Thursday, January 31, 2013

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Activations

Activations are the restoration of our full capacity as humans.  Gifted psychics and healers can lead these. (Healers do not "give" activations, as we are simply the facilitators, the lucky conduits, that these gifts come through!)  Activations are vibratory and subtle energetic shifts that can occur during healing work.

While the receiving can be subtle.  The after effects are powerful and lasting.  During a healing session, a client last week said it felt as though the back of her head was wide open, pulsing in a pleasant, tingly way.   Another client experienced great dizziness and even fatigue right after the session.  She called the next day saying she hadn't felt this good in years!

Way woo woo, yes so let's try and simplify.

Sickness, fear, lies and disease are heavy.  Truth, love and God are very light.... giddy and playful even when we experience them.

Activations clear the heavy and bring in more light.  

These activations are energetic frequencies that lift and elevate your light body to be in better atunement with your physical being.

Our well known 7 chakra system is now expanding into a new 13 chakra system.  This means our bodies are even more in tune with God/Source and the world around us.  Activations are not only hugely beneficial in healing fears, limiting beliefs and sickness but will eventually be necessary for all of us.

My own finely tuned psychic has been greatly enhanced in the last year-- my feet actually twitch for yes and no, negating a need for a pendulum or muscle testing at all.  Cool to say the least and a bit weird as I got accustom to a new communication from my body.

Our hearts produce a dynamic magnetic field infinitely more powerful than our minds.  Activations help us sync up with the heart so we can be in better service to God/Source and the planet.  It is then in our own best interest to stay in the true vibration of the heart and move from the thoughts that have so often kept us in fear and stuck.

Clients always report feeling lighter and happier after leaving our session, I suppose this is why.  Ha!  I've been delivering activations for years without having the words.   Thank goodness we are all always learning so we can receive so much more than we ever thought possible.

Enjoy the newness beloved darlin and if it feels good, know it is always right and blessed by God... This is your Truth!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Woo Woo Word of the Moment ::: Akashic Records

I love de-mystifying the Spiritual Worlds, so you can step into these yummy waters with ease!

The Akasha is the matter of the universe, the basic fiber that makes up all of the life around us.

The Akashic Record is the imprint, the memories of the matter. Every person, place, event and even business has a unique Akashic Record.

They are essentially the Contract --the Agreement-- between You and God/Goddess/Source.   Every action, every love, every job, everything you need to karmically balance is kept in your Record. Past lives and future lives can be discovered there too.  It is the very checklist you must accomplish in this life.

In your Akashic Records, we can see your highest truth, your Divine essence.  If you can touch who you were meant to be, you can so much easier step into that truth.  It not only helps you know who you were meant to be, but can also help explain why you must do the things you do.  This perspective can be invaluable as we all make our way through the waters of the mundane.

These Records are yours to access, review and understand. A guided process with psychics & healers  initiated in the Akashic Records can be beneficial to help re-focus and inspire you on your Path. However, we always have ways you can touch this for yourself... A few great books by Linda Howe are now making these sacred tomes available for the asking.  I do enjoy her work and find value in what they share.  Is it as clear as a reading?  Probably not... but it's a great place for personal empowerment!

I do encourage you to at least once in this life, to visit your Akashic Records.  For me, it is the only way to do a reading.  It is the chalice from which the best inspiration can be found.  To not review your Records seems fool hardy, why would you not want to?!?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Confronting the Quiet

NEVER ALONE -- This phrase bounced through my head for years.  Each time my beloved would bellow his frustrations with his own intuitive ability to “hear” his angels and guides:  “I feel like they’ve abandoned me," he would furl with utter dismay.  I would be bombarded with Never Alone, Never Alone, Never Alone.  Like a lonely satellite orbiting without destination, this psychic barrage would flood me until I shared the message.

As one who hears and feels it all – Spirits, Ascended Masters, Angels, ghosts, and every other brand of disembodied energy—I am puzzled by the feeling of being alone.  After all we are never truly alone.  If we know God, if we know Angels, if we can feel the wind upon our face or the heat of the sun upon our skin… we are never alone.

Yet many who suffer, truly do feel uncomfortable in their own quiet.  While meditation works wonders for some people, for me it never really let me sink into my own velvety depths.  Cultivating quiet is a blissful and spacious exercise but for me, it just felt like unproductive sitting.

I instead like to be messy.  Dive into those murky waters and muck around in my own psyche.  Unfurl all matters of thoughts, randomness, shame, grief and discomfort til I pop back up clean and unscathed.  This may be Cancerian nature but, diving right the heck in always feels so much better than passive “sit and watch your thoughts float away.”  I dig me some drama, baby!

