Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Real Life Avengers :: A Nation Standing Up

In every social psych class we are told the harrowing story of Kitty Genovese...  a woman who in a bustling neighborhood in 1964 cried for help while being brutally attacked.  Of the many residents in the apartment building, no one came to her aid instead allowing death to find her.

This was the culture of the era.  Don't speak up, don't get involved and keep to your own business.  This callous behavior was the norm and was an "expected and predictable" human reaction.

Now, the tides have changed and offer yet more proof of a miraculous world in transition.  We don't keep quiet, we speak when we see wrong and we step in to assist when we can affect change. 

Last night, a SLC family man charges the attacker of a woman outside of his house with a samurai sword.  Collecting the suspect's fallen chapstick, the avenger shouts "I got your DNA and your license plate.  You're so done."

Particularly hard hitting for me was a recent stabbing spree in a Texas college (just 4 miles from my childhood home).  Rather than run away in panic, 2 young men ran toward the deranged student and tackled him to the ground, detaining him until police arrived.  They took to social media to share their victory.  

Dr. Steven Greer, a well spoken bad ass, has been questioning the government cover up of life outside of our planet for nearly 40 years.  In numerous federal and well publicized attempts, he has brought forward government officials and scientists to share their stories of new energy research and cover ups at the highest level of government.  He has witnessed countless mysterious deaths of colleagues and so called whistle blowers, even facing his own battle with cancer in which 2 friends also oddly contracted and later died of.  This is conspiracy at its highest level and despite his public ridicule and attempts at being silenced, he persevered.  This week he launched the documentary Sirius which, without sensationalism or mass funding, shows his ongoing struggle to share and expose truth.

What I found most interesting wasn't just the cover up of life outside of our own, but the reasons behind it.... financial greed and the need to keep in place destructive and outdated energy resources.  Nikola Telsa among myriad other pioneering physicists have generated power and created energy in ways that will shut down the need for oil and nuclear power.  Yet we are kept from these realities and scientists killed so these are never made public.

If you want to venture a lil gentler into this rabbit hole, Thrive offers a larger view of how this country systematically sets the people up to not question and to make a selected few wealthier by the day.  Foster Gamble ties together GMOs, the current financial duress, our education system and yes, even ET life, and shows how they are all intentionally allowing us to stay ill informed consumers. 

We are fortunate to live in a day and age in which awareness is our greatest strength.  We are afforded a most unique opportunity to seek out and challenge those things which have been denied us.  If ET life and renewable energy isn't your thing, find something else you can uncover truth in.  We are sheep no more and how very riveting it can be when a people find their sovereignty!

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