Sunday, November 21, 2010

TV can save your Soul... or at least point you in the right direction...

My hubby and I are frequent ...yet discriminating... tv viewers.  We only watch shows that uplift our soul and leave us better informed or better feeling!  A favorite show from years past has been VH1's The Pick Up Artist.  The premise-- men lacking in confidence were "schooled" in wooing women.  Of course the surface level was simply dudes learning how to score, yet on the transformational level, we were moved by the heartfelt maturation and glowing self esteem of these lovable characters.

VH1 aired this 5 years ago and it has remained one of our sweeter addictions.  Cut to present day as darling hubby and I were watching Lie to Me.  An actor on the show looked much like Pick Up Artist winner Kosmo.

We recalled his face fondly reminiscing on his awkward start.  We applauded his self fulfillment of becoming an actor overcoming his self confidence hurdles.  He had achieved such success from the show he was able to manifest his dreams.  Huzah!

Jumping onto IMBD to confirm that indeed this was our former ugly duckling, we were met with the page of a successful actor, a mixed martial artist and celebrity interviewer.  This was no gawky boy but rather a young man who oozed confidence.  An actor-- paid and played!

We conceded to the heavy realization that the show was a farce written and performed to win over the viewers.  Kudos for fooling an empath and a psychic!  Geesh, what we will overlook when our sentiment is engaged.

Most every reality show does have writers.  I've been curious about this in the past but allowed myself to enjoy the ride.  Reality tv allows us to feel the awkward, uncomfortable parts of ourselves in a safe way.  This is why people come back week after week.  

Reality tv gives us a safe outlet of self exploration and airs out our shadow selves without us having to go through the emotional layer peeling.   Confronting ourselves is challenging!  But when we can turn on the tube and let others do it for us, what a relief it can be to take the emotional ride without the work. 

However, many viewers are not so discerning nor aware of the drama being played out before them.  With awareness comes growth.  Can we accept our tv habit as an opportunity for spiritual growth?  Can we enjoy the ride as much knowing we are being mislead?

I think we can!  As a race we are approaching a time of great honesty and emotional awareness.  If we can turn to our television as a tool of ascension, we may find amongst the channels a cliff notes of spiritual mastery.  Can we watch Kosmo overcome his shyness to get a girl's number?  Can I see my own awkward and unloved parts and applaud my success as much as I do his?

Awareness brings a greater commitment to self.  This is never easy but is mandatory for self mastery.   If we see things in ourselves that require healing, we must take the necessary (and sometimes difficult) steps to heal it!  Next time you're lost in hours of tv, take a moment to check in with yourself and see how your body feels.  Is it tight?  Are you anxious?  Or are you blissful and relaxed?   Can you take the emotional response your body is conveying and look inside to see what parts of yourself can be healed?

I find after a few shows, I need a break to check in with myself.  I often find emotions I wasn't aware of while the show was playing.  Breath into this energy and allow it to teach you something about yourself.  In this way we can still engage in a bad habit by bringing awareness to it.    

As parents we have an even greater responsibility to make sure our kids understand tv (reality or no) is in no way reality!  To think weight loss can only occur on Biggest Loser or that love can only be found on the Bachelor creates a misguided reality.

The true gift of reality tv is in not exposing the fraud but in accepting the suspension of "reality" and allowing it to guide us to the wounded parts of ourselves.

Thanks Kosmo and Mystery for a delicious indulgence and for allowing me to nurture my own ugly duckling parts that sometimes hide in my heart!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the Non-Obligatory (but Highly Encouraged) Disclaimer

I have been psychic since I was a kid-- heck we ALL are psychic.  For me I was an active participant in the unseen world-- seeing ghosts, talking to plants, and having intimate relationships with my invisible friends from the age of 3.

By 6, I was practicing with my sister "sending and receiving" games with a deck of cards.  In it's day, this ESP practice was said to help improve one's Extra-Sensory Perceptions. At 8 years old I was reading a book called You Are Psychic, hoping that I would one day be as "in tune" as my Dad seemed to be-- he could watch someone come out of a grocery store and tell you what they had bought.

My gifts would be largely empathic until I was ready to decide what to do with them.  I had to make a conscious choice and commitment to Spirit that I would choose this "path" as my only focus.

In 2001, at the age of 24, I made this agreement with my Angels and have been dedicating my professional career to being a full time "psychic" ever since.

Once I took this step, I became a highly active medium.  Medium in that I receive and deliver messages-- receiving directly from Spirit/Source/God.  Even I have been confused on exactly what it is I do.   My Guides have assured me I am not a channeler-- channeler, as explained by them, is someone who allows another energy to share their physical body, allowing "them" to drive so to speak.

I am a Medium- fully conscious, mostly present, deliverer of messages from the Divine.  I forget much of what comes through as it by-passes my brain and comes directly out my mouth -- both a gift and a burden for I have no chance to "edit" what is coming out!  The Angels showed me an image recently of a muppet (yes, a full on Henson muppet) with it's bulbous head only able to open and close from the mouth.

I am open one might say and the messages come from Above, right out my mouth without any chance of hitting my brain.  When I do get involved-- attempting to edit, decipher, or explain the messages-- the session loses its potency.  I've learned over the years I'm best as a Quiet Observer!

Chicago 2001 - I was fully activated receiving daily messages from Angels, Ghosts, and Spirit Guides.  At that point, I had no need to quantify "Who" was sending these messages.  The biggest hurdle in being fully psychic (as we all have the potential to be) is simply TRUSTING that the messages coming through are real.  The more I listened and trusted, the more They gave.

