Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Psychopomp

I sling this word around my office with great glee.  For me, upon first hearing the word, something lit up in my soul.  I felt like I was being called and for the first time knew what to label myself.

Psychopomps are the Soul Conductors ensuring souls get from our world to the next.

We come in all shapes and sizes... tending family member, hospice nurse, CT scan tech, ghost hunter, medium, shaman and so very many spaces in between.

I am most often called into service to help the Soul navigate the death realms... this is something I trained in in other lives that is still stored within me.  I don't often know I'm being a guide, but will sometimes feel drains on my energy that remind me I'm being useful to those who need it.  

Other times, I act as medium, delivering messages across the veil.

Truth be told, I have never seen a physical death.  It's not my role and rather I am in absolute awe of those who get to bear witness every day.  What a gift to be honored as the one to hold them in thier last be trusted in that moment as the last one to see them in this form.  Ahhhhhh.  

If we don't know that we are actively in this role, we can get tired, experience unexplained grumpiness (even depression), irrational irritation and may just "not feel like ourselves."  Knowing how to assist these souls and how to restore our own reserves is the magic key!  I am passionate about sharing these techniques so we can more effectively fulfill our ancient call AND live a fulfilling life of our own choosing!

I host a workshop just for us... helping us embrace the role and assist on whichever side we are needed.  If you wanna join us, check out the Classes to see when the next one will be offered.

For those more deeply called, formal training may be the way to go.  

Not sure if you may be a psychopomp?  Take the quiz to find out!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Deaths we Live, the eve of the Blood Moon

We all seem to collectively hold our breath when we speak about death... as if not to offend or attract it.  I find this taboo bizarre and have spoken much about shifting our perception.

What we don't always acknowledge are the little deaths, the deaths we live everyday.  Not just in the loss of a family member, but the loss of a job, a relationship, a phase of life, outgrowing of friends and so on.  

If we could remember these too are deaths, change of energy from one form to another, we might embrace more ways to normalize the Big One.

Every transition is a death of something.  Every sickness is our body killing off something.  These are not morbid thoughts, simply other ways we can embrace this weird energy transference that we put so much fear and so little actual energy in.  

As the Blood Moon is upon us, it a time to release big old energies that may be clogging our energetic channels.  This specific Moon also brings a total Eclipse in Aries & Libra.... holding both Sacred Masculine & Feminine Divine energies of transformation.  Astrologer Divine Harmony suggests this Moon is

"bringing a huge focus to the endings, changes, transformations, death and rebirth experiences playing out in the collective masculine/feminine dynamic and in relationships of all kinds."

Being in Mercury Retrograde, this is not a time to react, nor to move, but instead to step back and go within to see what we can do (and who can be) differently.  Much will be stirred up within you and rather than resisting or even stuffing what fires are lit inside you, choose how to direct these flames to burn up what isn't working.  

I always welcome some intensity in my healing and this Blood Moon feels just the potent mix for some focused and powerful healing.

We offer our Sacred Circle on full moon Sundays for both local and long distance participation.  If we can support you in harnessing these masterful teaching forces, raising your vibration or shucking off the next layer, please join us!