Once you can visit these waters, seeing your own Shadow and telling him, “Let’s rumble,” the loneliness dissipates.

In all healing there are 2 components – releasing & purging stuck or non-productive energies AND bringing in something new, be it inspiration, clear guidance, or even reclaimed aspects of you.

Healing can be messy, little darling, but once we can go there, clarity, peace and yes --even relief -- come bounding in.  If loneliness is your trigger, I invite you to touch your darkest corners, bring it light and allow the healing to begin.   When we can get past feeling alone, we can remember we are rather AL(L)ONE. I'm getting ready to post, 3 Libras (bellowing the lyric "you don't see me") came on Pandora... even the video shows delving into those murky depths.... how's that for cosmic timing?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the New Earth is here... seeing proof in every corner

If you think the world isn’t changing, perhaps we can open your perspective a wee wider.  Don't roll your eyes quite yet, this is not an exercise in gratitude (though it never hurts) this is hard, cold proof of the dawning of a new world.

My office is right next door to a 7-11 – remember those?  Crummy, grumpy stations of every sundry under the sun.  I went in with low expectations, in need of an afternoon refreshment to quench my thirst.    Heck who gets excited over a convenience store?

Imagine my surprise when at the check out, the cashier asked me if I had seen the coupon for my oj.  Why no… and he proceeds to direct me precisely to it.  A lovely and random encounter to be sure.

On my next visit, I inquire about the dark roast coffee… “Shall I brew you some?” comes the reply.  Not necessary and not wanting to cause extra work, I get my regular strength and bring it to the counter.  The gal (calling me hon all the while) hands me the store phone number and encourages me to call in advance next time and they’ll have dark ready for me.

In what bizarrely wonderful pocket of reality have I landed?

In my  further ventures, I have been offered everything from a freshly made pizza to a custom ordered taquito.   “Did you see the taco sauce for that mini taco?  It’s really good, “ the male clerk reminds me. 
It’s easy since Dec 21st to think that nothing has changed.  No end of the world kaboom, no fall of the financial markets, no e.t.'s descending from above.  But this lil beacon of goodness is my resounding proof that our world is changing.  And baby, we can get used to it.  The New Earth is here!
The culture of this paradise is nothing less than a miracle to me.  Is it the store manager I wonder, or a new corporate hometown feel?  It matters not, cuz I love it! (And by the by…  I’m not the only one… friends have slipped in and out with the same expansive reception.)
Add to this -- Every neighbor, this holiday season, brought my family a plate of delectable goodies– the same neighbors we’ve had for 3 years who never before have done such a thing. 

Twice last year when Netflix encountered outages on my Roku, they sent an apology along with a month’s credit.  And, when my hubby called Sprint to air a complaint, they offered us at $75 credit as a thanks for our continued business. 

So look around you and find the unexpected ways you can see this world is getting easier to live in.  I don’t think you’ll find it too hard.  But beloved, you do have to look, and the world will shower you with little gifts of bliss.  Follow those nuggets and you will discover a world changing around you. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

ChemTrails ... to be or not to be AFRAID

The first time I heard of chemtrails I was in disbelief. Could our government be creating and releasing toxins through our skies... intentionally sterilizing and sickening us with each fly by?  

Many of my trusted resources swayed me to be believe this was the case. Heck, do a Google search and you'll find many passionate educated authorities screaming to "beware the chemtrails."

Yet... now I find myself incredulous again. While our powers that be are certainly not incapable of this act, my Guides now assure me this conspiracy is a strong push of misinformation. 

Here in Colorado, we have a birds eye view of government flight activity. On any given day you can see myriad streaks in the sky from nearby air force bases and the academy.  As I peered heaven ward today, I saw these zippy patterns and felt playful, inspired even by the lucky souls flying these crafts with apparent glee and enthusiasm.  These plumes felt like nothing more than after effects of the carefree careen of the wheel to new cadets and seasoned pilots. With new aircraft technology, isn't it also possible new jet fuel burn off is also possible?  After all, if birds were to release streams in flight, would we see anything different?   

So then, says my pea brain, why would they propagate this tale?  It seems so clear now, after years of being frustrated and distrusting by the existence of these, I am now freed with the crystal clear insight that they want us to fear our own skies

If every time I gaze into the skies it is with a spirit of agitation, fear and general disease, they have succeeded in destroying something so fundamentally human...  The joy of cloud gazing and dreaming in childlike wonder. If everytime I start to dream, I contract into fear, they have won.  And this simply shan't be on my watch.  

So gaze toward the heavens and shout a triumphant "Suck It" to the trails.  If anything is falling from here, it is simply the malaise of a government gone awry.