Monday, December 2, 2013

Dont' Look for Love! Practice Irresistibility

Love readings are not my specialty, not because I don't LOVE YOU and want the very best for you, but because often you don't yet know how to truly love yourself.  Ouch!  
The powerhouse Iyanla VanZant says, most of us are calling in our "broken parts" to meet each others broken parts.  We call in abusers (physical, verbal or mental) because something in it feels familiar- safe even.  We call in people who can't commit because of our own unhealed stuff.  None of this is new news, I hope, but allow me to share where true love can be found...

Don't Look for Love,
Practice Irresistibility!

image from artist Tanya Jacobz
When you love you, wholly fully and completely, you are a bright light shining in all of the brilliance you carry.  Like a moth to the flame, your beloved cannot help but be drawn in.  Promise.

In Lynn Andrew's Jaguar Woman, I found a phrase that has never left me...

"You cannot call in your God until you become your own Goddess."

When we carry the wounds, the doubts, the fears, we call in lovers who will help us practice this lower vibration until we are able to finally heal it.  When we love us first, dedicate ourselves to our own healing, joy, and passion, we are so bright and shiny, others cannot help but to respond.  

If you are ready for the healing that finally reminds you how to LOVE you, oh good golly, can we help!  Taking a peek into your infinite soul and helping move out the cobwebs to let you roar is what we do best.  From this perspective of introspective, we can easily see, feel and touch the beloved.  But until the work is embarked upon, it's all just fluff.  Until you OWN you, we can't really see the soul who can cherish you best.

So let's play.  I am happily and deliriously in service to you.    

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thor and the Akasha

I'm a geek.  No shame, no challenge there.  So when I headed out to see Thor: the Dark World, I was a bit overjoyed and mucho dismayed at what I found.

The plot line is solid (except for the killing off of Freja - harumph!) a love story, galactic battles and a fierce Kat Dennings, thank you. But, but, but...

They spoke of the AEther, the substance that makes up the world before creation... and it was the evil, the villain of the whole dern movie.

I know this Aether as the Akasha, the foundation of the Akashic Records.  And I'll confess, I was disheartened, I was irritated, I was mad.  How could they so twist and perverse the sacred aether.  How and why could something of such love be tainted to handily fit into the subject of a movie.  Ouch, Marvel.  And tsk, tsk.

My experience of the Aka-sa, the Akash, is so drastically different... the ancients called it the primary substance, the invisible matter, that holds worlds together.  It is everywhere and nowhere all at once.  And in its majesty, is the greatest of all forms.  From the aether we can create worlds-- not darkness.  It is from the dark that the Aether awaits-- awaiting to become form, awaiting intention, awaiting creation.  It is wholeness and light and love and all possible potential of this and every other dimension.

To pervert it so, was a malicious twisting of sacred form.  Yes, I get the fun of it all, your cleverness, but come the heck on--  Why taint something so very sacred?  

So you can take your fear and shove it... I'll enjoy the shirtless Thor, and the powerful expression of Freja... before you dorks decided to kill her.  

If you want to explore the Aether for yourself, an Akashic Records Reading will give you a lil taste of the true purity of this space.  Classes granting access to this very real and sacred energetic space will also be offered starting in January 2014. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sheshat for Starseeds

Sheshat, as the Goddess of Astronomy, is now fulfilling one of Her most crucial roles. Looking to the heavens and finding Her constellation, Sheshat's dress is a blanket of stars. Her knowledge of the infinite star systems and celestial beings is incredibly vast. Dolores Cannon, a vociferous collector of Star Being knowledge, suggests we are ALL star seeds coming from different planets and dimensions to learn lessons here on Earth. 

Sheshat confirms this and holds within our Akashic Records our earliest star origins. She is literally a gateway to the Stars assisting us in remembering our own Intergalactic history and giving her blessing to those non-human, celestial beings working in the Light to help humans ascend.

We can invoke Sheshat to help us remember our own Star Seed... our own Planet of Origin: Where our oldest lifetimes began! 

You may be incredibly surprised to discover your original lifetime was not on Earth.  

Truth is... We all come from other places (planets) to do the greatest works of LOVE on Earth. Much like New York City is an ethnic melting pot for our whole world, our Mama Earth is an Intergalactic melting pot allowing beings of many dimensions and other races to learn how to co-habitate, cultivate and manifest true love for one another.

As you begin to explore (or embrace!) the reality of life beyond this planet, Sheshat can soothe and lovingly guide you into peace as you begin to see the universe is much larger than you may have ever imagined. For me in realizing the truth of celestial beings and galatic  helpers, it took many months of assimilation as my worldview shifted drastically. With any luck, you are already more enlightened than I when this all began, and can easily accept a federation of extra-terrestrial guardians! If not, gratefully call upon Sheshat to help you gently accept the vastness of support we receive from our Galactic Family and friends.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Question of Faith

I consider myself a woman of great faith, devotion to God and a dedication to my spiritual path are among those things most sacred to me.  What I do comes from God, I deliver His messages in honor and integrity and feel myself to be a conduit of His Divine Light.