Way back when this all started, my husband and I didn't have the insight to capture what was being shared, as it seemed much more for our own personal growth rather than needing to be shared with anyone else.  Boy have things changed!

I now capture (through writing or voice recorder) as much as I can.  The messages I now receive are meant to be shared.  As I have gained clarity on my Soul Mission, my role in serving, the more I share the better I am fulfilling my obligation to the world.

The words, ideas, concepts, and "facts" found in my writing are direct communications from my Angelic Counsel, Spirit Guides, and trusted Light Beings.  I am not a scholar, not a researcher, and certainly not a scientist!  I receive what They share, Trust what They share and Share what they Share.  This is how I can be of service to my community.  

As I have become more proficient in receiving, I am also becoming more responsible in asking and verifying from whom the message is coming.  I make every effort to identify the source of the messages.  This is a necessary safety measure for me so I am assured I am working in the Light at all times.

My soul mission is becoming more clear by the day, I just have to get the heck out of the way to let if flow through. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Discovering Our Soul Mission

My strongest gift is in helping others re-member not only their brilliance and Divinity but also restoring their Soul Mission.
Each of us enters this life with a unique and specific calling. Often, we are most clearly in touch with this in our childhood. As we grow up and try increasingly harder to do what others expect of us, we lose touch with this soul calling (our own life purpose), and some of us forget it completely. This loss is epic not only to the individual but also to the universe.

Our Soul Mission serves not only our highest soul aspects, our very Divinity, but is also a sacred contract we agreed to manifest and bring to this world. Just as we need food and air to survive, our soul needs to fulfill this agreement to evolve! Imagine if Gandhi had instead decided to be an accountant …The world would have been bereft without his universal vision of peace and love. The world not only asks of us to do our best but EXPECTS and is counting on us to fulfill our commitment --our Soul Mission-- in order for mankind, the Earth, and the Universe to continue evolving.

You are Divine and the world needs you to live your Highest calling!

We all have something majestic to offer our world. At this most unique time in human history approaching the energetic shift of 2012, we are all needed to do our part. The Universe was designed to have all people from all cultures live and thrive with joy and ease, and once you are back in alignment with this truth, everything falls into place.

Your Soul Mission is not only the abilities which come easiest to you but also the skills and talents which bring you the greatest joy (in other words, your passion). By tapping into your innate skills and vitality (your Divine Essence), you are able to give Mother Earth and all Her people exactly what you agreed to manifest, and in turn, living your life most fulfilled and appreciative. This is exactly what is meant by the phrase: “Live your passion and the money will follow!” Imagine re-discovering your heart's passion and integrating it with your community in a manner that's reciprocally sustaining ...The original Heaven on Earth: The way the world was intended!

Through the Akashic Records and connecting with your Spirit Guides and Angelic Counsel, I am able to help you re-member your Soul Mission. Having your life purpose re-awakened is both a gift and a commitment. The return is very much a spiritual home-coming helping you feel more fulfilled and complete in your everyday life. Every fiber of your being (body, mind, heart & soul!) will resonate with harmonic bliss. Once your sacred path is identified, there will be no questioning this is exactly what you're supposed to be doing in this lifetime! It's that “eureka” moment when the lightbulb goes on and everything clicks perfectly. You KNOW it in every cell and your whole being feels lighter because it's resonating as the next step in your process.

Re-aligning with your Divine purpose is easier than one would think, because every aspect of your life was specially designed to help you achieve this Mission! Once re-aligned, you will discover things in your life happen magically and effortlessly.  With this in mind, let's consider the purpose of “road blocks” which everyone encounters throughout their day....

Blocks often appear as our greatest teachers showing up to remind us how to find ourselves again. By continually facing the same challenges, great lessons are offered to us. Andye is able to help you get the gift from these road blocks so you can heal yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Not only am I able to help you re-member your Mission but I work with your Angelic Counsel to provide concrete guidance and next steps empowering you to embrace your Soul Mission. Rituals, exercises, and spiritual assignments are often given that allow you to begin changing your life.

I am not a healer believing instead everyone is Divine with the innate ability, desire and power to heal themselves. Using intuitive guidance, shamanic insights, and the divine expressions of Color I am able to help bring forth your highest self. My mission is to inspire and empower the world to fulfill its limitless potential. Just as you made a sacred contract to do your part, I too am doing mine. Only by helping people (re)awaken am I able to fulfill my destiny.

Re-align yourself back with your Soul Mission and the Universe will shine brighter as YOU are living your life purpose.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TOOL: an opportunity for ascension

Any friends can tell you I am a fan of Tool.  This may surprise folks who simply see Tool as a heavy metal band.  They are in fact rock n roll shamans individually and collectively dedicated to self-awakening.  Studying alchemy, ancient mystical arts and sacred geometry, the band provides a gateway to deep mysteries for those who are asking for the key.  While the music is gritty and entrancing, it is deeply soulful and provoking

And let me remind you, provocation is rarely comfortable.

We saw Tool at Red Rocks last night.  Though I am prone to drama (Cancer sun and moon!) I can honestly say I experienced a re-birth.

The show was as every true church is meant to be; a mystical event felt on the earth and in the heavens.  At Red Rocks with the skyline of Denver, a rising orange moon ablaze with love, and the music, Tool pushed us to go deeper than many of us had gone before.

