Thursday, January 10, 2013

Confronting the Quiet

NEVER ALONE -- This phrase bounced through my head for years.  Each time my beloved would bellow his frustrations with his own intuitive ability to “hear” his angels and guides:  “I feel like they’ve abandoned me," he would furl with utter dismay.  I would be bombarded with Never Alone, Never Alone, Never Alone.  Like a lonely satellite orbiting without destination, this psychic barrage would flood me until I shared the message.

As one who hears and feels it all – Spirits, Ascended Masters, Angels, ghosts, and every other brand of disembodied energy—I am puzzled by the feeling of being alone.  After all we are never truly alone.  If we know God, if we know Angels, if we can feel the wind upon our face or the heat of the sun upon our skin… we are never alone.

Yet many who suffer, truly do feel uncomfortable in their own quiet.  While meditation works wonders for some people, for me it never really let me sink into my own velvety depths.  Cultivating quiet is a blissful and spacious exercise but for me, it just felt like unproductive sitting.

I instead like to be messy.  Dive into those murky waters and muck around in my own psyche.  Unfurl all matters of thoughts, randomness, shame, grief and discomfort til I pop back up clean and unscathed.  This may be Cancerian nature but, diving right the heck in always feels so much better than passive “sit and watch your thoughts float away.”  I dig me some drama, baby!

Once you can visit these waters, seeing your own Shadow and telling him, “Let’s rumble,” the loneliness dissipates.

In all healing there are 2 components – releasing & purging stuck or non-productive energies AND bringing in something new, be it inspiration, clear guidance, or even reclaimed aspects of you.

Healing can be messy, little darling, but once we can go there, clarity, peace and yes --even relief -- come bounding in.  If loneliness is your trigger, I invite you to touch your darkest corners, bring it light and allow the healing to begin.   When we can get past feeling alone, we can remember we are rather AL(L)ONE. I'm getting ready to post, 3 Libras (bellowing the lyric "you don't see me") came on Pandora... even the video shows delving into those murky depths.... how's that for cosmic timing?

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