Faith is a deeply personal journey and one that should never be taken lightly.  I respect all paths and honor each person's mission to cultivate this most necessary relationship with the Divine.

I work in a largely Christian community and while clients may be interested in seeing me, some feel it is a challenge to their current beliefs.   I don't ever find this to be the case.... having a psychic reading and loving Jesus are in no way at odds! I believe in a faith that allows us to have a direct relationship with God...  prayer, meditation and service are all ways we can be in this direct communion. 

I had this same conversation with a client who had contemplated calling me for over a year.  Susan (shared with her permission) came in last month for her 2nd reading! I asked if she would talk about how her experience and concerns had played out.  I found her words helpful and am grateful she allowed me to share it. 

Healers working in integrity can bring great clarity and peace of mind.  It is never a substitute for medical or psychiatric care, nor even good common sense.  But in the best of circumstances, ethical psychics can provide insight and direction when your own thoughts, feelings or beliefs are tripping you up.

It is not a question of faith, but in service to your own Truth, to allow your intuition to get a second opinion. (And. my thanks to Clairbook for such a witty tagline!) 

Fear has NO Power

Ready for the fear challenge?  

Take the leap and move outta your own darn way, baby!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Séance

I've shyed away from this word for a long time, but ultimately, mama's ready to reclaim it!

In the traditional sense, a séance is a gathering where the living (that's us) can talk, connect and be in commune with those on the other side.  It is an opportunity for healing and connection to bring peace and sometimes awe to those in attendance.

The séance got a bad wrap in the early part of this century.  When spiritualists reigned, so too were there opportunities for less than integrious individuals to take advantage. It's not my belief nor experience that most psychics are insincere, rather, all work at differing levels of integrity, and that's why I stress ethics in my community so strongly. 

Séances are not simply mediums connecting and sharing messages, I have most often experienced them as evenings of intense connections and teachings.  All who gather in the spirit of curiosity and sincerity are gifted with something truly remarkable.  From weird noises to unexplained lights, all things are possible! 

While we do open doorways and peek through the veil, séances are a safe step in spiritual waters.  I tend to experience them less as an occult and more in the realm of healing when properly conducted.  Setting safe space and having clear boundaries are essential pieces to hosting a gathering such as this.  We close doors after us, we release Spirits back to God/Goddess/Source and we say prayers blessing everyone in the highest divine light.  This is a boon for our communities much more so than an entertaining diversion. 

If you wanna play deeper:

- the Scole Experiement is an excellent resource for those seeking to explore life after death.  I've found them to be not only fascinating but in great integrity and service as well!

- I host an annual séance in the Denver area each year in this spirit of gathering and community healing.   Check it out and join us if you can!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wanting What the Soul Craves

You know those days where you just feel blah?  Not inspired, stump-like and wondering where the heck the magic in your own life went?  I had one of those last week.  

I complained, I stewed and then I pulled out the Desire Map.  Whoooosh... Synchronicities started flying in left and right (8, count em 8 coincidences, that I had experienced and overlooked in that day alone) and I got to the bottom of my shit.  What I really want more than anything...

I want to be Worshipped 


As soon as I wrote it, I panicked.  "Oh my god, did you really write this?" shouted my brain.   What a selfish diva-y thing to want. 

I breathed through my heart whilst it seized up and stepped back.  Obviously, yes some part of me really wants to be worshipped.

Ok, just breathe and allow.  If I do as the Goddess that is Danielle LaPorte reminds us: that by following our Desires, we find the way to the fullest expression of our Soul: then I must honor this little truth and see what happens if I embrace it.  

"The fact is, they are your current desires and they're trying to show you something: the way to your Soul."   
Desire Map pg. 60    

So thus embracing, writing, drawing, and journaling the heck out of this truth, I went to bed dreaming upon my being worshiped and letting go of the Guilt, Shame, Ego that tried to come in with it. 

The next day, I went to the office and, lo and behold, the worshipping had begun.

- a bag of chocolate sat upon my desk and  a fresh orchid on my side table -

No note, no card, no "hey thanks for that" message, just the gifts lay waiting.  

And even a week later, it continues... I received not one, but two, amazing gifts of hand made jewelry from clients.  Both so soulful and lovely in their perfection and neither artist knowing the depth of the gift she has shared. 

I feel so very blessed and honor the part of me that really wants to be worshipped.  When we can be in full out honesty with our Soul, the synchronicities can begin to flow and more of Us comes into the world.  

"I am in service to the Universe and by honoring my own truth, I can serve in the full magnitude of the the potential my soul holds for me."  Thus is my prayer and how I temper my ego each time core desires rise up to the surface.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Learning the Tarot

The Tarot is a complex and intuitive joy ride.  If you want to learn, be patient but also know you personal meaning carries more weight than anyone else's interpretations!  Dive in and enjoy the journey. 

I have been a full on medium and intuitive most of my life, but it was only 2 summers ago that I incorporated the tarot into my psychic tool box.  I enjoy it's rich imagery and find deeper meaning the more I use it.  Some readings are just straight up tarot readings-- allowing the wisdom of the cards to be the only vehicle for messages to arrive-- while other times I will allow the messages to come in and the tarot to act as confirmation to what I'm receiving. 

