz to find out!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Deaths we Live, the eve of the Blood Moon

We all seem to collectively hold our breath when we speak about death... as if not to offend or attract it.  I find this taboo bizarre and have spoken much about shifting our perception.

What we don't always acknowledge are the little deaths, the deaths we live everyday.  Not just in the loss of a family member, but the loss of a job, a relationship, a phase of life, outgrowing of friends and so on.  

If we could remember these too are deaths, change of energy from one form to another, we might embrace more ways to normalize the Big One.

Every transition is a death of something.  Every sickness is our body killing off something.  These are not morbid thoughts, simply other ways we can embrace this weird energy transference that we put so much fear and so little actual energy in.  

As the Blood Moon is upon us, it a time to release big old energies that may be clogging our energetic channels.  This specific Moon also brings a total Eclipse in Aries & Libra.... holding both Sacred Masculine & Feminine Divine energies of transformation.  Astrologer Divine Harmony suggests this Moon is

"bringing a huge focus to the endings, changes, transformations, death and rebirth experiences playing out in the collective masculine/feminine dynamic and in relationships of all kinds."

Being in Mercury Retrograde, this is not a time to react, nor to move, but instead to step back and go within to see what we can do (and who can be) differently.  Much will be stirred up within you and rather than resisting or even stuffing what fires are lit inside you, choose how to direct these flames to burn up what isn't working.  

I always welcome some intensity in my healing and this Blood Moon feels just the potent mix for some focused and powerful healing.

We offer our Sacred Circle on full moon Sundays for both local and long distance participation.  If we can support you in harnessing these masterful teaching forces, raising your vibration or shucking off the next layer, please join us!  

Friday, September 12, 2014

Commitment of Service

I give all of myself to you in session.  I cry with you, laugh with you, heal with you, love you!  Is a privilege and a gift to share in this intimate space.   To share in such profoundly personal spaces is precious and it's an honor I hold very sincerely in highest integrity. 

To see your soul -- your Divine Self-- if even for a moment, is no casual encounter.  I do not desire to tell you what to do, nor how to do, simply to reflect back to you the very best of yourself and to inspire the courage within you to Be-Come it!  I don't believe in fortune telling, I only believe in YOU!

Those who find me, are guided to me, and entrust me to see them in these moments, I receive as a blessing from God.  A blessing that I can love, hold and honor you, and that the work we do here helps you deeply.  I am daily humbled by what I see in you and, with great gratitude, I'm allowed by Spirit to do it another day.  

I have clear ceremony in place which allows me to give all of myself to you while in session and then I cut cords after.  I work in the Light and Serve the Light.  I am clear in my ethics and hyper vigilant in my energetic boundaries.  This allows me to be in highest service and ensure you can get from me what you need ... if I am the one to whom you've been lead.  

I am not here to carry, coddle or wallow with you.  It is in this way that I am able to be and do more of what you need.  Because I am clear in how much I can do for you... and what you must do for yourself.  

Many people are able to get what they need in one session.  Those who return however share a different space in my heart.  I live with you, love with you, hold and cherish you.  I adore these Souls whom I am honored to work with throughout your journey.  

I am also protective of who does make it into my heart.  I have limitless love, compassion and respect for those who can truly dig in, stand in their truth and do their work.  Continued work together is a privilege earned, not simply bought.  It is these beloveds who inspire my best, and together our work changes the world.

When one person can stand in their light, the world benefits.  When we all can to do this, the world CHANGES!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Do you have any openings today?

At least once a week, someone is really quite urgent that they need a session sooner than my schedule allows.  In the past, I have busted my booty to make this happen for ya.  I love you and want you to get what you need.  But even my desire to please and serve is not really supporting you to your own fullest potential.  I'm learning this gradually and was asked to share this.  

I typically book 2-3 weeks out.  Rather than this experiencing this as an irritation, Archangel Michael instead suggests this is optimal, Divine Timing, even.  

If you feel like you need a reading right away, you are likely feeling much pressure and anxiety.  You are ready to let someone else "coach" you through a situation rather than relying on your own intuition, knowing and inner guidance.  It's essentially a way of you giving away your power.  

