Saturday, March 6, 2010

Laugh, Sing & Dance

A client recently asked what I suggested for busting up a bad mood. We all find ourselves in these places and it can really suck to be stuck. Moods ride us like waves so we often must be patient to see what message will be washed ashore.

Our emotions communicate what's going on in our Spirit so always, ALWAYS, pay attention to your feelings, attitudes, and moods.

Anger is a powerful emotion reminding us a breakthrough is just around the corner. While it can be draining to be in a bad mood for too long, but in this too there is a lesson. Pay attention, be patient and be loving with yourself as the lesson makes its way to the surface!

For persistent blues, I have learned over time:

A) To let it be and give myself permission to feel like crap sometimes;
B) To phone a friend ... my best friend can make me giggle without saying a word. Rely on this when you need it;
C) To have emergency CD "pick-me-ups" in my back pocket: laughing, singing or dancing! NERD or Prince can get me groovin', while Bill Hicks and Mitch Hedberg get me rollin' in stitches ... aha haha haha ... teeheehee ... oho hoho hoho! When the music itself isn't enough, dancing ALWAYS does the trick! Shake the energy up, sing out loud, and use the laughter and dancing to literally break down the stuck energy.

Of course, it's always challenging to remember this advice especially when you're IN the bad mood, but our moods are a choice also. Choose to be in a fulfilling, light-hearted place -- this is YOUR life. Don't take life so seriously-- if you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?!

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