We will all have our own rhythm, story and relationship with the Tarot.  It is a beneficial tool for personal insight and soul development.   If you'd like to learn start with the traditional Rider Waite, it's the oldest deck and contains the most potent archetypal imagery.  Learn that and then branch out into oracle decks and specialty decks as you'd like.  (My favorite deck right now is the Isis Oracle ... it's so mega intense, I haven't yet seen, much less even studied, every card!)

Here's how I learned the tarot:

~ Get a notebook just for tarot. Something pretty and cool (moleskin, rocks!) worked best for me so I was excited to use it. 

~ Organize the deck into each suit, then by ascending order -- Ace, 2... to Queen and King

~ For each card, sit with it and write down your impressions (on one page and leaving the facing page blank).  Study the images, note your intuitions, what the card evoked and very your first gut reactions. 

~ On the second run, read the meaning of each card and write this on the opposite facing page.

~ Review your notebook and make friends with the card.  Get to know each character.  Every card carries their own story.  Sit with each and try to reconcile what you felt initially and what the most common meaning is.

I've found since I learned the tarot, the meanings are highly personal and yet very archetypal. I don't like the King of Swords - he's a dick - but still necessary in some cases.  Sometimes my attention is drawn to a specific image on the card (I was playing with the Page of Pentacles during a reading last week and noticed my attention kept being drawn to his red hat.  It turns out the person being discussed was recovering from brain tumors!) 

As in all our soul work, what it means to us is of most value.

If you'd like resources get some books, play online or find a local teacher. 

The Tarot Revealed by Eden Grey is awesome for it gives the alchemical and ancient meaning of each image on the card.  I like to seep in the cards so if you dig all the juicy details, this book is a must!

Working with teachers is also of great support, but is never the only method upon which you want to rely.  I've worked with 2 different teachers and both had completely different meanings for the cards.  Both are highly respected readers in her own right, so their use of the tarot becomes an extension of her individual psychic gifts.  However as a student, it only confused and frustrated me.  I'm a bit of a rebel, so learning on my own proved the most satisfying.

The cards will talk and give you another tool of connecting with your own intuition.  The characters and imagery play in the ancient places and inspire stories.  Allow the cards to reveal themselves to you and share the story that gives you the guidance you seek.Most of all, sweet love, trust what's coming through!  Allow the Tarot to be an amelioration of your own knowingness. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Through Death's Doorway

One of my biggest passions is assisting soul's from our world to the next.  I find my work as psychopomp one of the most rewarding!  

I'm not so good seeing people out (the actual death transition, I leave to the angels of hospice!) but I am often called on to help soul's make their journey clearly to the other side.  

I am a soul conductor.  Helping people make their way from the land of the living to the blissful land of Spirit.  I assist in making their journey to the afterlife.  The Egyptians had intricate prayers and rituals, yet our society simply offers condolences and elaborate funerary rites that often do not serve the soul at any level.   

I received this question today and thought it worth sharing:

"Hi Andye, 

I had a old friend that just passed.....I think he stopped by to say bye.  Is it to early to tell?"

--- "Not at all!  Within 3 days of passing, he's making his rounds.  Up until the funeral it's perfectly normal for him to visit and say howdy to friends and loved ones.  After the funeral, 6 weeks of quiet is needed for the soul to transition to the other side."

I shared some of these teachings when my cousin Gale passed.  He taught us much about Dying with Grace and I am happy to carry on his wisdom.

Death is a welcome and beautiful gift. To regard it with fear and distrust only harms the soul.  Please talk to your loved ones about this transition so we can lift the current consciousness that permeates our society!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Lion's Stargate of July 29th

We have a massive astrological event July 29th that promises to shift the world... both inner and outer realities will be affected.  I'm not just being dramatic (though us Cancerian souls quite excel at that!) astrologers across the world are talking about this Stargate.  The last time it occurred, it brought the end to World War 2 on Feb. 7, 1945.  This is the true birth to the Age of Aquarius.  

I'm planning on some ceremony and quiet time to absorb and learn.

And honestly, I'm more giddy about this cosmic happening than any other yet this summer.  I can't contain my excitement and keep feeling something big is upon us. 

As I'm no astrologer, here's what I've been gathering...

from the powerful Liv Woodford:

The portal opens: Moon enters Taurus 1:43am EDT
Moon sextile Neptune 9:45am - Star of David (the two Grand Trines) is activated
Moon opposite Saturn 10:41am
MOON SQUARE SUN 1:43pm EDT – A Tetrahedron (perfect Triangle) is activated
Moon sextile Jupiter 3:12pm
Moon trine Venus 5:48pm - Merkaba (Flower Formation) is activated
Moon trine Pluto 7:17pm
The portal closes: Moon sextile Mars 10:09pm EDT

The Water Grand Trine (Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury) is about connectivity, about deepening our intuition and being able to bring our vision into reality through following, trusting and paying attention to our feelings.  With Mercury in the mix, it also reflects that success will come through communicating our vision and collaborating with others.

