Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Truth is Subjective ... as our Awareness Expands

As healers we are always in a process of renewal, of research, and of growth.  I am dubious of any healer or teacher whose methods remain fixed.  It is that moment, Ego takes over and the healer is more concerned about how the changes may impact his/her legacy more than honoring Truth.

I love my own growth and frequently find ideas I once held dear, do indeed shift over time.  I'm ok being wrong and recognize what I knew to be "true" 2 years or even 2 weeks ago may change.

Take the theories of Rudolf Steiner, for example.  Plenty of people have used his ideas and created schools, religions, and even businesses around them.  Rudolf channeled in for me once during a session.  He was frustrated that his teachings were being taken so literally... he equated them to being trapped in amber and instead insisted ideas (and even manifestos!) must grow and adapt to current times.

I inquired with Spirit on this changing Truth and was heartened to be reassured.  

For me it can feel a little insincere or unprofessional even (silly brain) that what I thought I knew is now no more!  

Why should we feel embarrassed to out grow a practice or school of though that no longer supports us?  Because it may appear foolish or contrary to what we previously asserted?

Truth simply expands as we do our work.  Consciousnesses gets bigger the more we release the filters and parameters of what we are taught and even what we believe.

If we can be ok being in a constant state of expansion and growth, we must also be ok being "wrong" in what we once held true.  This freedom --this momentum-- is a gift, never a burden.

To be in our authenticity, unburdened by Ego, means that we can acknowledge being wrong and let go of a previously held truth.  It is when we cling to a truth, contort and twist it to fit into our changing reality, that we can become aware of something insincere.

The universe is in motion, so too must we be, in order to continue on our trajectory of conscious awareness.

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