Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Even Shamans get the Blues

I had a shamanic healing session scheduled over the weekend. I have been eagerly anticipating it for weeks yet as I arrived, I was filled with butterflies. I was nervous and unsure of what to expect. Over the years I had forgotten this feeling of apprehension that often precedes a healing. I sometimes hear it from clients but rarely am on the receiving end.

I had to remind myself:

Nervous energy is often disguised excitement. In approaching a breakthrough, or great change, the energy may feel like nerves when in fact it is the universe revving us up for greatness.

It was indeed one of the most profound and moving healings I have ever received. (Love and gratitude to my sisters Katherine and Denise for this profound gift). There was nothing to be nervous about and I remembered to receive the wisdom they delivered.

When you schedule a session with an intuitive, shaman, or healer and feel these nerves come up, rather than thinking them to be bad vibes or a sign you shouldn't do it, recognize the emotions as a sign of great wonder, great momentum, and a valuable gift. The nerves are confirming that what you are about to receive is 100% real. Change is possible and, in the hands of great healers, ensured.

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