Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TOOL: an opportunity for ascension

Any friends can tell you I am a fan of Tool.  This may surprise folks who simply see Tool as a heavy metal band.  They are in fact rock n roll shamans individually and collectively dedicated to self-awakening.  Studying alchemy, ancient mystical arts and sacred geometry, the band provides a gateway to deep mysteries for those who are asking for the key.  While the music is gritty and entrancing, it is deeply soulful and provoking

And let me remind you, provocation is rarely comfortable.

We saw Tool at Red Rocks last night.  Though I am prone to drama (Cancer sun and moon!) I can honestly say I experienced a re-birth.

The show was as every true church is meant to be; a mystical event felt on the earth and in the heavens.  At Red Rocks with the skyline of Denver, a rising orange moon ablaze with love, and the music, Tool pushed us to go deeper than many of us had gone before.

Maynard opened the show reminding us : "For the next two hours, nothing else matters."  For those of us willing to step to the altar of rock and roll, a total transformation awaited.

The show was raw, rhythmic and dirty.  The images on the stage were all one had to tap into as vocalist Maynard James Keenan prefers to remain as an instrument rather than at full front stage as a rock god.  Staying behind the lights at the back of the stage in the dark, he won't allow us the comfort of conforming to the ways other bands might do it.

Rather than having a singer center stage raking in the glory, Maynard allows drummer Danny Carey to become the focal point.     His penetrating vibes awakened full kundlini energy one would have to be dead not to feel.  At one point, he beat his drums allowing the full reverb to bounce off the mountains behind us.  This was a gift through and through as it allowed every cell to wake up and pay attention.

Though many were stoned or drunk, the awakening was available to any who wanted it.  I could feel the blood lighting up through my veins... my body moved in the most unusual of ways to the beat, and I allowed myself to be transformed.  Mayan medicine as well as Oriental pulse diagnostics acknowledge truth is in the blood and use it as a primary indicator of wellness.

Each song bled into the other as images of alien/human hybrids played on the screen.  Guitarist Adam Jones is responsible for much of the visual presentation and provides the perfect visual compliment to Maynard's primal tones.   The images were disturbing-- pushing us to the limits of our comfort zone or even acting as prefab metal gore for others.  At times, I had to look away, staring instead into the starry night sky.  The evening felt other-worldly, an open cry from the hearts of many to our star families.  We are ready, we are here.

The images and music contained hidden elements -- sitar and native american flute in some songs while the fractal images replete with sacred geometry further fueled our activation.   We had not only our third eyes opened, but also our hearts pried wide and raw palpable enough for everyone to feel.

Tool is musical shamans and alchemical muses.  Nothing is lost on them so they take each show as an opportunity to wake up, prepare, and empower those of us ready to rise and meet them in self mastery.  To step into this realm one must be willing to confront the shadow and the darkness.  Embrace it, breathe it, live it so all fears can be conquered.

Sound healing is really the only true healing that will effectively release cellular memories and give birth to new ways of being.  As we all regenerate our bodies completely within 7 years (see NYT article here on cell regeneration), it is sound healing that allows us to flush the old to invoke the new.

To receive this healing in such a profound delivery system with the magic of the rockies behind us was a gift unlike anything I have every known.  Tool delivered a sermon as it was intended by Jesus Christ-- full kundalini activation though every chakra center bringing us to a fully awakened state.

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