We can be here on the flip side to reassure, soothe and heal.  But free will and all...  The pressure is merely a symptom, not your truth.

Take the time to find within yourself what you need and really want.  We are all connected to these deep spaces of knowing within.  Your inability to get into a psychic, healer, or life coach right away is likely your Guides desiring to teach you to rely a little more on them directly.  

In the past month, I've had clients:
- laid off the day before our session
- served divorce papers (out of the blue) the weekend before our appointment
- whose friend was in a coma and choosing to pass as we spoke.  

None of these loves booked at the last minute, but rather, weeks in advance.  Their Angels and Guides had lead them to schedule as a place of solace and comfort in anticipation of what was to come.  And they were so much stronger having walked through the rough patches on their own... knowing they were quietly being held the whole time.  

For me, even telling you to wait, can feel like I'm letting you down.   But I try and remember this is not my plan, not your plan, and that we are being cradled and tended by the Divine.  And of that Divine Order, I am merely a messenger.  

If there is truly an immediate need, Spirit will find a way via a cancellation or another sign just for you.  Rest assured, beloved, they are there and in devotion!

I look forward to serving however and whenever is of highest service for your Soul.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Truth is Subjective ... as our Awareness Expands

As healers we are always in a process of renewal, of research, and of growth.  I am dubious of any healer or teacher whose methods remain fixed.  It is that moment, Ego takes over and the healer is more concerned about how the changes may impact his/her legacy more than honoring Truth.

I love my own growth and frequently find ideas I once held dear, do indeed shift over time.  I'm ok being wrong and recognize what I knew to be "true" 2 years or even 2 weeks ago may change.

Take the theories of Rudolf Steiner, for example.  Plenty of people have used his ideas and created schools, religions, and even businesses around them.  Rudolf channeled in for me once during a session.  He was frustrated that his teachings were being taken so literally... he equated them to being trapped in amber and instead insisted ideas (and even manifestos!) must grow and adapt to current times.

I inquired with Spirit on this changing Truth and was heartened to be reassured.  

For me it can feel a little insincere or unprofessional even (silly brain) that what I thought I knew is now no more!  

Why should we feel embarrassed to out grow a practice or school of though that no longer supports us?  Because it may appear foolish or contrary to what we previously asserted?

Truth simply expands as we do our work.  Consciousnesses gets bigger the more we release the filters and parameters of what we are taught and even what we believe.

If we can be ok being in a constant state of expansion and growth, we must also be ok being "wrong" in what we once held true.  This freedom --this momentum-- is a gift, never a burden.

To be in our authenticity, unburdened by Ego, means that we can acknowledge being wrong and let go of a previously held truth.  It is when we cling to a truth, contort and twist it to fit into our changing reality, that we can become aware of something insincere.

The universe is in motion, so too must we be, in order to continue on our trajectory of conscious awareness.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Start the Conversation

I talk about death a lot.  Not in a morbid way, but talking alleviates much of the fear and the goofy stories our brains create.

I think back to the birth of my daughter.  We spent 9 months planning, preparing, training for her birth.  Yet after she was here, we felt a little unprepared at what to do next.  For 9 months we focused on the 12 hours it took to bring her into this world rather than how to guide her in it for a lifetime.

Death is the same for me.  When we hear terms like "Start the Conversation" (a slogan for a funeral home here in Denver) most people think of discussing with loved ones what the arrangements should be made-- how and where they want to be buried.  We spend our energy focused on the body, on the care of the physical vessel, and blessed little time talking about what actually will occur during and after life ends.

I am passionate and at times emblazoned by talking about death in a way that supports the soul and brings comfort to the living.  After life has nothing to do with a coffin and everything to do with our the energy we bring into the great beyond!  Beliefs aside, it is deep quandary of faith and hope that in modern times we have difficulty reconciling. 

