Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Woo Woo Word of the Moment ::: Akashic Records

I love de-mystifying the Spiritual Worlds, so you can step into these yummy waters with ease!

The Akasha is the matter of the universe, the basic fiber that makes up all of the life around us.

The Akashic Record is the imprint, the memories of the matter. Every person, place, event and even business has a unique Akashic Record.

They are essentially the Contract --the Agreement-- between You and God/Goddess/Source.   Every action, every love, every job, everything you need to karmically balance is kept in your Record. Past lives and future lives can be discovered there too.  It is the very checklist you must accomplish in this life.

In your Akashic Records, we can see your highest truth, your Divine essence.  If you can touch who you were meant to be, you can so much easier step into that truth.  It not only helps you know who you were meant to be, but can also help explain why you must do the things you do.  This perspective can be invaluable as we all make our way through the waters of the mundane.

These Records are yours to access, review and understand. A guided process with psychics & healers  initiated in the Akashic Records can be beneficial to help re-focus and inspire you on your Path. However, we always have ways you can touch this for yourself... A few great books by Linda Howe are now making these sacred tomes available for the asking.  I do enjoy her work and find value in what they share.  Is it as clear as a reading?  Probably not... but it's a great place for personal empowerment!

I do encourage you to at least once in this life, to visit your Akashic Records.  For me, it is the only way to do a reading.  It is the chalice from which the best inspiration can be found.  To not review your Records seems fool hardy, why would you not want to?!?

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