Thursday, January 31, 2013

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Activations

Activations are the restoration of our full capacity as humans.  Gifted psychics and healers can lead these. (Healers do not "give" activations, as we are simply the facilitators, the lucky conduits, that these gifts come through!)  Activations are vibratory and subtle energetic shifts that can occur during healing work.

While the receiving can be subtle.  The after effects are powerful and lasting.  During a healing session, a client last week said it felt as though the back of her head was wide open, pulsing in a pleasant, tingly way.   Another client experienced great dizziness and even fatigue right after the session.  She called the next day saying she hadn't felt this good in years!

Way woo woo, yes so let's try and simplify.

Sickness, fear, lies and disease are heavy.  Truth, love and God are very light.... giddy and playful even when we experience them.

Activations clear the heavy and bring in more light.  

These activations are energetic frequencies that lift and elevate your light body to be in better atunement with your physical being.

Our well known 7 chakra system is now expanding into a new 13 chakra system.  This means our bodies are even more in tune with God/Source and the world around us.  Activations are not only hugely beneficial in healing fears, limiting beliefs and sickness but will eventually be necessary for all of us.

My own finely tuned psychic has been greatly enhanced in the last year-- my feet actually twitch for yes and no, negating a need for a pendulum or muscle testing at all.  Cool to say the least and a bit weird as I got accustom to a new communication from my body.

Our hearts produce a dynamic magnetic field infinitely more powerful than our minds.  Activations help us sync up with the heart so we can be in better service to God/Source and the planet.  It is then in our own best interest to stay in the true vibration of the heart and move from the thoughts that have so often kept us in fear and stuck.

Clients always report feeling lighter and happier after leaving our session, I suppose this is why.  Ha!  I've been delivering activations for years without having the words.   Thank goodness we are all always learning so we can receive so much more than we ever thought possible.

Enjoy the newness beloved darlin and if it feels good, know it is always right and blessed by God... This is your Truth!

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