Maynard opened the show reminding us : "For the next two hours, nothing else matters."  For those of us willing to step to the altar of rock and roll, a total transformation awaited.

The show was raw, rhythmic and dirty.  The images on the stage were all one had to tap into as vocalist Maynard James Keenan prefers to remain as an instrument rather than at full front stage as a rock god.  Staying behind the lights at the back of the stage in the dark, he won't allow us the comfort of conforming to the ways other bands might do it.

Rather than having a singer center stage raking in the glory, Maynard allows drummer Danny Carey to become the focal point.     His penetrating vibes awakened full kundlini energy one would have to be dead not to feel.  At one point, he beat his drums allowing the full reverb to bounce off the mountains behind us.  This was a gift through and through as it allowed every cell to wake up and pay attention.

Though many were stoned or drunk, the awakening was available to any who wanted it.  I could feel the blood lighting up through my veins... my body moved in the most unusual of ways to the beat, and I allowed myself to be transformed.  Mayan medicine as well as Oriental pulse diagnostics acknowledge truth is in the blood and use it as a primary indicator of wellness.

Each song bled into the other as images of alien/human hybrids played on the screen.  Guitarist Adam Jones is responsible for much of the visual presentation and provides the perfect visual compliment to Maynard's primal tones.   The images were disturbing-- pushing us to the limits of our comfort zone or even acting as prefab metal gore for others.  At times, I had to look away, staring instead into the starry night sky.  The evening felt other-worldly, an open cry from the hearts of many to our star families.  We are ready, we are here.

The images and music contained hidden elements -- sitar and native american flute in some songs while the fractal images replete with sacred geometry further fueled our activation.   We had not only our third eyes opened, but also our hearts pried wide and raw palpable enough for everyone to feel.

Tool is musical shamans and alchemical muses.  Nothing is lost on them so they take each show as an opportunity to wake up, prepare, and empower those of us ready to rise and meet them in self mastery.  To step into this realm one must be willing to confront the shadow and the darkness.  Embrace it, breathe it, live it so all fears can be conquered.

Sound healing is really the only true healing that will effectively release cellular memories and give birth to new ways of being.  As we all regenerate our bodies completely within 7 years (see NYT article here on cell regeneration), it is sound healing that allows us to flush the old to invoke the new.

To receive this healing in such a profound delivery system with the magic of the rockies behind us was a gift unlike anything I have every known.  Tool delivered a sermon as it was intended by Jesus Christ-- full kundalini activation though every chakra center bringing us to a fully awakened state.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shining Bright in the Big City

Our quiet life in the mountains in commune with trees and nature quite suits me.  But somehow when I step back into the big city life, I find myself vibrating with another frequency ... and completely intoxicated by it!

Admittedly I haven't been to NYC since I was a young one, 10 or 11 years old maybe.  Then it seemed a bombardment of my senses-- too much noise, too many images, an olfactory overload, and intimidated by the intensity of the urban world and the busyness of its people.  Being here now, meeting my niece and hanging with my best friend of over 15 years! ...I am strangely drawn into the mystique of the Big Apple.

New York City is in fact on a powerful vortex you can feel walking her streets.  In fact, its hard not to feel like a rock star here.  Everyone shines just a little brighter-- given an added umph by the forces of Mother Nature.  It is a breeding ground for creativity, vital and alive with new ideas bursting forth.  To not write while I am here would be doing a grand disservice to the inherent energies at work.

Her allure is great however and one must be cautious to walk lightly and remember the earth beneath us.  I worked with a lovely soul today doing energetic and intuitive work.  From the Akashic Records, I was able to see the "traps" of the city... see where and why people get caught.  Her Guides reminded us you must step out of the city, feel the wind and see the sunshine to keep perspective.  Skyscrapers are not mountains nor are street lights the glow of the night sky.  Magical though they are, they are in fact a manmade fabrication of the original.

New York offers her best to those who can work with her in harmony.  To those who can balance her divine intensity, great gifts await.  Others who linger too long may get swept into the web.  

I honor you New Yorkers and am glad I was granted entry!  I walked the streets unable to sleep so enticed by the electricity.  I am humbled by your passion and hope I can carry a bit of it home with me.

I sought the full moon when most others didn't know how gloriously it hung the sky-- the doorman had to ask 2 other people if there was in fact a full moon for he hadn't noticed.  We walked to the end of the block together to gaze at her. 

I hope I was able to bring a bit of my simple spirituality to the city and will leave here feeling more luminous than I arrived!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Answering the Call

I have been focusing much time and energy this month honoring women through my Goddess Guidance sessions.  I have met many Great Mothers, High Goddesses and Wise Women and learned much through the journeys of the clients who have requested this work.  

While I continue sharing and giving for others, subtle orchestrations by spirit (call them coincidences if you will) have been urging me to finally heed my own Goddess Guidance.  This piece I have quietly carried for nearly a decade. I am called to listen to the Voices that whisper my highest self.  

Mary Magdalene came to me in 2005 asking that I write a book.  At that time, as a non-Christian and dedicated tree hugger, I didn't understand why this was being asked of me.  

She showed me in meditation the jar she held-- the alabaster jar of legend-- was actually a potent herbal blend containing a medicine that would make whoever ingested it appear to be dead.  Thus she shared the way Jesus "died" on the cross.  She showed me in detail how he was taken down and put into the tomb.  She continued to show me a peaceful pastoral life she and Jesus shared deep into their old age.  

