Sunday, January 6, 2013

ChemTrails ... to be or not to be AFRAID

The first time I heard of chemtrails I was in disbelief. Could our government be creating and releasing toxins through our skies... intentionally sterilizing and sickening us with each fly by?  

Many of my trusted resources swayed me to be believe this was the case. Heck, do a Google search and you'll find many passionate educated authorities screaming to "beware the chemtrails."

Yet... now I find myself incredulous again. While our powers that be are certainly not incapable of this act, my Guides now assure me this conspiracy is a strong push of misinformation. 

Here in Colorado, we have a birds eye view of government flight activity. On any given day you can see myriad streaks in the sky from nearby air force bases and the academy.  As I peered heaven ward today, I saw these zippy patterns and felt playful, inspired even by the lucky souls flying these crafts with apparent glee and enthusiasm.  These plumes felt like nothing more than after effects of the carefree careen of the wheel to new cadets and seasoned pilots. With new aircraft technology, isn't it also possible new jet fuel burn off is also possible?  After all, if birds were to release streams in flight, would we see anything different?   

So then, says my pea brain, why would they propagate this tale?  It seems so clear now, after years of being frustrated and distrusting by the existence of these, I am now freed with the crystal clear insight that they want us to fear our own skies

If every time I gaze into the skies it is with a spirit of agitation, fear and general disease, they have succeeded in destroying something so fundamentally human...  The joy of cloud gazing and dreaming in childlike wonder. If everytime I start to dream, I contract into fear, they have won.  And this simply shan't be on my watch.  

So gaze toward the heavens and shout a triumphant "Suck It" to the trails.  If anything is falling from here, it is simply the malaise of a government gone awry. 

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