Talking about death shouldn't upset us, it should bring us comfort and curiosity even.  It can open doorways to conversations about our beliefs, fears, our faith even.  This allows us to deepen our relationships with those we love and strengthens our faith regardless of religion. 

We have a tweaked perception of death in our society which is further preyed upon by a medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry that creates fear as a means of profit.  It breaks my heart that we believe talking about death is somehow insensitive, rude or scary when in fact it should be just the opposite. 

Death is not only natural, but blissful, peaceful, a celebration of this shift from our physical form.  

George Harrison on his passing, literally lit up the room.  What a glorious way to continue to inspire the best in us, George!  

I hope we can soon embrace this as the norm and not the extra-ordinary.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

the love of the Mother

I have been growing fan of Jesus for some time. Exploring our relationship in past lives and deepening my communion with him, however... Mother Mary has been largely absent from my encounters.

I imagined myself to be in devotion to the great Mother, in service to the Goddess in all forms and manifestations.  And yet, from Mother Mary, there seemed to be a pervading silence.  As if I didn't know how to connect or feel her at all.  

I have grappled with this-- feeling left out, sad, disappointed, unworthy even, as that little voice in me is so quick to go into hurt.

Her return came this summer, in my own Dark Night of the Soul...  

It began with a whack.  

A client came in wearing a medallion that blazed itself upon my 3rd eye.  I was unable to move, in awe of the visions I was being given and, in an instant, I began to sob.  Not delicate lady sniffles either but body wrenching, air gasping, unabashed crying.  

Intense yes, but so deeply needed, craved in that moment, I was left without words.  And the blessed soul who was sitting across from me awaiting her own magical healing didn't quite know what to say.  (thanks again to AV for your amazing generosity and strength in that moment, the gift you gave me is profound!)

The necklace was a gift from Lourdes, about as direct a connection with the Sacred Mother as one can get.  While I have visited this place in shamanic space with a few enlightened clients, it was this direct communication that catapulted her love back into my world.

In that moment, I felt such love, tenderness and the undeniable embrace of being truly held.
And it was then that the fear started to dissolve...

A week later, a 2nd visitation.  Receiving a Higher Brain Living activation from my friend Michelle, Mother Mary's presence filled the room and over me she whispered, "by your birthday, this will all be done."

Her words answered a question I hadn't even dared to ask.  I couldn't comprehend at that moment even what they meant or how this would come to pass.  

Collectively with Jesus, Mother Mary and other so the Essenes, I was lifted.  The terror soothed and more messages flowed that have continued to come to pass in recent weeks.  

The Return has been life altering and deep.  My heart now holds a new resonance and on it is emblazoned TRUST.  I imagined myself to be a woman of faith before, but now I know within my every cell a new harmony... and one which holds and lifts me in every waking second!

Not to say, I won't still cuss and drink and dance like a dork, but FAITH empowers us with the certainty to be more of ourselves.  A blessing that I am enough and a reminder I have the power to change everything in my reality.  Watch out darlin, because this world's about to change!  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm ok being wrong ... and long ago embraced being weird

All of us are psychic, yes even you beloved have innate gifts of insight and recognition that would astound even your mama!  To walk this path, to put oneself out there as "psychic" invites all levels of ridicule, judgement, and trash talkin'.   It makes us weird when embraced, makes us an outcast when shared... and yet... and yet... I still choose everyday to put my own weirdness on the line to be a conduit in exactly the way Spirit asks.

This, at times, takes courage and always requires implicit faith.  

I was working with a client recently and she acknowledged in her work she is greatly respected, but not very appreciated.  I laughed loudly "I am greatly appreciated but rarely respected!"  

I'm at peace with this reality.  Knowing in my heart that I am a clear conduit for what God, the Angels, Spirit asks of me everyday.  

I learned early that I could never attach myself to being RIGHT all the time.  To do so would make me crazy and set me up for all sorts of decimation at personal and professional levels.

After doing this work for over a decade here's what I hold to be true and offer for each session:

I deliver the messages your Guides and Angels ask me to share.  With no attachment to right or wrong, I am given exactly what you need in that moment to propel your growth.