A week later, I did an Akashic Reading for a woman who asked about Marguerite Porete - a French mystic who died in 1310. Though I had no knowledge of who this woman was, from the perspective of the Akasha, all truth is revealed. 

I was shown that Mary Magdalene re-incarnated as Poerte trying to "correct" the ways of the Church. The Church rather than exalting God had actually taught us to fear Him. This was not the way Jesus intended and she came through again as a dedicated voice of truth in the 14th century. Poerte wrote the Mirror for Simple Souls which reminded people of the simplicity of true Divine Love, enabling anyone who wanted to easily and accessibly connect with God. For speaking her truth, she was burned at the stake.

These two revelations so close in time were profound and unexpected. Mary Magdalene asked that I dedicate more time to her and allow a book to be channeled. At that stage in my life, this level of intimate knowledge was too much for me. I stepped away thanking her for her confidences but denying that I was the one for this job.

She guided me to a find a picture that she felt most accurately captured her true essence.  The name Dante Gabriele Rossetti kept running through my head as she prompted me on my journey to find the image.  An online search lead me to a Rossetti contemporary Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys who painted this piece of Mary Magdalene in 1860.  

I framed this image which I still keep in my sacred space at home.  

Dan Brown wrote the DaVinci Code which brought the Magdalene question to modern consciousness.  She asked that I not read the book (nor later watch the movie) so my information from her would be pure and unaffected by the media depiction.  --to this day I have honored her request-- 

I have respectfully put our conversation on hold and have not yet resumed pen to paper.  Now 8 years later as I dedicate myself to the work of the Great Mothers, She, my patroness, appears again.  

Over the past week, two events have brought her to the fore-front to my world:

- I worked with a client who has a 9 year old son. From our session in the Akashic records, I could see he was a twin though no twins were actually birthed.  His "twin" acts as a spirit guide and calls herself Sarah.  Sarah is very active within the family unit and is treated as a sibling (way to go Mom & Dad for honoring your child's Spirit Guides in such a profound way!)  "Sarafina," rather than the more familiar Sarah, was how she showed herself to me as the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.   She is indeed very present for this boy and acts as both a sister and an angel.  

- the documentary Bloodline showed up in my Netflix cue.  It documents the 2007 unearthing of Mary Magdalene's likely tomb buried in the hills of pastoral France.   I started it one night too exhausted to physically keep my eyes open.  Since that night, I have been unable to step away from this Great Mother, Mary Magdalene.

Tonight I finished the documentary and have felt the full passion of an inflamed heart beating within me.  I know it to be Her presence and know now is the time I have been asked to return to Her.  

I have long known I was here to act as a voice of the Divine and of the Feminine.  I have tiptoed around this combined calling for years afraid to fully embrace my own power.  Power is a tricky thing and one I have held at a distance.  I was shown last week the true Power of the Feminine Divine and reminded how its energy will be the vital force to re-balance our world.  

My work with the Great Mothers has been my greatest gift and honor.  I finally think I am ready to receive what more She has been waiting to tell me.  I will share in future posts what unfolds next. I too will be curious to see where our work takes us.   

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Divine or Delusion

A friend asked the other day how to tell the differnce between genuine psychic gifts versus delusions of grandeur.  Not knowing the answer, I asked Spirit for the answer:  What we all need to remember is we are all psychically gifted! Where problems arise is when EGO becomes too present.

We are all channels of the Divine, however if one presents himself as being the voice of God or the only person who can talk to ArchAngel Michael, ego has disrupted the frequency.   Many of the kids who we work with also come to us fraught with concerns there is something wrong with them or that a visit to the doctor should precede the visit to the local metaphysical center.  Not so!  Spirit chooses to speak to us in any number of ways and who are we to edit or negate the message.

When we can step into the quiet of our hearts, what does it say?  Insight from the Angels is rarely a "whomp" over the head, rather its the gentle whisperings that are the real form of intuition.  A psychic has simply practiced listening to and following the voices than most people.  I am no more gifted than you!  What I have done is spend time focusing on these whisperings so I can clearly identify the divine insights from my own mental meanderings.

200 years ago I would have certainly been locked up for such confessions.  Thankfully we now live in a world that increasingly embraces and turns to genuine psychics.  I feel so very blessed everyday to own my truth.

Thank you for honoring yourself everyday and allow Spirit tell you how you too can turn up the volume on your own psychic gifts.  Its never about a lack of intuition rather its like a great rock anthem that you need to crank up loud to really appreciate.  So turn it up, rock it out and feel the Divine beating within your heart each day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the calling of a Shaman

My mother in law rarely talks about my true calling.  When she does in a tone of disdain, she pronounces it shame-n with an emphasis on SHAME.  As if what I am doing is not only distasteful but something altogether wrong.  My brother in law adds that what I do is not from God.

I don't know what god rules the world they live in, but my God is a pretty hip, all-loving, and approachable dude who would never plant shame, fear, or judgment in people's hearts.

Gavin and I go back and forth whether I should balls out embrace my title or whether by taming the word I can reach a wider audience.   The definition of shaman on is:

"(esp. among certain tribal peoples) a person who acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds, using magic to cure illness, foretell the future, control spiritual forces, etc."

