Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shining Bright in the Big City

Our quiet life in the mountains in commune with trees and nature quite suits me.  But somehow when I step back into the big city life, I find myself vibrating with another frequency ... and completely intoxicated by it!

Admittedly I haven't been to NYC since I was a young one, 10 or 11 years old maybe.  Then it seemed a bombardment of my senses-- too much noise, too many images, an olfactory overload, and intimidated by the intensity of the urban world and the busyness of its people.  Being here now, meeting my niece and hanging with my best friend of over 15 years! ...I am strangely drawn into the mystique of the Big Apple.

New York City is in fact on a powerful vortex you can feel walking her streets.  In fact, its hard not to feel like a rock star here.  Everyone shines just a little brighter-- given an added umph by the forces of Mother Nature.  It is a breeding ground for creativity, vital and alive with new ideas bursting forth.  To not write while I am here would be doing a grand disservice to the inherent energies at work.

Her allure is great however and one must be cautious to walk lightly and remember the earth beneath us.  I worked with a lovely soul today doing energetic and intuitive work.  From the Akashic Records, I was able to see the "traps" of the city... see where and why people get caught.  Her Guides reminded us you must step out of the city, feel the wind and see the sunshine to keep perspective.  Skyscrapers are not mountains nor are street lights the glow of the night sky.  Magical though they are, they are in fact a manmade fabrication of the original.

New York offers her best to those who can work with her in harmony.  To those who can balance her divine intensity, great gifts await.  Others who linger too long may get swept into the web.  

I honor you New Yorkers and am glad I was granted entry!  I walked the streets unable to sleep so enticed by the electricity.  I am humbled by your passion and hope I can carry a bit of it home with me.

I sought the full moon when most others didn't know how gloriously it hung the sky-- the doorman had to ask 2 other people if there was in fact a full moon for he hadn't noticed.  We walked to the end of the block together to gaze at her. 

I hope I was able to bring a bit of my simple spirituality to the city and will leave here feeling more luminous than I arrived!

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