Anyone who does what a psychic tells them to do is foolish.  Come in for insight and inspiration, but as soon as you give someone authority to make decisions for you, you are giving away your power and are screwed!  

As a healer, I must remove myself from attachment to any outcome.  I can really hope your relationship will last, but telling you it will simply because I like you is unethical.  Period. 

Your journey is yours.  This is an intricate web of reality you have created at deeply esoteric levels with your Angels and highest self to evolve into the radiant being you truly are.  The path, lessons and hardships are bizarre and often inexplicable to our minds.  Yet, when we take accountability and learn the lessons, life can shift and the magic we crave of life is available to us.  

If I am wrong, amen!  Only God is right all the time. 

Wanna know more about your rights as a client?  I've spent a lot of energy ensuring I am in highest service to you and assisting you in feeling empowered and assured walking in these wondrous psychic waters.  We each walk our own path and how we are assisted will vary greatly from one moment to the next.  Take what works and let go of the rest.  The only thing that really matters is that you are true to yourself, beloved.  So go out there and rock this thing!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Do you Know How Lucky You Are?

 A Solstice message from the Wise Ones...

We thank you for being here at this most momentous time for the Earth. You are Divine and your efforts are needed to propel us to forward to the time of great awakening and change.  

We honor your journey and stand at the ready to help assist and guide as needed.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

the Fire Dragon Soul Group :: the babes of 1976

In the past 10 days, I've had 8 Fire Dragons come in.  Here's a shout out to this brave group and some guidance for optimal navigation. 

But first some background....

Waaaay before we show up on the planet, 
we choose the Soul Group and astrological entry that suits us best.

We may wait for family members to be ready, wait for our nation to "shape up" or may even wait for exactly the right astrology line-up to serve us best for the highest success of the life plan we have to complete. 


1976, the year of America's Bicentennial, a group of souls plan in droves to incarnate as the most illustrious Fire Dragon...

Chinese astrology holds that each year is governed by a different power animal (earthly influence) and dominant element (heavenly influence.)  As 2014 is the year of the Wood Horse (great change, driving force of truth, a need to create a sustainable structure that supports), 
1976 was the year of the Fire Dragon.  

We came in with clear purpose and the power to back up any actions asked of us.  Unlike the Indigos of the previous generation, we chose the Crystal imprint of love and unity with all life.  

Much like the Phoenix, the Fire Dragon isn't fearful of change, in fact we cheer it on, recognizing what we can rebuild is better than that which is falling.  

"In reality, he is an open and humane person given to impartiality and uncovering the truth at all costs. His criticisms are objective and he has the power to arouse the masses with his vibrant personality. A natural empire builder, he will look toward the supreme order of things, with himself at the helm, of course."

Being of the Crystal energy, our drive is a gentle force which creates serenity where there was once chaos.  We have arrived here to assist in the shifts on Earth and to offer strength, support and hope while rebuilding.

If we are denying our innate gifts (our charisma, psychic abilities and ability to influence great change), this is where things can get tricky.  


We must own our power and wield it with love and compassion.  

Ego is our default and we must be conscious to rise above self gratification and indulgence.

Short tempered and critical, we must find ways to cultivate inner peace and go easy on those we love. 

If the psychic connection is strong, learn how to use these abilities to assist and even heal our communities.

Given the drive for virtue, we must be aware of what we are working toward and dedicate ourselves fearlessly to this path.  Choose your allies carefully!

Here's a great resource I found as well explaining in detail the Fire Dragon energy. 

If you are fortunate enough to carry this imprint, great luck and financial success are yours.  Be in your integrity, follow your path and shine your light so others are comforted by that which comes so easily to us.

Cosmic Imprints :: The Indigos, Crystals, and Generations of Tomorrow

For several years, the hubby and I ran a Psychic Kids Support Group hoping to support the remarkable souls arriving and to assist their families in understanding and even embracing their gifts. This is still a passion and a service I am frequently called to assist in.

I share it here as a resource for curious souls...