This version strips us of our gifts and making us sound like something of nightmares.  I have an alternate definition:   

A shaman is a sage.  A healer who works with the land energies, plant and animal spirits, and sacred deities to affect change on the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional levels of our being. 
We offer this work to the world not to profit or to be glorified but because to not answer the calling makes life even more challenging.  We are asked to serve our community selflessly and are required to perform the most courageous of acts.  True courage is found not in the action but in serving anyway we can.

The only Shame in Shamanism is when one denies what they have been asked by Spirit to be and to do. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Better than a "BandAid"

A girlfriend who is a healer trained in natural wellness is trying CieAura for the first time.  She asked if CieAura helped get to the root of healing or whether it acted as a "bandaid" allowing you to miss the true cause of the dis-ease.  I was inspired by this question and asked Metatron for guidance in answering her fully.

Natural healing for deep and lasting wellness comes from bringing our attention to the reason for the dis-ease.  Physical aches and pains-- especially those which have been with us a long time-- are our cues to look within to ascertain the root cause.  Our society has become accustomed to receive "healing" in a pill.  The pill enters our body, must be broken down by our stomach and liver, then somehow makes its way through the entire body to alleviate the pain localized in a specific area.  In my opinion, this is taking the long route ... when there's a quicker path from point A to point B.

CieAura instead calls our close attention to the physical location of the pain.  We must quiet ourselves to carefully notice where the discomfort is and place a Holographic Chip there.  CieAura actually allows for deeper healing, because requires we don't simply stick and ignore.  Using CieAura we monitor the pain to ensure we have put the chip in the right place.  If we are not relieved within 15-20 minutes, the chip(s) should be adjusted to find the precise location for relief.  The keys to success with CieAura are:  Location, Hydration, and Duration.

By making us more aware of the intensity of pain or discomfort, we have to bring closer attention to ourselves than we would with any other healing modality.  When we go to a doctor, or take a pill to "magically" fix our aches, or even when we visit a massage therapist, we are immediately and decisively removing all of our own power for self-healing.  I am certainly NOT saying do not go to a doctor when needed ... rather I'm trying to explain how our current healthcare system has effectively removed ourselves as experts regarding our own body and our own healing abilities.

The ability to heal ourselves is put in our own hands by bringing attention to the pain.  The power to treat ourselves and find lasting total health is put back into our control with CieAura.

I have mentioned the gift of CieAura many times, but until my friend asked this specific question, I didn't really appreciate the depth of true and lasting healing CieAura can provide.  This level of wellness and ability to take full responsibility is what natural healing is all about. 

** These statements are based on my direct experiences and serve as testimonials endorsing a product I believe in deeply.  CieAura does not diagnose, treat, cure, heal or prevent any disease or injury. **

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is the New Earth?

"New Earth" is a recent term applied to our world's energetic shift which has been planned long before humankind walked the Earth.  We all change, vibrate, and progress from one energetic level to another-- whether or not we call it such, this is how growth occurs on our planet.  A butterfly must first be a cocoon just as an adult must first be a babe.  Some of the metamorphoses are quite logical while others are a bit more bizarre, even though we commonly accept them (a tadpole becoming a frog). Even though they don’t make sense, we accept these facts as reality for we are able to witness and observe their occurrence directly.  Similarly, a transformation of the Earth is occurring.  It has been planned since the Earth began so there is certainly nothing to fear nor anything to doubt.  As we are able to accept an egg will give life to a baby chick, so too must we accept -- even without fully understanding -- the Earth is undergoing a great change too.

The New Earth will be in the same physical space as we now reside and may undergo some cosmetic changes.  The Earth has indeed graduated to her perfected form and occupies a new vibratory level of being.  This is exactly as the Divine Plan lays out ... long before humankind walked the Earth.  Those of us who wish to make the quantum leap with the Earth must also change our own vibration to match Hers.

The current Earth was created as a School for our souls to play out karma and energetically improve our circumstances through lessons learned.  The Earth is THE place among the cosmos to experience love!  If the goal of the soul is coming back to Source, to Oneness, to God, the Earth is our School giving us ample opportunities to learn kindness, compassion and love.  Myriad factors have thrown us off course, causing individuals to forget this sacred mission and instead roam the "campus halls" looking for diversions.  Some have remembered their Divinity and walk the earth aware of its illusions and temperance.  These few (commonly called Light Workers) have done their "homework assignments" to raise their vibration and will be ready when the Earth dons her new form. 

For the rest of us, the work will be a bit more challenging.  We have not missed our opportunity rather we have been given tools and helpers to aid us.  The universe is created to love and support us in all endeavors.  Once we remember this, and are committed to our Divine Mission, we too can expect to walk the New Earth ... renewed, empowered and rejuvenated.  
Tap into your own Divinity and turn to your Spirit Helpers and Guides to show you how to be supported during these coming shifts. 
Light Workers are in place to provide added assistance.  Find a partner in assisting you toward your spiritual wellness and you will be able to conquer any doubts that may arise. 
~ Any tools which help you connect with yourself on a vibrational level are also powerful.  CieAura is one of these among the many energetic tools we been given from Spirit.  Acutonics, vibrational medicine and as always MUSIC are a few others.  Discover what your body best responds to. 

Find ways to embrace your Light and you will always know the way to the New Earth.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Patience is for Suckers

My Mama taught me well how to be a proper lady... and among the virtues patience always ranked high. As  I grow older and wiser, I've begun to see patience is for suckers.  To have patience implies you are waiting for something.  Waiting for what?!?  The gift of now is right NOW.

