Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the Egyptian Mystery

Why is there such a fascination with Egyptian spirituality? I often try and distance myself from my fondness, for fear of not wanting to be seen as obsessed.  This friction inspired a need to understand (and maybe even justify for myself) why so many people are intrigued by the enduring legacy of Egypt.

Egyptians are among the oldest (documented) cultures on the planet.  They also captured more wisdom through their writings and funerary practices than any other civilization.  We are intrigued not because of its proliferation, not just because of its longevity, but because we feel compelled, called to even the teachings that lie within.

The practices of magic and metaphysics are well chronicled.  Many of us can write it off as incantations and malarkey that hold little to no real power.  But don't be so fast to dismiss... there is a reason you know of Tut's Curse... because the Magic was so potent and powerful that it lasts thousands of years later.

For the Egyptians spirituality was metaphysical... period.  Every hieroglyph, every ornamentation, every site was imbued with spells, blessings and devotion to God, acknowledging a pervasive awareness of something bigger than just the here and now.  For the highly initiated, immortality-- mastery of the physical world and incantations-- were powerful tools given only to those focused individuals who dedicated their lives to understanding. 

In this lifetime I have completed an Egyptian Mystery School granting access to ancient knowledge passed verbally from teacher to student throughout the ages.  At the time I began, I was baffled!  I was not interested in the teachings nor was I seeking a spiritual path.  This lineage found me... and out of nowhere I found the time and money to attend.   I truly couldn't have missed out, for it's legacy was so persistent within my being. My soul knew these memories and yearned for a reminder. When in perfect alignment, things have a way of working our perfectly.  So it was when the path found me again. 

The Mystery Schools were secret only to protect the knowledge, the powerful teachings, from getting in the wrong hands.  Lengthy initiation practices ensured the students could hold within their mind and psyche the potent teachings within.  The establishment of Mystery Schools ensured sincerity in the teachings and beneficent use of the tools and techniques.  To allow these things in the hands of the greedy, inauthentic or power hungry would have been folly indeed.  

I often see the Mentoring Program as a living Mystery School.  We actively remember and practice these healing techniques that are so beneficial.  There's a reason we feel giddy afterward.... we are tapping into ancient and powerful memories!

I can recall several lifetimes only few of which occur in Egypt, yet it is from their traditions-- well documented and with proven longevity-- that much knowledge of healing comes.

So even while I myself want to not be so fascinated, I am!  I can remember (in my hands, in my bones, in my heart) how effective their methods are and for this reason, I can't get enough.  So be a hater if you'd like, but know when you step your sweetness onto my table, the full force of the Mysteries will be of the greatest assistance in your healing!

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