The Indigo's warrior spirit broke down the 
corrupt systems which didn't work anymore.
The Crystals literally laid out the energetic grid for the New Earth,
while the Rainbows will remind us how to 
stand in our own authentic Light and SHINE.
Once each mission is complete, they are being asked to transmute into the Lighter generation.
While both generations--younger & older--are transmuting and becoming multi-dimensional beings.


Much has been written of the Indigo Children… both their abundant gifts and their herculean challenges. These children are now adults and are struggling in a world that no longer needs their intense driving force.

The Indigos blazed into our world full steam ahead insisting upon change and driving with an unmatched zeal to challenge the dictates of society. This “army” of youth was formidable, glorious and successful in ushering in a new way. Their soul mission, as a generation, was for the good of mankind: to eradicate the old systems, to show new ways, and to insist upon change. They gave their all with unwavering passion.

Because of their selfless drive, school systems have changed, parenting has changed and what was once taboo is now being addressed and even embraced. The Crystal and Rainbow children being born now are able to thrive wholly due to the benevolent efforts of the Indigos.

The tides have indeed changed and the driving force which propelled the Indigo’s single-minded focus has begun to wear down their stamina. Many are withdrawing, becoming depressed, and some extreme cases are even suicidal as they remain in a world where their main mission is no longer necessary. What was once a required energy—to push and challenge—has instead turned inward and begun to wear heavy upon these resilient and gracious souls.

Their original intention was to change society, to make the world a more energetically suitable place for spiritual development to blossom. The next phase of the Indigos is little known but desperately needed now: to change their aim and settle into a more Crystalline energy so their passion can fuel the New Earth. A change of focus is now required so these glorious souls don’t self destruct.



The Crystalline energy present is gentle, loving, wise and serene. Even being in their presence one can feel a sense of peaceful sacredness. The Crystals are often the Millennials, ready to change the world with their idealism and belief in a better planet. Their drive is not the "tear it down" mentality of the Indigo, rather their gentleness chooses instead to navigate away from confrontation and find their own way to offer change. They will change the planet with thier ideas, use o technology and creating sustainable systems that protect the environment.

The Indigos challenged the world to create a safe place for the Crystals, and Rainbows to thrive.

Having completed their mission, the Indigos are left with an excess of energy which doesn’t have a proper outlet. Anger, rage, frustration and even complete apathy are frequent. Careful attention to this fact and a re-direction of focus can be enough to manage the intensity of emotions the Indigos carry. Many however are without resources to know how to transform.

What is required now is a metamorphosis. The Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows are indeed of the same cosmic blueprint: They are reflections of one another --at different developmental stages-- and all have the same soul purpose. The Divine Plan was to have the Indigos shift into the Crystal energy so the combined energies can anchor in the New Earth. Similarly, it is the destiny of all Crystals to become Rainbows. The Rainbows will then walk in our New World showing us how to open our hearts and embrace our own Divinity by living as Masters in harmony with Oneness!

As this Indigo to Crystal transition struggled to occur, a baby boom of Crystals began coming through. These souls are indeed reaching out and preparing the Indigos and wider population for the changes of the planet. Their loving serenity will carry us all through any bumps in the road we may face.

The Crystals are able to tap into Indigo energy as needed to insist upon their aims being fulfilled. Likewise, the Indigos have the same inherent ability to utilize the sublime and grounding Crystalline powers. The Crystals will have an easier time, in their trusting and gentle ways, to shift to Rainbow energy when required. As we will continue to see more Rainbows enter, these kids will combine the best of both their predecessors to show us how to live in a new reality.

With attuned therapists, and aware parents and mentors, the Indigos are able to make these energetic shifts on their own. It is paramount now a new course is laid out for them so they can channel their powerful energies in continuing to lovingly aid the planet.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Light Language

I have been speaking and using my Light Language for almost 3 years.  It pours like poetry from my mouth, projecting from throat, heart and solar plexus chakras all at the same time.  When this flows, I can see the vibrations coalesce and feel the density of matter shift.  Pretty damn cool!