Each time I stand in line or sit in traffic, I take it as an opportunity for gratitude and connection.  At the CieAura Launch, we waited in many lines as we prepared to ready for the New Earth by sharing the wonders of CieAura.  Rather than becoming aggravated as many may in this situation, everyone embraced the time to connect and spend with others.  This is networking beyond anything I have seen before!  There was no jockeying for status or bragging about accomplishments, just genuine sharing of success and how everyone can support each other.  My heart was full as I participated in these exchanges over and over throughout the day. 

I write this not to further extol the greatness CieAura and what its retailers are building, but also to remind us all how life is happening right now, in this very moment.  We can take our waiting time to become bogged down by negativity (and complaining), or instead embrace it as a beautiful chance to reach out and connect.  We can connect to our Angels or Spirit Guides, or simply give thanks for the blessings of our day.  We can take the time to dream a new dream for ourselves and truly bring gratitude and the now into a perfect orchestration of fullness.  We can turn to the person standing next to us and see if we can bring joy to them with a smile.

Patience had its place, and was a valuable lesson as we prepared for the New Earth.  But now since we have arrived, we need to stop waiting and start embracing.   Say a prayer, give thanks, or take a moment to see the remarkable human beings all around you.  You'll find your life improves with these little steps of reminding us how to live from our heart.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Deep shamanic work is among the most healing and powerful energetic modalities on the planet. It has been relied on since time began as the most direct way to heal, treat, or cure any ailment.

Only the initiated may enter these worlds and must know the boundaries and protocol. Even with training and knowledge, character is the most important attribute of any great shaman. In order to enter these sacred Spiritual realms, one must be fearless and confident. Nothing can do us harm but by opening ourselves up when we are vulnerable we can never be sure of what may follow us out.

I won't do shamanic work when I'm feeling weak or even an eensy bit unsure of myself. Instead I enter these realms as a Warrior, trusting my power and knowing I am protected by all times by my Spirit Guides.

We should all have a special something that can remind us of our power. Whether it be a crystal, a friend or a picture, we all must have a little magic that puts us back into the right space to embody our magnificence.

I often rely on music as I prepare to walk the Spirit Realms...

-for deep shamanic work, Pat Benatar's Invincible always does the trick

-for working with Angels and Ascended Masters, Omission by John Frusciante can help me step aside to let Spirit lead the healing

Music has a way of transcending all boundaries, allowing us to bypass all limitations and dream into being our highest potential. Who makes you sing the song of your soul?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To be or not to be ...Psychic

Hello lovies! I loved this post about to be or not to be a psychic  so much that I moved it to my website. Check it out over there!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Laugh, Sing & Dance

A client recently asked what I suggested for busting up a bad mood. We all find ourselves in these places and it can really suck to be stuck. Moods ride us like waves so we often must be patient to see what message will be washed ashore.

Our emotions communicate what's going on in our Spirit so always, ALWAYS, pay attention to your feelings, attitudes, and moods.

Anger is a powerful emotion reminding us a breakthrough is just around the corner. While it can be draining to be in a bad mood for too long, but in this too there is a lesson. Pay attention, be patient and be loving with yourself as the lesson makes its way to the surface!

For persistent blues, I have learned over time:

A) To let it be and give myself permission to feel like crap sometimes;
B) To phone a friend ... my best friend can make me giggle without saying a word. Rely on this when you need it;
C) To have emergency CD "pick-me-ups" in my back pocket: laughing, singing or dancing! NERD or Prince can get me groovin', while Bill Hicks and Mitch Hedberg get me rollin' in stitches ... aha haha haha ... teeheehee ... oho hoho hoho! When the music itself isn't enough, dancing ALWAYS does the trick! Shake the energy up, sing out loud, and use the laughter and dancing to literally break down the stuck energy.

Of course, it's always challenging to remember this advice especially when you're IN the bad mood, but our moods are a choice also. Choose to be in a fulfilling, light-hearted place -- this is YOUR life. Don't take life so seriously-- if you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Even Shamans get the Blues

I had a shamanic healing session scheduled over the weekend. I have been eagerly anticipating it for weeks yet as I arrived, I was filled with butterflies. I was nervous and unsure of what to expect. Over the years I had forgotten this feeling of apprehension that often precedes a healing. I sometimes hear it from clients but rarely am on the receiving end.

I had to remind myself:

Nervous energy is often disguised excitement. In approaching a breakthrough, or great change, the energy may feel like nerves when in fact it is the universe revving us up for greatness.

It was indeed one of the most profound and moving healings I have ever received. (Love and gratitude to my sisters Katherine and Denise for this profound gift). There was nothing to be nervous about and I remembered to receive the wisdom they delivered.

When you schedule a session with an intuitive, shaman, or healer and feel these nerves come up, rather than thinking them to be bad vibes or a sign you shouldn't do it, recognize the emotions as a sign of great wonder, great momentum, and a valuable gift. The nerves are confirming that what you are about to receive is 100% real. Change is possible and, in the hands of great healers, ensured.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Serendipity Abounds

I have been feeling really in the Divine Flow lately. Everyday feels sprinkled with fairy dust and each moment a gift from the bosom of the Great Mother. I know this is being aided by phenomenal acutonics treatments, the mojo of 2010, and these darned CieAura stickers.

I'm listening again to the Secret during my drive time and am feeling lifted. The information is not new, nor beautifully presented, but simply listening to content and words that make me feel good is in fact helping me feel great! It is so easy to step into the flow with positive thoughts, words, and actions.