The Earth Grand Trine (Venus, Pluto, Moon) helps to establish what we are wanting to bring into the world.  It assures and helps us connect to the resources we need to ground the dream in reality.  It supports and fuels the promise of the Water Grand Trine.

Tomorrow feels like an opportunity for a reset, an alignment that will allow us to manifest changes on this planet that support us in creating the New Earth.  Be in your intention and participate with rest of the beings of light to bring in something truly transforming. 

If you'd like to dive deeper, the Mystic Mamma offers a fabulous compilation of inspiring thoughts for the day.  

Friday, July 26, 2013

Sheshat, the Immaculate Holder of the Akashic Records

In November 2008, I was visited during one of my meditations by a Goddess calling herself Sheshat. She appeared as an intimate and wise mentor, yet I had never before heard of her. In our discourse, she asked I learn directly from her, shying away from outside research and validation of who she is and what she does - of course, this piqued my interest but also my hesitation. To my delight, these past 5 years have been simply amazing quietly re-learning her wisdom, and I'm glad to announce she is FINALLY ready to let her words and message be made public!!


Sheshat is an Ascended Master and along with her lover Thoth, they both successfully ascended just prior to the fall of Atlantis. She appeared again to the ancient Egyptians and was credited as the Goddess of the Library.

An exceptionally tall beauty --dark and luscious-- she is in fact a Nubian Queen exuding radiant "big mama" energy. She walked the Earth during the earliest days of the Nubian civilization and was eventually adopted by the Egyptians. She loves us beyond measure... as evidenced by appearing in our most significant times (especially now) to aid our civilization in advancement. Calling herself the Mother of Ascension, she is here to lovingly guide us through the transitions beyond 2012.

A creator Goddess, Sheshat is incredibly forgiving and generous. She soothes us by erasing our fear-based constructs of guilt and blame recognizing instead the crucial importance of every choice we make in our soul's growth.

Sheshat radiates! She is joyous and compassionate! Simply invoking Her we are comforted for She sees our Highest Truth and shines back to us the expansiveness of our Being.

Known as the Keeper of the Library, the connection between "the Library" and the Akashic Records was fairly obvious! Sheshat has shown me all three phases of recording the deeds of humanity: The creation, the destruction, and the still living legacy of the Akashic Records. As Mother of Ascension, Holder of the Immaculate Akashic Records, Keeper of the Great Book of Souls, it is She who sees all time and is able to weave the "truth" of each soul.

The Library She kept was in fact the Akashic Records-- the intimate history of each soul. She is able to SEE each individual person and write his/her part into the Tree of Life. No falsehoods can exist within the Akashic Records for it is the ultimate Source of Truth for each living being on this planet. No one shall pass -literally-- through the Gates of Ascension without consulting Her directly, because She is a gatekeeper knowing the truth, purity and intention in the heart of each man and is a required "stamp of approval" for those aspiring Ascension.


Throughout our work over these past 5 years, She has gradually let me expand my scope researching a few resources which do mention Her by name. She explains each title (or role) giving us a more robust image of Her... solidifying Her role in the transformation of mankind.

You may find Her name spelled many ways: Shesat and Seshat, for example, both refer to Her. In confirming the pronunciation of Her name, She also provided a breathing technique (the most basic tool of mystery schools) to correctly pronounce Her name. I will refer to Her as She requested: "Sheshat."

One image I have been able to find shows her writing, actually creating the Tree of Life, with the most unusual crown I have ever seen. According to Egyptian culture, each deity had a unique crown identifying the goddess or god. You can always tell Isis by Her throne, Hathor by Her horns, and Sorquet by Her scorpion. 

Sheshat's unique crown looks likes a 7-line exclamation point. I jokingly call her the "Aha" Goddess for her most distinct crown because it kind of reminds me of a light bulb going on over your head, as if you had just gotten a grand idea or a moment of clarity! She explained this crown serves as a stargate to Ascension and will have much more to teach us in future writings about its specific usage.

A few references to Sheshat refer to her as the Goddess of Astronomy, the Goddess of Fate, and simply the Female Scribe. She is heralded as master of mathematics and measurement and was invoked prior to any sacred construction. She has helped me understand each of Her many titles so we can better comprehend the myriad ways She is assisting us now.

Her name literally translates as "female scribe," although at this, She just smiles, because this translation completely minimizes Her other roles in the long history of our Earth and Her assistance in mankind's ascension. She was, in fact, Thoth's lover and equal counter-part acting as the Divine Feminine to his Sacred Masculine. Together they created the Tree of Life-- a system of record keeping for Souls (the Akashic Records). Symbolically, the Tree also represents our connection both to the Earth and the Heavens. She is a Creator Goddess (with Thoth) continually weaving the fabric of time, events, and the intention behind every action, emotion, and thought into the Tree of Life as each person lives their day.

As the Goddess of Fate, She has remarkable perspective. She was in the beginning of time and shall be at the end. For me, She has been most helpful in reminding me what really matters in life, and which frivolous insignificant triggers I can avoid which take me off my Path.

