Friday, September 12, 2014

Commitment of Service

I give all of myself to you in session.  I cry with you, laugh with you, heal with you, love you!  Is a privilege and a gift to share in this intimate space.   To share in such profoundly personal spaces is precious and it's an honor I hold very sincerely in highest integrity. 

To see your soul -- your Divine Self-- if even for a moment, is no casual encounter.  I do not desire to tell you what to do, nor how to do, simply to reflect back to you the very best of yourself and to inspire the courage within you to Be-Come it!  I don't believe in fortune telling, I only believe in YOU!

Those who find me, are guided to me, and entrust me to see them in these moments, I receive as a blessing from God.  A blessing that I can love, hold and honor you, and that the work we do here helps you deeply.  I am daily humbled by what I see in you and, with great gratitude, I'm allowed by Spirit to do it another day.  

I have clear ceremony in place which allows me to give all of myself to you while in session and then I cut cords after.  I work in the Light and Serve the Light.  I am clear in my ethics and hyper vigilant in my energetic boundaries.  This allows me to be in highest service and ensure you can get from me what you need ... if I am the one to whom you've been lead.  

I am not here to carry, coddle or wallow with you.  It is in this way that I am able to be and do more of what you need.  Because I am clear in how much I can do for you... and what you must do for yourself.  

Many people are able to get what they need in one session.  Those who return however share a different space in my heart.  I live with you, love with you, hold and cherish you.  I adore these Souls whom I am honored to work with throughout your journey.  

I am also protective of who does make it into my heart.  I have limitless love, compassion and respect for those who can truly dig in, stand in their truth and do their work.  Continued work together is a privilege earned, not simply bought.  It is these beloveds who inspire my best, and together our work changes the world.

When one person can stand in their light, the world benefits.  When we all can to do this, the world CHANGES!

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