The universe is an all loving place that supports our success and encourages our best. It is amazing to see what comes into being when you can shift into seeing the world as a force conspiring FOR us rather than against us.

One way Spirit is able to connect with us is through coincidences, or serendipitous events. There is in fact no random chance to these wonderful little gifts. Instead synchronicity was built into the system to confirm we are on the right path, kind of like a cosmic cheerleader, throwing a confirmation in our path just when we need it.

A few ways serendipity found me this week:

* On Wednesday, I posted a blog called Breakfast With the Gods. Today I receive an email from the World Puja (an online radio station dedicated to all matters spiritual) entitled... you guessed it... "Breakfast with God."

* I was speaking with a new friend about Sonia Choquette and I both hailing from Chicago. As we were talking, a client was posting a note about PeeKS Group, our support group for psychic kids and teens, on Sonia's FaceBook page.

* I have been seeking a hypnotherapist who can assist me in past life recall. This week, I met 3 talented professionals who are trained in this arena.

* As I was finishing an email to my Mother in Law, a woman by the same name walked into my office

* At breakfast, my hubby's name (Gavin) was called for his table reservation. It wasn't us, but another family by the same name. Immediately after they were seated, Andrea -- my birth name-- was called. Again, this wasn't our table but another waiting couple. As we were finally seated after those two Gavin and Andreas, another "Andrea" was called.

None of these are monumental, life changing coincidences, but rather small things, in uncanny frequency, reminding me I am just where I need to be.

Thank you Angels and I'm listening! I hope you too can find your own flow and count the blessings thrown your way each day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Breakfast with the Gods

The other day, our 2 year old daughter took Ganesh from his "throne" by our front door and brought him to the table. She took off her bib, placed it on him and began to place food at his feet, sharing her breakfast of eggs and bagel with Him.

Her simple yet loving action moved me completely. At 2, she knows what the rest of us may spend a lifetime to remember:

The Divine is not separate from us, nor is it something that requires worship. Connection with the Divine is inherent in all we do and always easily accessible.

Ganesh is a powerful Indian Deity who is revered as the Remover of Obstacles. His elephant head makes Him easily identifiable and speaks to his nature as a powerful energy, for who can stop a moving elephant? Call upon Ganesh when starting new projects or when you could use help facing something challenging in your life. He will clear the path ensuring success and prosperity.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Always Areas for Growth

Journey Books (where I am the in-house psychic 1 day a week) had a psychic fair today. Stopping by to visit and receive some guidance myself, I had 2 people ask for readings with me. This is exciting as I have been doing sessions privately (from my home for the past 6 years!) it's nice to be embraced so readily when I do step outside my comfort zone.

I had an amazing astrological consult with a gifted man named Roy Neal- and boy did he have a ton to share! With great career opportunities, financial flow and some areas I still need to address for my own growth, it's always so powerful to have a map drawn out to help support me on my journey. I left feeling inspired and enthused about the unfolding of the coming year.

On my drive, I called a friend and colleague to get her feedback from trying CieAura on her family and clients. She had tried them herself with stunning results and was eager to share them with her sweetie. She had done her due diligence (Google!) and her exuberance had diminished significantly. Her research had discovered the founder to be involved in other "scam type" companies in the past. My heart sank as I realized this will be a reality I must face when sharing this product.

When I started my own explorations, I asked for guidance around this. What if it is just a sticker!?! Am I a lemming to so readily believe this holographic chip can bring such positive results?

Fortunately, I was told by my trusted Angelic Helpers it really doesn't matter-- people can and are being helped. People are feeling better and that's the bottom-line! People are changing their lives. So, is this really just a placebo effect? I believe NOT; however, even if it was ... who cares! The truth is: Many people are feeling better, and CieAura is assisting us in restoring our own natural abilities to heal ourselves.

So, rather than getting wrapped up in the online hype (both good and bad are out there for those looking!), I choose instead to ask: "Do you feel better when wearing it?" Your reality is shaped by direct experience and in the end, as we create new ways in the New Earth, this will be all that matters anyway.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Breathing Love into 2012

My thoughts on 2012 have shifted drastically over the last few months. Where once I thought the foretold devastation unavoidable, I now only feel hope that we can affect positive change. If enough people are breathing and believing fear into an event, it will likely play out just as we create it. If however, enough of us believe in the good, I know we can affect the Divine Plan for the better. Is this going against the Divine Blueprint then? Of course not for we always have free will and can send love into anything. If an event is inevitable, it still may be so but with a lesser intensity than it may have been without our love, light and prayers.

It may seem I have my head in the clouds or have been watching too much Care Bears with my beloved toddler, but Angelic sources assure me, we as humans, as co-creators of the Earth, have a great impact on how events unfold.

I stopped buying into anything that filled me with fear or even anything that makes me anything less than joyful. We disconnected our cable and are now free to watch and fill our free time with shows and stories that uplift our family. This has brought me much more peace and optimism than I could have ever imagined.

I did see a movie sometime back and saw a preview for the film 2012, I could feel the theater become tense at the frightening scenes and music that filled the screen. From my seat, I sent out prayers of light assuring those around me that this was simply a Hollywood version of 2012 and there is nothing to fear. The mood lightened and I trust I was able to affect some relief to those around me.

