Sunday, March 14, 2010


Deep shamanic work is among the most healing and powerful energetic modalities on the planet. It has been relied on since time began as the most direct way to heal, treat, or cure any ailment.

Only the initiated may enter these worlds and must know the boundaries and protocol. Even with training and knowledge, character is the most important attribute of any great shaman. In order to enter these sacred Spiritual realms, one must be fearless and confident. Nothing can do us harm but by opening ourselves up when we are vulnerable we can never be sure of what may follow us out.

I won't do shamanic work when I'm feeling weak or even an eensy bit unsure of myself. Instead I enter these realms as a Warrior, trusting my power and knowing I am protected by all times by my Spirit Guides.

We should all have a special something that can remind us of our power. Whether it be a crystal, a friend or a picture, we all must have a little magic that puts us back into the right space to embody our magnificence.

I often rely on music as I prepare to walk the Spirit Realms...

-for deep shamanic work, Pat Benatar's Invincible always does the trick

-for working with Angels and Ascended Masters, Omission by John Frusciante can help me step aside to let Spirit lead the healing

Music has a way of transcending all boundaries, allowing us to bypass all limitations and dream into being our highest potential. Who makes you sing the song of your soul?

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