Call upon Sheshat when you are in great conflict. With Her universal perspective, She can help you see the reality of your situation and help you reconcile the effects on your soul growth. She can assist us in letting go of things with great ease... simply ask Her to lift from you anything keeping you from the truth of your soul's evolution.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Desire Map your way into Bliss

Desire Map One of the most frequent requests I hear is that people feel "in a rut" and want to get back to themselves... be it joy, career, relationships.  People are having a hard time feeling good in this crazy ass world.

At least once a day, I suggest to invest in the Desire Map.  So take this as your sign if you've been sittin' on the fence. 

Danielle Laporte is changing the way I see the world and myself in it.  Why do we choose unhappy over those things which serve our soul.  Why do we turn away from joy and toward obligation?

"Because it's selfish" is most often the answer. 

What if being in service to those things that bring us bliss, and give us the most energy, is exactly what God asked us to do down here?

The Desire Map puts you back in touch with the Truth. We have to get out of our own way, break from what we should do and find what we WANT to do in order to be in service to our Soul. I called it the Valiant Pursuit of Joy and suggested ways to be in service to your bliss... Danielle's program helps you unearth it, baby!

Get a life coach, book a session, or do all the gorgeous work your own with the help of the Desire Map. It comes with a PRINTED book (it’s embossed, even!) a downloadable book, audio book, a series of audio contemplations; a private, online Desire Map space; an app, and 12 weeks of weekly inspiration to help people make desire-mapping a true practice. 
Everything you need to get you to the core of your own Soul.  A psychic reading will do the same, but the process of self discovery is really too delicious to resist. 

Here's a video I shared on YouTube last February... before I saw Danielle in SLC or read the book.  Guess we're playing in the same sumptuous, soul serving waters!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Energy Vampire

Sure vampires may look cool with that immortality thing and all, but blood, my love, blood, is what keeps this glamour alive.  Energy Vampires (or Psychic Vampires) are no different, except instead of blood consumption, they suck energy.  Just as exhausting and damaging, these peeps, suck the life force out of us, leaving us haggard and wiped.

They are harder to spot physically (no easy sparkle skin or preternatural white gleen... or duh ,the one inch incisors) but you can most certainly feel when you've been zapped by one.  These are the people who leave you feeling insecure, powerless, and even tired when you leave an interaction.  You feel unhappy when you walk away even though "friend time" is intended to be meaningful and life giving!  Just think on this and I'm sure you can identify an encounter.

... I once had a boss who was an active addict.  Every time I would enter the office, I would feel nervous and on edge.  After our meetings, even when I had felt I stood my ground, I felt wiped and defeated.  He meant no harm, this was simply the way he had learned to get by in the world...

In most cases, the energy vampire does not know they are doing this.  They may have learned from parents or adapted as a means of survival.  The intentions are rarely menacing yet their behaviors are undeniable.

We all owe it to ourselves and those around us to take responsibility for our energy... where it goes, and how it's acquired. If you discover yourself creating encounters that make others feel defensive and uneasy, you may be an unconscious energetic vampire. 

When you find yourself on the other side of these psychic vampires:

- allow yourself to ground and find your center.  The earth can support and refill you whenever you need Her to.

 - surround yourself in a bubble of golden pink light.  You will find yourself at ease and can then begin to reclaim your space.  You will feel better almost instantly and have the ability to re-set your boundaries.

- love yourself enough to leave the darn situation!  Stepping back and refusing to engage is the most loving act you can do for yourself.

Repeated exposure and codependent tendencies can actually attract more of these vampires to you.  Boundaries that respect your personal space and energy are needed.  You are an immense being of light and if you don't share it, feel it, be it, there are plenty of others who want to lay claim on your brilliance. 

Shamanic healing and  energy work is always a benefit when you are recovering from these encounters and can also assist you in learning to expand your energy to feel more like the version of you God intended.   

Share your ooey gooey love on this planet and aim to make every person you meet smile when you walk away.  This is the New Earth -we are creating and it's up to us to choose what we put into it. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Moon of June

The celestial bodies have been busy this summer preparing us for shifts on nearly every front... personal, political, financial... in just about every corner of the globe we can see upheaval at hand. In this year if the snake, we should be ready for miracles and embrace the changes that help us polish our rough edges.

May brought us a Super Moon completing a 3 eclipse phase that may have left us a bit exhausted and a lot exhilarated. (Super moons are moons that appear larger as they are closer to the earth.)  Change is never a comfortable process... But inevitable and welcome once we can see it clearly from the other side. May brought up to the surface many deep issues personally, while politically this spirit was inspiring the revolutions in Turkey and protests in Brazil and the NSA surveillance "policies" unearthed here in the states.  Some may even suggest Edward Snowden was inspired and supported by these galactic energies. 

The June solstice welcoming summer (on the 21st) is followed by a full moon (a Super Moon) on Sunday June 23rd.  The moon moves into the sign of Cancer (birth sign of yours truly :-) and can feel intensively emotional!

We can expect more shifts in consciousness and personal awareness. We are being asked to re-examine beliefs, the underlying motivations of why we do what we do. When we find the answers to these fundamental questions, we can align ourselves in ways that are in support of our soul evolution.

