Monday, April 8, 2013

Digging on Dave Grohl

Ok, I'm a turd... never really a fan of Nirvana, I was a Pearl Jam snob and believed their grunge was the only one to follow.  (For the record, I still am a committed fan of PJ but can respect that Nirvana paved the way for a mainstream appreciation of the alternative rock scene that sound tracked my teen years.) On this the anniversary of Kurt's death, I turned my attention to Dave Grohl for his brand of wisdom. 

Dave is my type... deep and real without pretension, a committed artist through and through with respect for his craft and a creative genius that gets me revved up in all the right places.  Plus, I dig drummers.  And in case you need more reasons to crush on him, watch his SXSW Keynote!

Me and the hubby watched Sound City on our date night, a documentary by Dave about the Sound City recording studio.  It was not only a history of the legendary place, but more importantly a love story to the people who ran it and the technology that made it rock so hard.  The Neve sound board console made the best albums of real rock and roll we all have come to love-- Neil Young, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Tool, Johnny Cash and yes, even Pat Benatar!

I was moved not just by the story, by the art that was made here, but by how it was made; the raw act of creation and how one gigantic machine full of plugs cords and techy things that makes my brain hurt, made the best music for generations.

For the love of a gadget, I wept.  For his respect of the board and the people that ran it, I was moved.  For the tale of how a piece of technology could allow artists to share the best of themselves, I am awed.  

Do give yourself the gift of enjoying this film. Watch Sound City now!

And just in case you wanna dig on this groove some more... Here's a video on the Healing Power of Rock n Roll. 

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