As we near 2012 and other events that fill us with dread, I hope we can all choose to breathe life into the goodness and blessings rather than the fear. We are the Stewards of the New Earth and it will be up to us how we arrive there!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why so Rock 'n Roll?

I realize the term Rock 'n Roll Shaman may be misinterpreted. Do I think I'm a rock star? Am I so egotastic that I think the term Rock 'n Roll encompasses my greatness? Anyone who knows me well will be guffawing by now.

I chose this title for not only my deep love of music but also for the ability of music to be the great transcend-er, the essence of spirit and presence. A single note can bring us into the Now and suspend us there forever. I am a Rock 'n Roll Shaman not because I rock but because of how it makes me roll.... roll into oneness and transport me into the spiritual realms we as shamans walk.

Music has a way of capturing a moment like amber! Anytime you hear the song it brings you back to a singular memory. Hitler knew its power (as did Wagner) to move beyond words to incite a feeling as real and raw as any we can experience on our own. When in the wrong hands (as with any powerful tool) it can be used to orchestrate disaster, but when used as intended-- to touch the Divine-- anything is truly possible.

I began scribbling out some thoughts on my Rock 'n Roll brand of shamanism and an amazing healing occurred for my handsome hubby. With Pandora (the Faith No More station, specifically) on on the background, I began receiving guidance on his road map to health and wealth. He too is an intense music lover so for us to be able to step into this divine flow together was a sacred treat.

For years he has been asking for very clear and obvious signs of his next steps. We began chatting, him being honestly aware of the reality he has created, when the songs began to answer us back. TEN songs in a row from Metallica to Stone Temple Pilots to Tool each played a piece, giving me the questions to ask (through the lyrics) and allowing him a chance to see things in ways he hadn't before.

After our 90 minute rockin' healing, we looked back over this adventure. We laughed and cried heartily. It was beyond uncanny, beyond weird, beyond wild-- it was his perfect manifestation of clear answers. It was his answer from the Divine he had asked for so many years. They gave him a Road Map showing him concretely the next steps to live his life in alignment with his highest aspirations and dreams. (Pandora backward - A ROaD MAP, mere coincidence? ...btw it never is... coincidences are a direct sign from the Heavens, a hands on method to communicate with us silly humans.)

This morning we awoke still giddy at our experience and without words to capture the awe and gratitude of this gift.

I said before I think Pandora is a great gadget. But er, um, I must now revise that... With the right guide, a Rock N Roll shaman perchance, Pandora can be a tool of divine insight.

Spirit is easily able to put songs on our radio and iPods at just the right moment. I'm sure if you think back you can remember a time when this happened to you. Not just during times of heartbreak listening to Journey non-stop (:-) but anytime we need clear guidance from our Angels and Spirit Helpers. Music (and the right song at the right time) is a "tool" I have worked with for years and trusted as a direct connection to the other side. Coupled with Pandora and our own budding abilities of manifestation, nothing less than the miraculous is possible through healing and music.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

2010 Pregnant with Possibilities

My dear friend gave birth to a handsome lil fella this week. I felt all week how powerful the energies were. Only now in taking my full week into perspective, I realize the blessing that Mother Brigit (Goddess of Fire and the exalted one for Imbolc) brought to us all. As the bringer of transformation, the holder of truth, and the keeper of abundance it makes perfect sense She would bring such magic!

2010 does feel this way to me... every step I take and with each breath I breathe, I feel supported, courageous, and grateful. Never have I experienced such bliss by simply being. I know this is not my gift alone but is the blessing of 2010-- the year for manifestations, for magic, and for limitless possibilities. We are indeed the stewards of the New Earth and its up to us what we want to create in our new reality.

I've been reading a great book by Stuart Wilson and Joann Prentiss. I have LOVED their work with the Essences and was led to their latest called Beyond Limitations: The Power of Conscious Co-Creation. It offers step by step instructions on manifestation and sets up the "rules" of the universe from the Angels themselves. They too are ready for our New Earth and are offering to help us whenever we ask.

Set an intention for yourself today and watch it magically come to you. It is a powerful tool that leaves me in constant awe.

If you need help tapping into the mystery, my intuitive consultations can help you reconnect with you own innate gifts too. You have all the power but sometimes we all can use some help remembering! 2010 is ready for us to remember our greatness and to bring into our world abundant love and joy.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ahhh Frusciante

We've been enjoying the ease of technology in so many ways. Today Pandora stole my heart with its sundry interpretations of John Frusicante. Do they think him a mere singer songwriter? Yes I can see the Beatles, Radiohead, and even Beck connection but John Hiatt??? Surely that must be some computer glitch. I guess it just goes to show no matter how much technology may improve our lives it will never understand genius... or beauty... or love. So here's to love and John Frusciante and to computers still being computers!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reaching the New Earth

We have been prepping ourselves for some time for a new reality, a new way of being and doing in the world. While it feels that it's finally close some days are more inspired than others.

I have been working with ArchAngel Metatron on a new project I'm excited to share. I've been writing for days straight and just when I think I'm done, he comes with more guidance that must be captured on paper. These are the days we clear our schedule and let the Divine speak. Afterall, isn't that what we're here for-- to feel more connected to Source, to feel love coursing through our veins, and to recognize how little it is really us (ego "us") at all.

So while my daughter waits patiently while Mama tries to finish just this sentence, Metatron whispers more and more about how truly blessed we all are every moment of every day. The more we can step into the gratitude, the more we are one with the Gods.