Magdalene Codes by Melissa Shemanna

Its incredible and beautiful and something altogether outside of me.  And in fact, very little is known about it, yet Light Language is beginning to appear everywhere!  It's called Angel Language, the Language of Light, or any other moniker you wanna toss on it.  It is an ancient language, spoken by many, that contains activations, packets of information and healing, that re-awaken forgotten memories and restore global frequencies.


Shamans and sages throughout the ages have used Light Languages to bless and heal their people.  The languages vary greatly sounding different and containing unique pauses, clicks and combinations of sounds.  From one region to the next and one healer to another, I've never heard two that sound the same. 

No one quite knows how to explain how and where this language comes from, but for me, it feels like something that was waiting within me my whole life.  When spoken, energy shifts, pain lessens, and the light in the room grows brighter.  I can feel it, even though I am unable to transcribe what is being said.  The lack of meaning makes it more powerful, surpassing thought and form to deliver pure messages and intent. 
When using Light Language, I am able to accomplish healing and release energy beyond this space and time.  Nothing I've encountered is more beneficial and immediate in its relief offered.   

Take a listen and see what it shifts in you.  

As the energy on the planet continues to expand, more spontaneous healing and reclamation of past life memories is occurring.  I see the Light Languages and activations being a crucial component of this shift.  If we can walk through this doorway with curiosity, rather than fear, to see what gifts these experiences bring, we are much more ready to embrace the shifting of consciousness that is already happening.   

And, if you find yourself on my healing table, you can expect to hear my own Light Language flow through the room to enhance your session!  The Languages of Light are the highest vibration of sound healing possible for it contains the packets of light most beneficial in synchronizing soul and body. 

Quantifying the Ineffable :: Finding Proof of Energetic Healing

Often when we receive healing, we have been trained to look for results... does the cough subside?  does the infection dissipate?  do the tests show us the that the mass has lessened?  Our need for proof somehow justifies that we do indeed feel better.

In energy healing, little physical proof exists.  We don't run diagnostics nor do we have nifty gadgets that show us what has shifted.  Granted, we unquestionably feel better.  We feel lighter, happier and even more enthusiastic about the world around us.  This is such a blessing... yet the nagging need for proof may still be an echo in our heads. 

I too struggle with this "little" voice and am thrilled to share some evidence that legitimizes my own healing experiences!  

So, blessed light, I offer this not as proof, but simply an anecdote to how living in the sacred--  while living in this reality-- can play itself out.  

I'm returning from sacred travels in Ireland and the UK.  The expanse of the gifts I received is as of yet unquantifiable, but I can feel a profound shift in my being.


Though I feel different, it can be hard for my brain to wrap itself around just what has changed.  Most of the time, I dismiss this need for proof my brain insists upon, but I am fortunate enough to be able to offer a wee bit of evidence to satisfy my mind.

The healing I received was largely in light language and felt ancient.  An activation went through my hands, restoring healing gifts from ancient civilizations and enhancing my ability to help the clients who I am blessed to work with.  My hands felt electrified and have felt delicate since, as if I need to be cautious and powerful at the same time.


I noticed a bruise on my hands and was perplexed as I have no memory of  hurting myself, yet there it is.... It was only 3 days later that I connected the dots that this bruise must be a result of the activations I received on my hands.

A visit to my chiro after my journey also offered some unique perspectives.  I didn't share much with him, curious instead to learn the story my spine and body might be offering.  We've worked together weekly for 6 months and I've experienced powerful shifts in that time. 

In his "assessment" he reported that there was more light in my body, my body was better able to hold the adjustments, and some of the former congestion and stuck-ness he had encountered remedied itself faster and with less resistance.

The gift of the ineffable is certainly enough for me.  But for my brain, which sometimes drones on with her doubt and dismissal, I can happily tell her to back off and instead engage in absorbing the full healing we have been given.

Quantum physics will continue to show us proof of these miracles, as has the work of Emoto and other vibrational energy pioneers.  But let your heart be your only proof needed.  As we trust our own experiences over the dictates of this brain, we can shift the reality around us.