Awareness is truly our greatest strength and understanding within ourselves why we do what we do. When motivation can line up with beliefs and integrity is found, perfect flow is inevitable. We are fulfilling what we came here as souls to do and we will be supported in all ways.

When we are mindless and go through the motions, we can easily find ourselves feeling frustrated, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled.

The super moon is not a rallying cry to tear down institutions, but it may feel like it. Instead appreciate her magnificent glow, dance in the moonlight and allow your highest truth to rise to the surface... and embrace it, darnnit!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Boundaries, the ultimate act of Self Love

At the end of a reading, a client gently asked if there was anything else she needed to know... a seemingly simple question... and this came through.  I happily share with her permission!

"Boundaries are an act of self love.  An act of valuing oneself over the perceived inconvenience you may cause another.  when you choose not to set boundaries, you tell the universe that you (your time, your feelings, etc) don't matter.  the other person is therefore more "important" than you.  

In the universe of co-creation, each time we slight ourselves we deny our participation in an unfolding universe.  We are not important, we are not co creators and the universe cannot honor what we ask of it for we are not honoring it within ourselves.  

You know and have the tools but don't exercise them preferring to make yourself uncomfortable instead.  

We seem to think boundaries may hurt or offend the other.  when in fact it is us who are inconvenienced.  some may choose to disregard the boundaries you set, and these energies then become clear thorns that need to be pruned from the garden of your life.  

Boundaries are not rude, they are acts of protection and honor of self.  They are self love and can be exercised in a way that shows the universe and the other person, that we value and love ourselves.  Each time we do this, we can teach the others too as well." 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Finding our way to divine timing

Divine timing :  all things come in exactly the right time and unfold on a natural schedule in alignment with God's plan.  This comes for some as a test of faith and for others a cosmic joke. I've never lacked the faith, but until recently, haven't been able to see how this "divine timing" thing worked out in my own life.

The triple eclipses of May and June stirred up big behemoth energy for us all. Our ugliest of uglies rose to the surface for healing. This was not a comfortable transition, but invigorating, once we arrived on the other side.

I have been eating clean, using only chemical free products in my home and on my person and began juicing daily. I never imagined myself to be able to achieve these milestones which once seemed so unattainable. No dairy, no wheat, and only lean proteins.... This from a chocolate (and all things ham!) lover. I never thought this to be something I strived for much less accomplished.

I recall reading years ago a Doreen Virtue book where she mentioned a similar shift in her daily habits. At the time I found it farcical... A cool possibility yet far removed from my reality.

To be living it is rather miraculous feeling as it required nothing more from me but seeing the shift and following it. I am proud of myself, yes. But I am shocked by how little effort and self restraint it's required. The energy shifted, my path was clear and viola! I haven't craved coffee or sweets in nearly 2 weeks.  I have felt supported, lifted and energized in my choices without any concern for lack or loss.  Wild and wonderful indeed!

This isn't a hip hip hooray for me, it's a cheer of support for us all. Our angels and spirit guides are now coming in the most profound of ways... Supporting us in making drastic changes in those area of our lives which seem mundane and ingrained at the same time. My challenge was food, yours may be something entirely different.

To step into the flow of divine timing requires awareness and flexibility.  If you're challenged, look for those places that you keep getting stuck and ask for help. Your gifted Spirit Helpers are on the ready! When the time is right, something will just click into place and a clarity will arise.

So if everything isn't lined up and ready for you when you want it to be... go easy on yourself and be proud for simply being on the planet. Life is tricky now and to even stay committed to being alive deserves to be heralded.

If you find yourself getting stuck or looping in the same places and are beginning to tire of it, watch for the patterns.... They are the breadcrumbs that show you what is keeping you blocked.

There is nothing divine in time after all (for in the cosmos time doesn't even exist) so stay in the flow of this miraculous dance and enjoy every lil miracle along the way.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Getting the Most from a Psychic Fair

Psychic fairs can be fun and exciting!  In fact I've met some inspiring people and received life enhancing messages this way.  But, it can also be a energetic overload...  I'm grateful to have been on both sides of the table and always try to empower people with the information that allows the experience to be as magical as it can be.  

Just as all salesmen aren't in integrity, not all psychics are either.  We are gifted with extra sensory awareness and while that should come with a code of ethics, it does not.    Each psychic finds his or her own way and develops the toolset and techniques that serve them best in this world.  You likely screen and filter healthcare providers and so too must you use discretion in choosing a psychic.  The fairs don't always allow you the time to use this process.

We all get nervous and excited with so much energy flying around.  When I get readings in this environment I still get the jitters...  What I've learned is to not take it all in as my truth. If I do believe the insight they share, especially those messages which might cause me to feel badly about myself, I must evaluate whether the information was true for me.  When it is, rock the heck on and our lives can be enhanced by such loving and accurate wisdom.  When we later discover said nuggets to be untrue,  I have to work doubly hard to remove release and purge this information from mind and body.  We are open and vulnerable lil beings, and like water must be clean.   Yech!  

