Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the New Earth is here... seeing proof in every corner

If you think the world isn’t changing, perhaps we can open your perspective a wee wider.  Don't roll your eyes quite yet, this is not an exercise in gratitude (though it never hurts) this is hard, cold proof of the dawning of a new world.

My office is right next door to a 7-11 – remember those?  Crummy, grumpy stations of every sundry under the sun.  I went in with low expectations, in need of an afternoon refreshment to quench my thirst.    Heck who gets excited over a convenience store?

Imagine my surprise when at the check out, the cashier asked me if I had seen the coupon for my oj.  Why no… and he proceeds to direct me precisely to it.  A lovely and random encounter to be sure.

On my next visit, I inquire about the dark roast coffee… “Shall I brew you some?” comes the reply.  Not necessary and not wanting to cause extra work, I get my regular strength and bring it to the counter.  The gal (calling me hon all the while) hands me the store phone number and encourages me to call in advance next time and they’ll have dark ready for me.

In what bizarrely wonderful pocket of reality have I landed?

In my  further ventures, I have been offered everything from a freshly made pizza to a custom ordered taquito.   “Did you see the taco sauce for that mini taco?  It’s really good, “ the male clerk reminds me. 
It’s easy since Dec 21st to think that nothing has changed.  No end of the world kaboom, no fall of the financial markets, no e.t.'s descending from above.  But this lil beacon of goodness is my resounding proof that our world is changing.  And baby, we can get used to it.  The New Earth is here!
The culture of this paradise is nothing less than a miracle to me.  Is it the store manager I wonder, or a new corporate hometown feel?  It matters not, cuz I love it! (And by the by…  I’m not the only one… friends have slipped in and out with the same expansive reception.)
Add to this -- Every neighbor, this holiday season, brought my family a plate of delectable goodies– the same neighbors we’ve had for 3 years who never before have done such a thing. 

Twice last year when Netflix encountered outages on my Roku, they sent an apology along with a month’s credit.  And, when my hubby called Sprint to air a complaint, they offered us at $75 credit as a thanks for our continued business. 

So look around you and find the unexpected ways you can see this world is getting easier to live in.  I don’t think you’ll find it too hard.  But beloved, you do have to look, and the world will shower you with little gifts of bliss.  Follow those nuggets and you will discover a world changing around you. 

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