I'm open and want to believe that everyone works in my same vein of ethics.  It's sadly not true, so I've instead  learned to receive with gratitude and later review the messages.  Those that feel right and beneficial (if even unpleasant or hard to swallow) I allow myself to incorporate and work with. 

In these busy hectic places, psychics are salesmen trying to recoup their investment and build their business.  Being aware and savvy is always a good start.  Here's a few more tips....

-breathe and ground yourself before going to the fair.  Don't be too open but do be curious and in a space of love

- walk the room first. Look for the reader who jumps out and make you feel excited. 

- be in your power, exude grace and excitement!   Desperation energy is easily felt and the less reputable healers may take advantage of your vulnerability and convince you that you need them.  (I've fallen into this trap and felt like such a sap after... we all want to be seen and feel special, sometimes in these environments this desire isn't working in our favor).  

- be in your heart during the reading but put all the messages into a bubble or treasure chest outside of you.  

-not all messages are accurate (psychics are people too and after 2 days of 8 hours of readings, they may not be at the top of their game)

- after the event, review the messages and inspiration,  keep what feels right to you and discard the rest

- go through the cards you gathered and see who still jumps out for you.... These would be the people you may want to work with in the future

Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Unstuck is Uncomfortable

Getting unstuck is uncomfortable.  It's the comfort that got you stuck in the first place.  When finding a coach, healer, or therapist to work with, your aim is to find the person best suited to get you unstuck... that singular soul who can assist you in finding the triggers, the resistance and the discomfort -- and challenge you to heal it.  This challenge can come in many forms but, be prepared that it will not be the most enjoyable part of the journey.

Stuck-ness causes grief, stress, sleeplessness, depression, weight gain and general dis-ease with oneself.

Getting unstuck requires not only action, but also courage, truth and faith.  We have to have the faith that something else better comes after.  And at times, in the muck and mire of our own irritation and stench, faith feels like a farce.    

When we are unstuck, when we are in the perfect space of neutrality, of flow, of commune with the Divine, of peace, there, we discover abundant energy.  There is grace and serendipity; magic even.  This peace and flow is what lies on the other side of stuck.  Move through what makes you uncomfortable to embrace that which is yours. This truth is filled with elation, joy and glee and sometimes working toward it is the only motivation that matters. 
Unstuck is uncomfortable but it is the only way to move through, to reclaim who we were and who we are meant to be.  So when someone triggers you, don't look for an apology.  Instead give thanks that they are showing you exactly the space in you that needs to be healed right now.  Triggers are nasty lil buggers that move us out of peace and into agitation-- and in that momentary flip, they show us perfectly and clearly where it is that still needs some healin'.

Getting unstuck takes work!  It's not easy.  Easy is what gets us stuck and Comfy is staying there.  When we work on ourselves, unearthing the very best of who we are at our core, while temporarily uncomfortable, yields the most miraculous of truths!

Self work is also the most rewarding, for it frees up energy, unlocks the spaces in ourselves we did not know existed.  This allows more of us to be viable, dynamic, and alive in this world. 

What lies on the other side of stuck? 

We become who we've dreamed of being.  We inspire those we love and the Divine Dance that is life, flows in every way imaginable. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Real Life Avengers :: A Nation Standing Up

In every social psych class we are told the harrowing story of Kitty Genovese...  a woman who in a bustling neighborhood in 1964 cried for help while being brutally attacked.  Of the many residents in the apartment building, no one came to her aid instead allowing death to find her.

This was the culture of the era.  Don't speak up, don't get involved and keep to your own business.  This callous behavior was the norm and was an "expected and predictable" human reaction.

Now, the tides have changed and offer yet more proof of a miraculous world in transition.  We don't keep quiet, we speak when we see wrong and we step in to assist when we can affect change. 

Last night, a SLC family man charges the attacker of a woman outside of his house with a samurai sword.  Collecting the suspect's fallen chapstick, the avenger shouts "I got your DNA and your license plate.  You're so done."

Particularly hard hitting for me was a recent stabbing spree in a Texas college (just 4 miles from my childhood home).  Rather than run away in panic, 2 young men ran toward the deranged student and tackled him to the ground, detaining him until police arrived.  They took to social media to share their victory.  

Dr. Steven Greer, a well spoken bad ass, has been questioning the government cover up of life outside of our planet for nearly 40 years.  In numerous federal and well publicized attempts, he has brought forward government officials and scientists to share their stories of new energy research and cover ups at the highest level of government.  He has witnessed countless mysterious deaths of colleagues and so called whistle blowers, even facing his own battle with cancer in which 2 friends also oddly contracted and later died of.  This is conspiracy at its highest level and despite his public ridicule and attempts at being silenced, he persevered.  This week he launched the documentary Sirius which, without sensationalism or mass funding, shows his ongoing struggle to share and expose truth.

What I found most interesting wasn't just the cover up of life outside of our own, but the reasons behind it.... financial greed and the need to keep in place destructive and outdated energy resources.  Nikola Telsa among myriad other pioneering physicists have generated power and created energy in ways that will shut down the need for oil and nuclear power.  Yet we are kept from these realities and scientists killed so these are never made public.

If you want to venture a lil gentler into this rabbit hole, Thrive offers a larger view of how this country systematically sets the people up to not question and to make a selected few wealthier by the day.  Foster Gamble ties together GMOs, the current financial duress, our education system and yes, even ET life, and shows how they are all intentionally allowing us to stay ill informed consumers. 

We are fortunate to live in a day and age in which awareness is our greatest strength.  We are afforded a most unique opportunity to seek out and challenge those things which have been denied us.  If ET life and renewable energy isn't your thing, find something else you can uncover truth in.  We are sheep no more and how very riveting it can be when a people find their sovereignty!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dying with Grace

Death has a funny way of freaking us the eff out.  It was never intended to be met with such fear.

I once facilitated a conversation for a family whose matriarch had just passed away.    The daughter sitting before me asked her mother what death had felt like.  Mama (on the other side) responded that it felt like an orgasm.  If you can give into the joy and let yourself relax, the return to God/Source is triumphant!  Probably not the message her family expected, but it brought me such clarity and delight I try to always share her perspective.

Jesus also taught us much about how to die with grace.  Though His legacy may sound frightening, He walked his path with courage, grace and certainty.  Fear was not a part of His journey, nor should it be a part of ours.  Death is a portal, afterall!  A gateway to our return to God.  And this return should be celebrated, even heralded, not fraught with fear and unease. 

When death can be embraced, it's magical.  A perfect bow on the finely wrapped gift of life.  When fear and regret seep in, death is ugly, prolonged trying and tedious.  The infamous death scene in Dark Crystal is an ideal example of how death can be greeted! the Skeksis holding onto greed and power wither in anguish and crumble into a pile of dust while the Mystics, a spiritual and peaceful race, dies with a smile and his body turns to light.

The wisest of us knows when to step back and rest in the arms of the Divine. 

To help those we love die with grace, we can:

- talk with them and create a safe space for sharing whatever they may need, allow a place to air regrets and make amends
- hold them in unconditional love and joy
- allow forgiveness (of self and others)
- talk about death and what they can expect
- give them permission to let go
- remind them of the friends and family they can soon reconnect with

Spirit has asked me to talk as much as I can about dying with grace.  How to greet it, how to embrace it and how to celebrate it.  I've done several presentations around Denver on the topic and love sharing my shamanic perspective on death and dying.  If I can share this with a group you love, please give me a holla!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the Egyptian Mystery

Why is there such a fascination with Egyptian spirituality? I often try and distance myself from my fondness, for fear of not wanting to be seen as obsessed.  This friction inspired a need to understand (and maybe even justify for myself) why so many people are intrigued by the enduring legacy of Egypt.

Egyptians are among the oldest (documented) cultures on the planet.  They also captured more wisdom through their writings and funerary practices than any other civilization.  We are intrigued not because of its proliferation, not just because of its longevity, but because we feel compelled, called to even the teachings that lie within.

The practices of magic and metaphysics are well chronicled.  Many of us can write it off as incantations and malarkey that hold little to no real power.  But don't be so fast to dismiss... there is a reason you know of Tut's Curse... because the Magic was so potent and powerful that it lasts thousands of years later.

For the Egyptians spirituality was metaphysical... period.  Every hieroglyph, every ornamentation, every site was imbued with spells, blessings and devotion to God, acknowledging a pervasive awareness of something bigger than just the here and now.  For the highly initiated, immortality-- mastery of the physical world and incantations-- were powerful tools given only to those focused individuals who dedicated their lives to understanding. 

In this lifetime I have completed an Egyptian Mystery School granting access to ancient knowledge passed verbally from teacher to student throughout the ages.  At the time I began, I was baffled!  I was not interested in the teachings nor was I seeking a spiritual path.  This lineage found me... and out of nowhere I found the time and money to attend.   I truly couldn't have missed out, for it's legacy was so persistent within my being. My soul knew these memories and yearned for a reminder. When in perfect alignment, things have a way of working our perfectly.  So it was when the path found me again. 

The Mystery Schools were secret only to protect the knowledge, the powerful teachings, from getting in the wrong hands.  Lengthy initiation practices ensured the students could hold within their mind and psyche the potent teachings within.  The establishment of Mystery Schools ensured sincerity in the teachings and beneficent use of the tools and techniques.  To allow these things in the hands of the greedy, inauthentic or power hungry would have been folly indeed.  

I often see the Mentoring Program as a living Mystery School.  We actively remember and practice these healing techniques that are so beneficial.  There's a reason we feel giddy afterward.... we are tapping into ancient and powerful memories!

I can recall several lifetimes only few of which occur in Egypt, yet it is from their traditions-- well documented and with proven longevity-- that much knowledge of healing comes.

So even while I myself want to not be so fascinated, I am!  I can remember (in my hands, in my bones, in my heart) how effective their methods are and for this reason, I can't get enough.  So be a hater if you'd like, but know when you step your sweetness onto my table, the full force of the Mysteries will be of the greatest assistance in your healing!